Hated Or Loved? Get Front Paged After Being Buried

Sadly this isn’t possible on Digg, though it would be interesting if they provided a page with the most buried or hated stories. After all, just because you don’t like a story doesn’t mean it is spam, but it is still news.

Jack Spirko has knocked together an interesting site where your story can appear on the front page because it is “hated” and I feel the idea is worthy of a mention.

Hated or Loved

You can see that currently the hated stories seem to only appear in the sidebar – I would love them to be integrated with the main results by default with some CSS differentiation, with “reactions” positive or negative to qualify for the front page.

Some things with the site certainly need improvement:-

  • Permalinks need to be rewritten with mod_rewrite
  • I like the love and hated part of the profiles, because you can add some HTML – I think many people would appreciate a simple HTML editor to be made available, there are plenty of simple javascript ones that can be applied to any text area.
  • Blogs – there wasn’t a way to list blogs on the social media profile (my profile is an example) – Jack’s is much more interesting for SEOs ;)
  • Tools
  • More submissions – some submissions are currently fed into the site from feeds
  • Very clear rules, especially on things like self-promotion

I don’t intend to write about every new social news site that comes along, but Jack is a regular reader, and I enjoyed the new “twist” that he has added with this one, plus it is more links for your social media starfish, cross-promotion or whatever you wish to call it these days.
I wouldn’t expect a huge amount of traffic, I was member 99, but it does seem to be a site with quite a few dedicated users, and very few abusers.

Jack wrote more about HatedOrLoved.com over on his blog, and you can check it out here for yourself.

Note: Jack plus his other partners are advertisers here on http://AndyBeard.eu with their Marketing Ice site, but I actually had the whole article written before I even thought about that – a visit to Jack’s blog jogged my thoughts that I should add some disclosure.

Here is a challenge: I would love this post to be the most hated ever ;) That would only take 10 haters, compared to 21 “loves”

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    On your profile, he’s spelled Contacts wrong (Contcts) unless I’m missing some super cool spelling meme.

    Interesting idea though. Looks like he wrote the code himself too, instead of using Pligg. Well done.

    • says

      I couldn’t find the usual signs of it being Pligg, but some of it is “Pligg like”. I tagged it as Pligg, but didn’t go as far as claiming it was or wasn’t.

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      Good to hear Joost, though I notice he hung onto his juice and didn’t 301 the page, and the link is to the WordPress page – at least you have loaded that page up with links.

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    Hey Andy,

    even I am from Germany, DIGG is an mighty source to get traffic, digg reaches more people than any other German site does. I think especially the high-quality news / content has the chance to get a lot of traffic and a lot of links. i havent seen spam for a long time on the top page? And I think: Yes, a collection of top buried news could be really interesting, because often the story is really nice and has capability, but the title doesnt work!

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    Andy thanks for the GREAT write up, let me answer some of your suggetions and some that readers have asked.

    First the platform question. The site is built on the older platform known as PHPDugg though it has been hacked to the point I doubt the original coders would recognize it.

    On mod_rewrite – due to the massive hacking we are having trouble getting that to work though it was in the orginal platform (though it did not work then either). We will get that done at some point but did not want to delay the Beta of the site for that one feature.

    On an HTML editor, we plan to have one added in soon, good suggestions.

    Blog listing – what can I say, like duh! We will add a place in the profile for people to add a link to their sites (perhaps 2-4) be they blog or other wise.

    Bookmarklet – We have that planned along with a major kick ass tool bar for our users.

    Socialble Etc. – Deffinitley something we plan to work on

    Feedburner Feedflares – Very cool, I had not really looked a that we will put it on the list but many of the other things you pointed out are more pressing right now.

    Submissions – What can I say we are brand new and need more members. We are going to allow some feed based submissions in our “Syndication Partner Program” but for now we do a bit of feed injection from major sources. We back that off each day and soon hope to have it to a zero. You can learn about the syndication parter program here http://hatedorloved.com/partners.php

    Very clear rules, especially on things like self-promotion – First let me say SELF PROMOTE away, we do hope members will not just submit only their own content. That just isn’t very cool but if you submit even 1 to 1 we are more then happy to have you. I am currently drafting “submission guidelines”, I was sure I got them to Bobby already but he has informed me that I dropped the ball on that. So I am working on that today.

    Thanks again and I put out the word to some members to Hate your story for you, if anyone wants to help Andy with his wish to be hated you can vote on his story here http://www.hatedorloved.com/story.php?id=7395

    Jack Spirko

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    Top Rated,

    Yea that is something we can’t really fix at the moment, however as the submitter you can then Hate It after you Love It making it 1 and 1. Also nothing gets buried at all a story can be popular for both hatred and love as Andy’s is now at the same time.

    No worries at least for now Andy is on the all time hated list, it was the first time I voted against anything he submitted anywhere.

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      The site was only announced 2 months ago, it isn’t unusual for it to be missing some green dust on the toolbar, as Google only update every 3 months or so, and that is using historical data.

      Toolbar pagerank is only a historical reference of a value allocated to each page on the web that is much more complex than a linear 1-10 scale.

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    @Andy and Zercustoms,

    That is correct the domain itself has only been online for about 60 days and we haven’t done much um “intentional link building” so I am sure we will pick up some Google Green in the next update.

    I hope we don’t get any big G beatings for not using nofollow but since Mixx is now a PR7 and Digg a PR8 and neither of them do the nofollow thing I think we will be ok.

    I have also been asked by an email via my blog the following,

    “How will HatedOrLoved handle crap stories or pure spam since being hated is good?”

    Simple by doing NOTHING with them. I like this better then the hateful diggers that attack anything that sniffs of self promotion or evil corporation gain or god forbid says anything nice about a republican. We also do have moderators and will be adding more in the future, hopefully as the need arises.

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    I guess even “hated” stories come back from the dead. :)
    It’d be great if Digg could implement that feature in hatedorloved, so that one day we could see some topics that would normally have almost 0% chance of appearing on Digg’s front pages.

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    This makes me wonder if there’s negative effect on too much social marketing. If your website receives too many negative ratings, does that affect your traffic negatively on search engines?

  8. says

    I had not heard of this site before. Thanks for the information, guess bad press really is better than no press at all!

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