Techmeme Goes SEO

In the past I have mentioned that often on Techmeme somehow search marketing blogs that cover Google news extensively weren’t gaining a huge share of the limelight as the “lead” for stories, even if they were first to break the news.

Recently I have noticed a lot more stories making it into a lead position. Here is just an example for today.

Techmeme SEO Story 1

On Google’s new favicon

Techmeme Story 2
Google Merchant Search

Techmeme Story 3

Google Testing Search Interfaces

It is good to see search engine marketing blogs, who have a vast depth and understanding of Google search products gaining additional exposure and recognition. Thanks Gabe.

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  1. seoworkgroup1 says

    It is good to see search engine marketing blogs. It's a very vast topic, and I m searching for new things every time..