Some People Don’t Want To Fish

I think almost everyone knows this saying

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

How many people have old fishing rods in their shed or loft?

I bet they even know how to use them, but for some reason a takeaway Chinese, microwave dinner, or eating out is a much more convenient way to eat.

Sure, catching fish is satisfying, relaxing and fresh fish on a charcoal grill is extremely appetising.

Then of course there is the fun of playing with fishing line…

Fishing Line
Photo by John2008

Internet Marketing Similarities

  • No time
  • Not enough patience
  • Doing everything right but still not catching anything
  • Trying one location after another without success
  • Trying one technique after another without success
  • Constantly reading more and more books and watching training videos but still going nowhere
  • No success – obviously buying better tackle will help you catch more
  • Don’t like touching the bait
  • Don’t like touching what you have caught

The last two are actually big ones for many people in internet marketing

  • Bait -the equivalent would be not liking squeeze pages, long sales letters, email marketing, hype
  • Touching the catch – paperwork, dealing with customers, support, handling problems, fear of failure or not living up to expectations

I have actually linked to an article before from Mike Filsaime that I found inspirational on a similar line, Fish, Poles, Boxes & Buttons

  • Fish: Teach “How to” Catch Fish – 10% of market, high refund rate.
  • Pole: Sell The Pole – 20% of market, medium refund rate
  • Box: Give Him The Fish – 30% of market, Low Refund Rate
  • Button: Prepare the Fish Dinner – 50% of market, Pays a Premium, keeps coming back, and virtually no refund rate.

Fishing Poles and Training

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Jeff Johnson’s SEO Blogging Software – a modified version of WordPress that has been updated twice since first released and will continue to be improved.

In addition he has been providing tons of free training for those that signed up, on how to promote the sites using social media, product creation and traffic generation.

What you would expect from that is that at some later time Jeff would provide access to more advanced tools and training for a fee, and that time is now.

However he has taken it to the next stage…

The Boxed Version

Jeff is providing the next stage, a “boxed version” where he gets his team to create a site to your requirements, maybe a membership site or shopping site using Joomla.

Double Diamond Level gets everything list above plus… you get one free joomla site custom built for you as part of their initial 60 day membership. My personal staff of professional site builders will handle the entire installation and initial configuration for you.

They’ll even go out and Jumpstart your traffic for you as part of your package. Your Joomla site can be configured to be a turn-key membership site… or we can set it up as an ecommerce site for you… or we can set it up for a pure content driven web site for you… and we’ll even supply all the content for you.

Having one successful site created for you is a great way to leverage your investment. You are no longer just spinning the wheels, but taking action in a specific direction, and when you choose to expand your network, you will already have a working site to use as both an example and launchpad.

Button: Prepare the Fish Dinner

As Mike Filsaime highlighted, the majority of the market just want the fish dinner.

Jeff Johnson’s version is to create that initial Joomla site and promote it for you in a number of ways

  • Creating Feeder sites with his SEO Blogging Software
  • Creating social media profiles to match the feeder sites

That means at the end of your first 90 days of membership…

You’ll walk away with 6 custom-built “Search Engine Magnet” websites AND 12 custom-built social networking profile pages… yours to keep forever… even if you cancel your membership.

As you would expect, providing a complete “dining experience” comes at a premium price, but there are a whole load of extra bonuses that will help you leverage what you learn from the first site into your own small online empire.

You then get the option to keep building more sites and increasing your monthly recurring income, or you can probably flip some of the sites for a cash injection.

This isn’t something for everyone, but not everyone can afford to dine out every evening.

Then again, how many months have you been spinning your wheels and not taking real action, and what kind of mess do you have in your tackle box?

Here is a video Jeff has put together outlining the basic training.

These are the same methods that Jeff uses himself and I am sure he has done his homework to ensure that the sites created will eventually cover their cost of creation, after all he wants to retain you as a member of his training labs.
I doubt Jeff is taking this to the extreme of “over-pandering” – a “no work solution” – after all, who wants to be spoon fed in a restaurant?

Some people enjoy fishing, learning how to do everything themselves, and disappearing off to quiet backwaters with no guarantee of catching anything… for a whole season. They do it for the quiet times, the challenge, the relaxation.

For many people the most exhilarating fishing experience is to hire the best rigged boat, with experienced team, in the best fishing spots around the world – if they are going to go fishing, they are going to do it in style.
But they would still want to reel the fish in, otherwise it wouldn’t be their fish, just a photo opportunity

As far as internet marketing goes, Jeff is one of very few capable of offering the second option

Free materials are still available for those that missed them

SEO Blogging Software (requires signup but well worth it)
Info Product Creation Training
Viral Videos and Social Media
Social Bookmarking Step-by-Step

At the very least, I would suggest you don’t miss out of the free tools and training

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  1. Dark Angel says

    First – thank you for drawing my attention to the no nofollow movement. It hot below the waist when the ‘don’t be an idiot’ sign stared at me!!

    About fishing – i love fishing. problem is, i can only do it in the office. Ever tried fishing while constantly watching your back?

  2. says

    This is one the best, and clever, analogies I’ve read for a long time. Cudos!

    I’m an avid fisherman and have enough tackle to put a downpayment on a house. Each year on one of my wilderness trips, I take someone new and teach them what I’ve learned over the past 30 years.

    It never occurred to me, to apply the same “methodologies” if you will, to marketing until reading this. Thank you!


  3. says

    I have never dabbled in internet marketing, but since I love to fly fish, does this mean I will also be at ease doing this type of online business?

  4. says

    I believe that you might use a wrong example “fishing”. The most interest thing about fishing is the process but not the result [you catch fish or not].

  5. says

    Great post, but I have to respectfully disagree with Andy. Fishing itself is (for me) a great experience, even when they are not biting. On another note, thanks for the nofollow link above, It’s an excellent point and hopefully will encourage more commenting.

  6. says

    OK, let’s go back to the root of that saying. It assumes the person is having a challenge to feed himself. We are not talking about the Beverly Hills set, as much as the somewhere-in-a-drought-ridden-desert set.

    The same goes for website owners. The big companies don’t want to learn to fish. They want to hire fishing talent to get their websites high rankings.

    But the single owner website who just quit his day job, is trying to make ends meet and is wondering if he made a crazy and impetuous decision to give up his steady income – that guy might prefer to learn how to fish, to do his own SEO.

  7. says

    I agree with the analogy and actually dislike fishing myself.

    You spend hours and hours just hoping to get a single catch.

    Unfortunately it’s essential if you don’t have a huge advertising budget.

  8. says

    Wow…I love to fish, but I don’t have much time to do it, probably because I jump around too much with my internet marketing. Actually I think I’m better at fishing the fishing! We only have one pond close by so that’s probably the reason.

    Thanks for giving me food for thought!

  9. says

    This “underground training” actually looks quite impressive. It says it sold out, but you can get on a waiting list for limited openings. Doesn’t matter for me though, as it’s way beyond my budget.

  10. says


    While I certainly enjoy fishing unto itself (biting or not) the end result of “catching” certainly intensifies the experience for me.

    Actually, just got back from one of my wilderness trips yesterday. Weather was cold and rainy. Ice out was late making the conditions less than desirable. Keeping to the analogy, not unlike market conditions. Trying to find what worked better/best, given the conditions.

    If one were a fisherman (marketer) by trade or out of desire/necessity, the end result, “catching and landing”, becomes just as important, if not more so, than the actual enjoyment of the process.


  11. says

    Hi Andy

    Interesting post, but i can not fully agree. ;-)
    I love to fish and can easily touch maggots or worms or other bait.
    Touching the catch hadn’t ever been a problem either, but
    long sale pages and paperwork scare me…

    Thx for your cool blog

  12. says

    Fishing is a pretty nice and relaxing can help us calm our senses..but just like what you’ve said..we always don’t have enough time and patience..same thing with our online business..we need to treat it same way we treat fishing..with patience and ample time..^^ that way the rewards will be great.

  13. says

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you can profit by selling him bait, fishing equipment, boats and other expensive fishing accessories for a lifetime.

  14. says

    Nice comparison here. I think internet marketing as well as fishing require a lot of patience – it is a similarity between both.

  15. says

    Nice comparison here. I think internet marketing as well as fishing require a lot of patience – it is a similarity between both.


  1. Some People Don’t Want To Fish

    I think almost everyone knows this saying

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    How many people have old fishing rods in their shed or loft?

    I bet they even know how to use them, but …