International Article Syndication

I use Google Alerts to track a lot of my article syndication, and sometimes it comes up with some absolute diamonds of ways content can be presented to an international audience.

My original article was Keywords, ranking and a little SEO fun. It is over 16 months old but still spreading.

Take a look at this website in Chineese (I am not sure which Chineese)

First impression, you can’t understand a word of it… correct?

Try moving your mouse over the article content – up pops the original English phrase.

I am not sure exactly how they are doing this, and technically translation can be looked on as an unauthorised modification of the original work, but honestly I don’t care.

The way they have done this is extremely smart, especially if they have used some form of machine translation. For any phrase that wasn’t translated correcty, there is an immediate reference to the original document.
In addition Google are picking up the live backlinks surrounded by English text.

This is a feature that translation services such as Google Translate need to make their translation more useful.

It is one of the most innovative uses I have ever seen for duplicate 3rd party content.

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  1. says

    I use Google alerts alot too. Haven’t seen any diamonds yet. BTW – many small businesses and website owners do not have the time to write and distribute their own articles. That’s why we created a new article submission service called Internet Marketing Auto Pilot. We do everything – write, submit and post to a blog. Check it out!

    [edited - sorry too many links for too little content]

  2. Andy Beard says

    Hi Arnie, you need to check the spelling of your sales page, especially the bold text.

    I am not sure how fair your cost comparrisons are, as they don’t take into account services such as Article Marketer, which does an excellent job of distributing articles in your own name, which is highly important.

    Based on how cheap the article marketer service is, not just in $$$ but most importantly time, your price comparrisons are not convincing.

    For most options you are effectively chaging $50 – $70 just for writing an article. I know very high quality article writing services that charge less than $10.

    Proof-reading and correcting a 3rd party article can actually take as much time as writing an article yourself.

    Press releases are something different. They should be highly specific to the site in question and can’t just be based around an article.
    Submission of press releases is easy with a service like, and whilst they no longer have a free option, the additional cost has already been saved many times over by using a sensible article marketing strategy.

    You have some very poor ideas about duplicate content. You should always post your own articles on your site first.

  3. says

    Thanks for the feedback, but I don’t think all of it is accurate.

    We used to coach our clients on how to get articles written and submitted. We even pointed them to sites like Article Marketer. But many of them just did not do it. They told us they did not have the time. So we created a service tailored for that kind of customer.

    But we don’t just write articles for our clients. The major point to our service is the whole turn-key or autopilot aspect. They simple give us their targeted keyword phrases and landing pages and we take it from there. We write, proof, edit and submit articles on their behalf. Once our clients get started with us, they love it.

    And we do not have poor ideas on duplicate content. There are a couple reasons why we do not post these articles on our clients’ sites. Dupe content is one, the other is the timing of getting it on their site first. The more steps we add to our process the higher the prices. Right now it is very efficient for both the customer and us. (We do create content for clients, but that’s a whole different thing.)

    I will check the spelling on our webpage. Glad you took the time to look at our service. Thanks again.

  4. says

    I stand by my comments.

    You talk about submitting articles to a special blog that you will create. Why can’t you submit the articles to a blog on your clients site?

    I also hope the service isn’t totally automated and that clients get to approve and edit each and every article before it is posted. This is necessary for damage control