How to make it easy to gain links

You should always try to make it easy for people to link to you, especially if you are running a blog which isn’t using nofollow for trackbacks as additional encouragement.

Thus you should provide copy and paste linking.

There is an easy way to do this with the Link to Me Textbox plugin – I did however add a few tweaks to the code to make it display correctly and “future proof” it.

First of all for the link in the template you have to add they suggest you use

<?php link_to_me_textbox(''); ?>

Instead I used something much safer

<?php if (function_exists('link_to_me_textbox')) link_to_me_textbox(''); ?>

It is important to add plugins in this way, otherwise if you switch off the plugin, you might break your blog them until you edit your templates again.

Secondly I modified the CSS by adding the following lines

height: 60px;
min-height: 60px;
width: 450px;

This post discusses why there are 2 references to height in the CSS as an IE workaround.

I would prefer the CSS to be in a seperate file, or stored in the database, and automatically inserted in the header by the plugin for many of my niche sites, and an option to do the same with the actual code in the comments.

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  1. says

    Great tip for a plug-in — what would be REALLY great is if it would display the link text using the the tags from the posting and the URL for the posting.

    So if a visitor lands on the ‘How to get link page’ the Anchor text would be “How to get Links” and the URL would be the URL for that page.

    I suppose you could change it manually every month or so, but it would be nice to have it done automatically.

  2. Andy Beard says

    Hi Brian

    It is totally automatic as far as using the post title and URL are concerned.

    You could I suppose also include a list of UTW tags in the description with a few modifications to the code, though if you are using the data from one plugin in another plugin, you would have to set the priority carefully.

    It would probably be easier to rip the code out of the plugin and use it in your template, and then use UTW tags.

    It could get a bit messy if you use lots of tags.

    I am thinking about adding rel=”tag” in the code as an additional mod, although a multi-word post title might not be looked on as an ideal tag.

  3. says

    Thanks for your comments.

    I have updated the PHP line so that it is safer. If you know how to do that with the CSS I would be happy if you told me and I would update and link to your site from the post.

  4. Andy Beard says

    Hi Jim,

    I am not a programmer, I just tell my programmers what I want, and sometimes still rip their code apart ;)

    WordPress has various Hooks and Filters. In this case you would want to hook into the header, and just write the CSS info into the header. I am not sure which of the header hooks is the most compatible.

    Then you need to decide whether to write the information from a file (easiest), or to create a database entry with default values that can be edited.
    If you went the database route, you could probably also have other things added like the default text to display.

    I would offer some more help, but my programmers are up to their eyeballs and then some at the moment and still falling behind the schedule I hoped for.

  5. says

    Hi Andy. Great to have found your site. I was looking for a wordpress plugin that allows people to link to blog post on my site if they find the article useful. I know this helps to build backlinks. I just set up my blog and am doing everything I can to optimize it for the search engines. Can you recommend a plugin such as the one you have?

    • says

      The one listed does work, and you can see it in use all over my site. It is one of those simple but effective solutions.

      I am not sure visitors really use it, but links are valuable, so always best to offer the option.

      I might modify it soon so it appears in a single line, I want to condense my footer a little.

  6. says

    great post andy. i am sifting through your archives at the moment and finding some really great stuff. i think you are spot on with making it easy for people to link to you. like getting out of your own way, so people can appreciate your content and style. thanks!

  7. says

    Yeah. Great post andy. I already did this after seeing it on another site, but it is nice to get the word out. It can be an effort to link to somebody even if you really like the site. This takes some of that effort away so they can just cut and paste.