7 Best Ways to Judge Blogging Success

These are in no particular order, though I am actually going to place the most obvious last.

  1. Are your most frequently clicked links for your subscriber buttons? – long-term subscribers are the lifeblood of any blog or website, and are immune to the whims of search engines
  2. Recommendations for your content on social networks and bookmarking sites such as Digg, Del.icio.us or Mybloglog (without you gaming them)
  3. Trackbacks and links – when people want to tell their own readership about what you are talking about. Links also help in the search engines
  4. When you gain the same traffic for posts with crappy titles as “linkbait” posts – titles are important, but it is much better that a reader expects every post you write to contain value, irrespective of the title.
  5. Real Comments and Discussion – I honestly prefer for people to totally disagree with what I write and tell me so (and why), than give me comments like “I agree”
  6. Increased revenue per visitor – the more traffic you throw at a site, the more money you will make, but that is like putting the cart before the horse. If you engage your visitors they are much more likely to stick around.
  7. Increased targetted traffic – linkbaiting is great, but if it doesn’t eventually bring you more measurable targetted traffic, it is pretty pointless

Thoughts for the future

Will we start seeing linkbait blindness?
How many tools do you use for tracking various results?
Are your average page views per visitor less than 2?
What percentage of your visitors leave a comment?

It is not just a numbers game, it is also a conversions game

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