How To Build Profitable Minisites

I tend to leave newbie internet marketing tutorials to experts, but often I say that a little tongue in cheek – the people writing the newbie tutorials are often writing them because they couldn’t do advanced stuff. (the “Advanced Whitehat SEO Debate?” )

In the case of Minisite Secrets Exposed, Michael Rasmussen does a great job of covering all the basics, and there are some quite advanced tip in there as well. This is a great alternative for bloggers who are struggling making any real money online.

Michael is an expert – I can’t remember the last time someone managed to shoehorn a testimonial out of a Clickbank representative. That gets genuine respect.


  • 12 high quality videos – Totally FREE
  • It doesn’t include a dubious viral tell-a-friend script – kudos Michael – this will go viral without forcing it on people

I have checked out the upsell materials too, and all the graphics packs are extremely useful, maybe even for use on a blog as well.

There are also a number of private label rights products that you can use in various ways.

I am not going to write a long review, you can’t beat free

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  1. says

    Those 20m long white sales pages send more alarm bells ringing than a worldwide thermo-nuclear war drill. Eugh!

    • says

      Mark, people split test all the time, and fact of the matter is long copy sells, even if it is just an email address.

      Whilst I won’t say no to a few people grabbing the upsell offer, at the end of the day I mentioned it because I had a chance to evaluate all the material in advance, and welcomed the fact that there were no dodgy “viral” tell-a-friend scripts which ask for your gmail account.

      Different markets need to be handled in different ways, but certainly for Michael’s target audience, I think long copy was a good choice.

      It might not be the best choice for things like your Stumbleupon service, but that is again something you need to test.

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        Wasn’t knocking your post and I’m aware that (somehow) the long sales copy pages work well. They just make me, personally, bile in my mouth a little ;-)

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    Yea, I just wanted to say that I’ve been SURPRISED and pleased at the rate that my long-copy is selling subscriptions to my newsletter! For some reason it works. I’ve found that it works on me because I can always find out interesting things about the product beforehand if I read through enough of it and ignore the comments. Sometimes I want to hear what people say about a product, sometimes I want to hear what’s included, sometimes I jsut want the price and return policy. It works no matter what I am interested in learning about a product.

  3. says

    I’ve had a look through Mike’s video training sessions and I think he’s done a very comprehensive job. It’s a great step by step starter kit for anybody wanting to get into the Internet Marketing game.

    Sure there are reasons why he’s giving these videos away for free:

    1. He needs your email address so he can follow up with later promotions.

    2. He has some products that he wants the viewer to use in order to start their Internet business.

    Hey, he’s a successful Internet Marketer isn’t he?

  4. says

    I agree, however, I’m tired of the upsell offer. I think when you get an email in the morning promising a free product or video serious, and then by lunch you have all the big hitters sending you an eamil, it gives you a pretty good idea that there’s going to be an offer made to you at some point. I’ have had any time yet to look it over (I went for the ‘free’ stuff to check it out), I’m planning to do that tomorrow.

  5. says

    Nothing in this world is free. Or at least nothing worth anything is free. The upsell is a similar tactic to advertising. Give your user something free in order to expose them to your potential profit-making ideas. There’s nothing wrong with it and after reviewing the material, I’m certain that the content will be of use to up and coming webmasters.

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    Here in the Netherlands these minisites are not that popular, for some reason people here feel cheated before even reading a word. To most of my audience it looks more like an ‘amazing discovery online’ then a great website. I’ve tried launching some minisites, but the results were always poor. Gonna check out his tips, perhaps I can still make some work..


  7. says

    I have just got myself into developing mini-sites for various affiliate niches that I am in… Seriously I think that building mini-sites is the way to go so as to make consistent affiliate income.

    Definitely going to check this out.. need some more guidance on building successful mini-sites.


  8. says

    Andy, your review doesn’t give any useful info about product, just link and I really don’t like to see that kind of posts. To make an effort is to succeed.

    Minisite Secrets Exposed is begging for e-mail address. It is! I know because I do the same sh*t on my blog. I give away (for free) my new ebook to all new RSS subscribers. Only difference is that my readers have a choice. They can unsubscribe at any time. No hard fillings. But they know I will NEVER spam them. On the other hand, long copy sales writers will spam you very hard. Not all of them, but majority. I apologize if Michael is not that kind of person.


  9. says

    The thing I worry about with these free promos is that it is a bunch of used up info that everyone else in the know has made use of and moved on! In other words they no longer generate the income or recognition they once did. I am definately interested in niche websites and have a few ideas of my own for my respective real estate market Bend Oregon Real Estate. I’ll check it out because free is a great price. If any of you know what the very best advice or program out there available for outstanding promotion and money generating ideas for a blog or website…I’m all ears!

  10. says

    I have been using MiniSiteProfits for a awhile, I highly recommend it, it’s a great product every internet marketer should use it, saves allot of time

  11. Nickp says

    I can't believe this stuff is free. I'm just about to download the Mini Site packeage., but wanted to say thanks in advance.

  12. Nickp says

    I can't believe this stuff is free. I'm just about to download the Mini Site packeage., but wanted to say thanks in advance.