Eperks On Mahalo

Here is a little olive branch for the guys at ePerks, an unbiased resource that could be used to present 2 sides of the current Vlad vs ePerks legal kerfuffle.

I am not going to portray Mahalo as some kind of “sacred ground”, and I have been a little negative about Mahalo in the past, but it does offer ePerks the opportunity to submit links, hopefully not from anonymous sources, of people happy with their service.

Mahalo I am sure will validate links, and if they seem to be from an anonymous shill blog on WordPress.com, my hope is that they will be removed as spam. I am sure Mahalo editors won’t want to include any paid reviews, unless they are of exceptional quality.

Here we go, one great reputation passing link to ePerks on Mahalo

At the same time I would like to go on record that I suspect the person who created the first link on Mahalo for ePerks might be connected with the company, or their admirer who is attacking Vlad and I have passed on to Jason my suspicions that the IP address might be in the to range, and thus evidence.

You will note that the ePerks page is currently a stub page (with meta robots noindex nofollow), so needs lots of link suggestions. If you can think of any links worth mentioning, don’t forget to add them. Jason has already added a couple of links himself.

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  1. says

    This would be the first online representation of ePerks I have seen that was not spam, if they participated……

    • says

      There was actually one realtor on one of the WordPress.com blogs who left a comment pointing to their own website.

      Unfortunately when you search for their area code on ePerks they are no longer participating.

      Who knows, maybe the people who see success are keeping quiet in the hope that area codes they are after will become available.

  2. says

    I have trouble understanding why Mahalo even receives attention. Tom makes a good point comparing the value of Mahalo and Squidoo.