CoComment added in under 5 minutes

Some things are very easy to install on a blog.

coComment is certainly one of them

They provide some javascript to add to your blog template, or there is a very easy to install coComment plugin for WordPress.

It took me 5 minutes total, and I went the plugin route but could have just as easily added code to my template.

Hopefully it is useful for both me and my readers

Recently I have been tracking a lot of blog comments by email subscriptions. It isn’t an ideal method, especially on a business blog, because comment spam can get through the filters. If you value your domain, don’t send out email from it, especially email which you have no control of the content.

I have also tried tracking by subscribing to RSS feeds for the comments on various posts, but that makes a mess of my RSS reader.

I am going to see how coComment performs.

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  1. says

    I know it’s been a while, but how is CoComment working for you? I’ve uninstalled it earlier this month because it was just too darn slow. It had a lot of potential, but just too slow to be usable, for me.