How To Create $12 Visitor Value (Not CPM)

I have written a pitch for your Product Launch Formula dollars

It is a little special, as I am doing stuff with WordPress noone else is currently doing

Take a look here

Yeah… I am offering what I believe is a unique bonus

Expect some special content over the next few weeks… no more “slumber time”

I have deliberately published this as a separate page to highlight some of what I am doing

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      Actually I wasn’t planning on relaunching in such a raw state.

      I was using the login lockdown over the last few days with a custom landing page, but for some reason the feature that allows you to exclude pages from being “locked down”, allowing you to read them, for some reason wasn’t working for me.
      At least not fully

      It would allow people to access RSS, and Feedburner to pick up a feed, but not get to a landing page.

      I found this out about 30 mins after the doors opened for PLF (I was already running late)

      Thus I debated a full site redirect to the PLF page, or opening up the blog.

      As it is, I still need to get a contact form reinstated

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    …and here I thought you were gone for good. I had to do a double take when I saw this post light up in my reader with the previous one saying over 9 months ago. Looking forward to the “special content” that’s coming!

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    While I was reading this I could’t help but think that it was going to be a cheap rip off of “million dollar napkin” turns out it’s actually unique and descent material. Nicely done mate. CPM was well explained btw

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      I am a fan of Ryan’s stuff, extremely well presented.

      At the same time by his own admission he is not a “technical geek”

      I no longer class myself as a programmer, I dabble (maybe know enough to be dangerous), I am a “marketing geek” and whilst I much prefer to use other people’s solutions when they work, sometimes the existing solutions just don’t work, and most programmers haven’t got enough “marketing nonce” to create a workable solution for the people who aren’t propeller heads.

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    Hi Andy, just found your blog :) Been reading for the last 30 minutes, there are some really great content here. I read the PLF it was a great read, I especially liked how u tried to address the flaws too.
    Anyway thanks

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    Good to see you back Mr. Beard. When I found your blog it was about 4 months ago , since then I’ve always been curious if you will be updating it or not.
    One of the greatest source of ultimate seo techniques has been restarting again.

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    Hey, welcome back Andy. I like the old look of your blog than this all white background.
    Well anyway, the content of your blogs have been very helpful! Continue on sharing your knowledge, I’ve been learning a lot.

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      The old site had a lot of white, but some elements will make their way back soon – events and timing meant I had to open the door even though there are no fittings, paint on the walls etc.

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    I think, that he get’s the first visitor an this visitor get’s the first click on advertising. In effect it’s luck. In case it would be nice tho have 12.000$ / CPM but it isn’t.

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    Good to see this blog back in action. It’s been a while! I’ve been reading the older posts and have learned a lot. Thanks for coming back to give me new content to read/learn from. Love it!

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    its been awhile since i last checked out your website and the look of the website looks really eerie as if something has changed dramatically and i’m not sure what it is that gives me this feeling.

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    When I found your blog it was about 4 months ago , since then I’ve always been curious if you will be updating it or not. One of the greatest source of ultimate seo techniques has been restarting again.

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    $12 per visitor is great, but I’ve been wondering, is $12 per your affiliate site’s visitor or per visitor, you’ve sent to product page (eg. clicks or uv’s from clicks).

    I also offer kinda bonuses (except that they are online casino bonuses) and I still dream for earning that much per visitor. Yes, and I use A/B and MVT testing too :)

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      I think they are measuring unique visitors rather tan clicks – I must admit some of those visits I wasn’t measuring effectively on my end to determine between clicks and uniques.

      Theoretically there are tons of industries where they can afford to pay Google more than $12 per click from search, so it isn’t such an extreme statement, but at the same time many bloggers who publish unique information for free struggle on low paying CPM.

      Whilst I didn’t publish raw traffic and conversion numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if those numbers were close to the average per visitor value.

      If you are promoting something long term, you should gain more benefit from split testing various parts of a campaign. With launches they are over too quickly, and often there is not enough data to work with.

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    You have raised some interesting points in this blog. You are now in my bookmarks :)

    Ive been trying to monitize blogs for what seems like ages. You have given me new strength of direction to tackle the problem again.

    many thanks

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    Awesome article, definitely some new-age cool stuff. I can’t wait to see where this heads. I think monetizing blogs will surely be the wave of the future.

  13. Julian Woods says

    That sounds as a lot. Is that 12 dollar a lifetime value, or the money left by wile the visitor are still on the page (or following your link)?

  14. Digital Photography says

    To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the all white you’ve got going on here, it’s a little hard on the eyes. I would recommend some dark blue or something somewhere to break up all the blankness and give they eyes a break.

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    Hi Andy,
    This is the first time I came to you blog. I just love the white background even Google is using this plain background. This makes the web page easy to load as well as looks nice.

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    Wow, I would have said that this is undoable, but I see the screen shots! amazing.

    My goal used to be $20-$50 ecpm. $12000 pretty much eclipses that.

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