Tagging and traffic analysis

It is Friday, but I am still going to nag people about SEO and tagging.

It seems in the last 24 hrs that Alexa have caught up a little with their statistics

Am I gaming Alexa?

Nope, although I do use the Search Status plugin for Firefox, so some of my own views are counting as traffic most probably, but I am only one unique visitor.

So where has my traffic been coming from?

Well over the last few days I have had a fair amount of traffic from Quadszilla.

Quadszilla is becoming less “insular” with his blogging too, and put together a great “community post” of The best SEO articles of 2006. If you enjoy some of the posts, it is well worth a digg.

I have one of my posts listed there, quite near the top of the list.

This week that post has accounted for around 20% of my traffic.

It is hard to quantify my traffic gain from MyBlogLog. I can see the direct clicks through, but I can’t see the effect of repeat visits.
One of the things MyBlogLog doesn’t track is repeat traffic, but it is good to see some instant stats.
Lets say MyBlogLog gave me 10%

I post quite a few comments on other blogs. These might give me the occasional 2 or 3 visitors, or backlink. Maybe another 10%

The same is true for forum posts in various places. Another 10%

I gained 5% from StumbleUpon

It is hard to put an exact traffic figure on subscribers, but currently on a daily basis subscribers account for 20 to 40% of my traffic – thanks for subscribing guys.
My subscriber count in Feedburner is increasing, although lots of people are using Google Reader, and those subscriptions are not trackable.

The Quadszilla and StumbleUpon traffic was not a daily occurance, and the same could be said about traffic from Robert Scoble and the WordPress Trademark problem earlier in the month.

More than 20% of my traffic is coming from search

Some of that is blog search on Google and Technorati
Some of it is for fairly long tail terms

But most of it is for TAG PAGES

These are my own tag pages, not the tags that Technorati detects on my posts.

Read more about tag pages and seo

I am looking into ways to make my traffic stats public. My stats will give away all these hot longtail niche terms I keep pulling in traffic for, and I will be able to show how the traffic is appearng for various niche terms.

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