Product Launch Tree Of Rich Schefren

Get inside information on how the sales process works with Strategic Profits and other top online businesses. I found it enlightening.

Most of my readers know I am a fan and customer of Rich Schefren and the Strategic Profits team, and I have even had the opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” inside one of his exclusive customer mastermind sessions.

Just imagine… Rich Schefren, MaryEllen Tribby (of Early To Rise), plus 6 or was it 7 of their most ardent customers, plus me. Serious people who were willing to pay a little more for direct feedback that could make significant improvements to their businesses or in some cases personal lives with more free time.

I always realized that Strategic Profits used quite a sophisticated upsell process, but to be honest even I was shocked at the attention to detail they go to, and how well it works.

I just signed up to get a free report and access to some videos from the new Launch Tree program from Anik Singal & Mike Filsaime.

If you sign up you will get access to:-

  • The “Money Does Grow On Trees” report – some insights into how various upsell processes work, and how they can go fatally wrong. Honest rating 6/10 (but then I have been studying this stuff for years)
  • A video with Brian Johnson from Strategic Profits (Rating 10/10) – Some of what Strategic Profits are doing I found enlightening.
  • A comment by me – I just dropped a comment on the launch blog (with Brian’s video)part of a launch strategy, though in isolation it is more a tactic, of what can be done to improve any launch process that none of the gurus are currently doing. It is my belief it would even improve the process for Strategic Profits or Jeff Walker who are masters.
  • More revealing videos to come… plus maybe I will leave… another comment ;)

Take a look at Product Launch Tree, it is well worth it, even just to read the comment I left, as I probably revealed a little more than I originally planned.

Some of the things Brian reveals in his video?

  • Conversion rates on upsells & downsells
  • Their sophisticated upsell/downsell system (serious gold dust)
  • What they should have added as a $100,000 upsell

It is my understanding that this isn’t meant to be a course on “upsell hell” but on adding additional products with incredible value to the sales process that people actually want to buy.

Also of value, see how they have put this product together.

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  1. says

    Interesting videos and points especially about “upsell hell”. I’ve always been under the impression that to upsell successfully is not to exactly ‘upsell’ but to present two options at the time of the pitch, one that includes the upsell in it. I guess it depends on the product you’re selling…I’d love to know if you have any insight about selling green advertising, would love to hear them.

    • says

      I am rubbing my palms at this video. I want to hear new ways on make money online as article marketing and other methods are not working as much as they use to since Google has become stricter on obtaining backlinks and traffic.

  2. Pyrabang Nick says

    Hmmm I love you honesty and forwardness of your comments on this blog. I am wondering if you have a view on pyrabang yet? If so please send me an email!!

  3. Channing says

    Well Andy, by reading your article, i would like to watch these videos to boost my online Money income…:)

  4. says

    a good salesman should be able to achieve he up sell without the customer even knowing it. i read the product tree and it was very informative. there are a few techniques there i will try.

  5. says

    I have just checked out the Launch Tree program, actually I dont trust these kind of things and also affiliate programs that offers free things, but the guy on the video is so convincing! That I have just joined! hope its not another scam!

  6. says

    I hope that I will also learn the thing you learned from their online videos. Is their video easy to understand and follow for those who are just starting?

  7. says

    Wow hundred’s of comments on the blog tried looking for yours Andy, i would like to know more about launch process and your comment about “none of the gurus are currently doing…” put of by mike though :( still a lot to learn thanks for this post.

  8. says

    The launch tree launch is going to be very interesting.

    They already have some very cool videos done with top marketers.

    Thanks for posting this.


  9. says

    Andy, these videos seem like they would teach people plenty of strategies for their own online business. I, myself would definitely benefit from these. Thanks for posting this information.

  10. says

    Thanks for the insights that what appears to be an awesome product. I have been rolling Rich Schefren for quite a while now and am on the verge of joining his Strategic Profits program. Your post makes my decision even easier.

  11. Google Money Tree says

    There really are differences between a quality up sell and an obvious effort and milking the customer for more green. I’ve seen the results that a well planned up sell can bring and the income can be amazing, likewise with the former a poor offer cheapens the entire sales process.

  12. Cool Gifts says

    Seems interesting. I will definitely take a look at these videos. This is an area that I don’t have much knowledge in, so thanks for the help.

  13. Scrapbook Supplies says

    I’m very glad that you added “products with incredible value to the sales process that people actually want to buy.” because that’s the key. Upselling can be the greatest tool, but you have to do it right, and I think that’s the key. Offering things that people would actually find useful and are willing to buy.


  14. says

    The upsell concept is absolutely brilliant and actually very straightforward.

    Nevertheless, it is not as easy to design. You need to understand the entire customer thought process, which often takes a combination of skill, experience and some trial and error.

    To a certain extent, I also see the upsell process as a product “debundling” effort, where specific benefits are sold separately or as “additional” rather than within the same product or service. This maximizes profit potential.

    I like the idea, but i don’t think a lot of people will be able to pull it off.

  15. says

    Making sales is difficult task and up sell is little bit more difficult but any how every one has to achieve it to survive. Thank to the simplicity of concept that makes it very easy to learn. This is very nice post Andy to learn how to increase online revenue.

  16. Dog Fence Guy says

    I don’t do much online sales; but I have learned a lot by watching the online community. Upselling for profits is okay as long as you are providing real value to the client. I don’t see many quality upsells in the online or offline world.

  17. samo says

    I visited the site after reading your post, it looks very interesting and I have signed up for the sneak preview chapter. I hope this helps me make money and as said above is straight forward. Looking forward to receiving going to check!

  18. Dave Mendoza says

    The latest Interview Video with the Andy Jenkins is great, it just shows what can be done when you implement the launch tree correctly.

    There are some great bonuses available for anyone thinking of buying the launch tree on may 12th , when it is officially released.

  19. says

    I dont trust these kind of things and also affiliate programs that offers free things, but the guy on the video is so convincing. That I have just joined! hope its not another scam.