Feedburner Customization

I have just been doing a little rebranding of my Feedburner feeds, especially for their email services.

It was actually something I had overlooked when I first enabled email subscriptions. I had carefully looked at Feedblitz, and decided I didn’t like the way their email subscriptions looked by default, and at the same time, I didn’t really want to pay for all the customised options that would have made using their service worthwhile.

I noticed a few minutes ago that it is possible to customise emails quite a bit in Feedburner even using their free account.

First of all, I have killed the “Exploring Niche Websites” moniker. I decided it wasn’t personal enough compared to my current branding. I am not changing the URL for the feed which is still the same as the URL I used on blogspot, but the feed is now “Andy Beard – Niche Marketing” just the same as the blog.

This will also mean that emails will come through to subscribers with “Andy Beard – Niche Marketing” as the title.

I have changed the default double opt-in email as well. I decided it wasn’t personal enough.

Hello there,

This is Andy Beard, and I have just discovered I can customize this opt-in confirmation message within Feedburner.

You recently requested an email subscription to my “Andy Beard – Niche Marketing” blog.

You will only receive one digest email per day containing the full content of the posts I make on my blog.

You will not receive any other emails from me, only the blog contents you request.

Whilst Feedburner do provide me access to your email address, I honestly wish they didn’t, but I will never add your email address to another mailing list, or provide your details to someone else unless the law requires me to do so.

You do have to take some action before you will receive daily updates.

This is a double opt-in process to ensure that you want to receive my blog updates by email.

All you have to do is click the following link to activate your subscription..


As soon as your subscription is active, FeedBurner will send a daily email message if my “Andy Beard – Niche Marketing” blog has new content.

If you did not request this subscription, or no longer wish to activate it, take no action. Simply delete this message and that will be the end of it.

I really appreciate the hundreds of people who are now subscribing to my blog. I will do my best to continue providing a unique perspective on niche marketing and blogging.

Don’t forget to drop by my blog and leave comments and ask questions. My blog is a community project and I love feedback.


Andy Beard
Niche Marketing

I also include my physical postal address and phone number on that confirmation email. I would actually feel more comfortable if I could also include those details on every email that is sent out. My blog does contain commercial content, and thus if it is sent by email, I should be able to disclose that.

What I will probably end up doing is including a general disclaimer at the bottom of every post, feed item, and thus email subscription using my Disclosure Policy Plugin. Most likely it will be released tomorrow, though I am making some progress with the blog.

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