Launch Tree Bonus From Stompernet

Am I am crazy? This is why you should buy Launch Tree from someone else. Read on to find out why, and decide for yourself.

I have been considering offering a bonus for Launch Tree, but whatever I could offer currently isn’t at the stage of completion I would be happy with “out in the wild”.

I am however on a lot of mailing lists and have been seeing both the promotion efforts and bonuses roll in.

Whilst there are tons of incredible bonuses on offer, many full of items you will never read or use, I would prefer to highlight the effort Andy Jenkins and Stompernet have gone to in their preselling of Launch Tree.
Apparently the bonus is a process map and videos on how Stompernet itself was launched, which has never been seen.

The StomperNet launch was the biggest launch in the Internet Marketing Education Space, and it has been since 2006. And only a handful of people know exactly every move and pivot, and position statement, and launch object, and stick mechanism that was used to pull it off.

As an example check out their “Tripled Sales Conversions” video created to highlight some of the sales process.

The other thing I want to highlight that coincides with my “Affiliate Product Launches I Refuse to Promote” post is that the bonus Andy is offering is specific to this launch, and nothing to do with products (that I know of) either current or planned.

If at this time I offered a bonus myself for Launch Tree, I would probably in some way reduce the value of my future product offerings.

Here is Andy Jenkins’ naked affiliate link – make sure you clear cookies before ordering.

If karma is enough of a bonus, I am not going to refuse people using my link

Don’t forget to also check out Stomping The Search Engines 2 while you are over at the Stompernet site, a Real value $497 SEO course for $1

You need to learn about something called “Referential Integrity” – a name for something that has been rattling around in my head for 18 months in various stages of vagueness, and how best to handle it with WordPress.

p.s. this isn’t the first time I have linked to someone else’s review or bonus during a product launch. There is a method to my madness.

  • It is not for karma
  • It is not just to get a few more eyeballs on STSE2
  • I love highlighting great content (like Andy’s video) but that isn’t the whole reason either

One of these days I really hope I can give you more details.

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  1. B Charles Money says

    I have seen this product launch and still cannot pull the trigger. Really? I don’t know.

  2. says

    Have you tried LaunchTree itself Andy? Is the product worth getting? I got a ton of emails about it yesterday, but I’m looking for an honest review before I’d consider buying it.

  3. says

    I would definitely recommend getting the STSE2 for just $1. It is a truly valuable pack of information. As for the monthly magazine I canceled it after a few editions. Not that it wasn’t good but to me it became expensive info overload.

  4. Steve Full Time Wealthy affiliate says

    It’s just more high priced guru rubbish that will have no affect on the normal guy or gals marketing efforts.

    It’s just the usual crowd of gurus fleecing the honest trying population who want to earn a living on the internet. It makes me mad when I read people say they have grate respect for those people. They are scavengers looking for easy pickings and those pickings are what they like to call newbies.

    When I started out four years ago I spent thousands with those people, and when it comes to asking for some help there replay is usually with another high priced product. One good example recently is butterfly marketing second time around first time over the $400 mark this time shipping only, all those people down all that money, it wouldn’t be so bad, but bfm is just a PHP scripted to funnel unsuspecting people through a list of other over priced rubbish products that they will not be able to use.

    Newbies would be much better joining [affiliate link deleted by moderator] for $39.00 to find out what internet marketing is really about, hard work and very little play.

    • says

      No one is down anything if they used the product, and Mike didn’t charge anyone for an upgrade to 2.0.

      If they didn’t find it useful, I am sure they asked for a refund

      I honestly didn’t see anyone complaining in the Caterpillar forums that they felt in any way out of pocket.

      If all you are doing is Bum marketing, or Google Cash, or PPC to your own landing pages, or spamming the search engines with duplicate content or a host of other business models, Launch Tree isn’t the product for you.

      It is pretty clear that the product has nothing to do with driving traffic to affiliate links.

      I don’t agree with all the methods used, e.g. my prior post on Twitter Viral Hell, but as an affiliate I do have a preference to send traffic to sales pages that convert, and as a product owner I want to learn how to increase the value offered by my products, and thus be able to ask for a higher price.

      • says

        I agree Andy, however everyone needs to be careful in making the decision as there is always the impact (traffic – money, money – traffic, money – none, etc). I can’t blame Steve for his opinion, since after all, such programs are usually subjective in result.

        • says

          Yes, but in many ways his comment was totally off-topic, hence the links were deleted as spam.

          Despite whatever attempts might be made to broaden the reach for the product, with additional training on product creation etc, I would still look on this as very much an advanced course.
          As an example, one-click upsells while hanging on to credit card details (but not yet processed) you really aren’t going to do without a suitable merchant account, which isn’t something most new online marketers are going to get immediately.

          If someone had got Butterfly Marketing a month ago, and taken massive action to set something up and market it, they might already be in a position to take advantage of Launch Tree.

          I know people often think online training courses are scams, but ultimately you only get out of them what you apply, and 95% of people just move on to the next shiny object.

          • says

            I’m sorry you thought my comment was of topic, but I stand by it.
            More and more newbies are dragged kicking and screaming in to theses programs/products
            Only to end up collecting dust on their hard drives, the simple fact is, if the truth was told on some of theses sales pages put up all over the web, should come with warnings, this product is not for inexperienced marketers you know yourself if this was a legal requirement conversion rates would drop through the floor.

            And since I purchased BFM at the full price I feel I have the right to my opinion on the fact that this products value was defaced just to promote a subscription to the best darn news letter, which is also on it’s second time around due to the fact that the first time, it turned out to be the worst news letter you could ever have the privilege of reading.

            On the other hand I have absolutely no complaints about stomperNet, although the first subscription was a total deserter, and I have 2 copies of the same mag, but since it’s now online in digital format it’s grate.

            So my first comment although maybe a little of topic was just to bring to the table that the perceived cost and value of a product that costs hundreds can in fact only be in real terms be the cost of the next big release and be given away has a bonus to the unknowing newbi web population.

            If I had known I could have waited around and only paid shipping and the price of a months subscription
            For BFM I would have.

            So my feelings on all the promotional e-mails I have received on the launch tree is, hell I will just wait around and pick it up when it’s given away as some bonus some time in the future.

            The gurus or whatever you want to call them, no longer have any products that have any value.

            Sample incredible bonus offers,

            Before telling you what Launch Tree is, I wanted to mention that
            for all of you who decide to join through my link I will be giving
            you a monumental $3826 in extra bonuses!

            Of cause he never gets into telling what launch tree is for fear of e-mail deletion.

            That’s just one of 30 e-mails for launch tree, if I was to count up the cost of bonuses it would total over $90,000 so I ask you what value dose launch tree or any other product have when I could buy 30 copies and get over $90,000 in bonuses that only last year where sold for hundreds on their own?
            No doubt at sometime in the near future launch tree will be added to the bonus list.

          • says

            Initial launch deals for BFM were around the $500 mark, on the Warrior forum, iirc.

            Then there were the upgrades offered to people who purchased the manuscript, for $500 – but a digital version.

            When I purchased BFM, it was as a bonus to an event that cost $400

            If you paid “full price”, the $1500 or whatever the physical version sells for, I dearly hope you took some action and created something with it.

            It is however a 3 year old product, and there are tons of copycats on the market appearing almost every day, especially on the Warrior forum.

            I am also not a huge fan of “a $xyz value” claims – for me it is poor English – in England you would use “worth $xyz”

            How much something is worth really is hard to determine.

            What I always attempt to do if I am promoting something is ensure that the free information is high quality.

            An ebook is just 1s and 0s, a digital stream of data that can be deciphered into words. The words have meaning, and some of them are valuable to people, helping them improve their business in some way.

            I started online with nothing – my first niche website was created on free hosting.

            I have paid for tons of membership sites which I didn’t have time to visit, or sucked up too much time.

  5. says

    Interesting stuff, it’s definitely smart to be careful what you recommend, I know once you have built up a reputation, you should only offer the best advice to others. I don’t know much about the Stompernet affiliate program, but I am eager to hear more once it is fully functional and offers all the benefits that it should, I don’t want anything in Beta. I am going to check out the $1 course – i am somewhat intrigued

    • says

      No chance at all

      Launch Tree comes under my list of “products I might in some way have some significant overlap with” either with content I write about on my blog, or products I might create.
      As such my ethical position is not to buy products where I believe there is even a chance of reading something considered proprietary information.

  6. says

    It’s always a tough call with these products. Some are very very good – and some of the best ones are off the market (sad/strange)!

    I have traffic in this area & am so torn. It seems what people ‘buy’ isn’t what they really ‘need’. Sounds strange, but I’ve promoted incredible products in this area that don’t sell but others, that are really not so hot, sell like crazy just b/c they hit the right buttons of the audience!

  7. says

    Yeah, but as you already said the problem is to find the gap between a good and a bad one. That might be the goal for the future.

  8. BestWebForms says

    Hi Andy,
    Nice blog, very useful and well-done. I can give you my web forms for free if you could review them or link back to my site. Let me know if this idea might work and thanks again for the great resource, I am going to be visiting it repeatedly for sure.


  9. says

    Launch Tree is getting a lot of hype right now from all over our niche.
    I think I will be giving it a try in the next couple of weeks.


  10. says

    When too many people take any (and this, of course) opportunity, its` value becomes not so precious. But I suppose, It still can have its` shot..

  11. says

    Since I took myself off just about every guru’s mailing list I’ve not heard of Launch Tree, though if anybody’s going to buy I would urge that you use Andy Jenkins link, take it from a dude who got 1 month free membership to Stompernet and has been saving furiously to get back in:)

  12. says

    The conversation here is as valuable as the post. I read what Steve had to say, and I unfortunately have shared much of his experience and agree with much of what was said. Most of the time I get the feeling that these launches are really just a closed circle of Internet marketers patting each other on the back and getting rich off would-be marketers who don’t know better. And I know cause I was one. The whole story is usually hard to find beneath the hype and consequently, people like Steve and I start to look at every product launch with a certain amount of cynicism, for better or for worse.

    • says

      There certainly is a lot of back-scratching, but at the same time in most cases the cream rises to the surface.
      People become friends with those they see on a regular basis (conference circuit etc), learn to respect their opinion, socialize together etc.

      There are lots of “closed” circles though, and in internet marketing there are huge divisions of opinion, no matter what the specialty.

      I am biased too, I have always promoted the blogs of my core readers more than the lurkers – the people I know, whose opinion I value.

      It is natural

      It is also natural for successful people to want to associate with people who are a step above them, as it can determine their own success.

      Whilst there are a lot of friends, they are not going to promote things that are not relevant to their audience.

  13. says

    I agree with u Andy ! Not every friend of mine promote things that are not relevant to their audience .. Like I have got a warez blog & i wanted my friend to market it but he didn’t because he is a teacher ..

  14. cream says

    Nice blog, very useful and well-done.I read what Steve had to say, and I unfortunately have shared much of his experience and agree with much of what was said. Most of the time I get the feeling that these launches are really just a closed circle of Internet marketers patting each other on the back and getting rich off would-be marketers who don’t know better.

    • says

      You just broke my comment policy

      At the same time you probably broke the UK Consumer Protection act, and your website is probably illegal in the UK