Jason Calacanis SEO Keynote

What is the best way to get every person interested in SEO talk about you?

How about Jason Calacanis stating that “Seo is bullshit” in a keynote at an SEO conference with Danny Sullivan.

The best way to listen to the keynote with Jason Calcanis is this podcast.
Daily SearchCast, Dec 5, 2006: Special Edition, Conversation With Jason Calacanis

So what are SEOs doing?

Well Greywolf decided to put together this little post, and encourages people to reprint it.

In a keynote address today Jason Calacanis said “SEO is bullshit, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly” Let’s see if that’s true.

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Feel free to Reproduce this post on any website you own. And be sure to link to My Squidoo fan page and MySpace fan page. Techcrunch

QuadsZilla has also been having his say, as Jason Calacanis worked for AOL

Brian Provost over at Scoreboard Media obviously has a crush on Jason Calacanis. Not a love crush… he wants to drive him into the ground. Jason Calacanis: Charlatan Douchebag

Now anyone who has read this blog for a while would know that I have a great deal of respect for Ken Evoy of Sitesell. Their SiteBuildIt service is a great way to build an SEO friendly website even if you start off knowing nothing about building a website. Whilst the system is good, the backend training on how to write great content is excellent.
I was surprised to see Ken Evoy make a comment on the Jason Calacanis blog and to also be linking through to his own conclusions about the Jason Calacanis Keynote.

Another SEO I read on a regular basis Jaimie Sirovich, writes “In Defense of Jason Calacanis“.

I love Jaimie’s conclusion:-

SEO these days is about building a search engine friendly web site, writing good content, and marketing yourself. Ask yourself why the 2 black hatters referenced Jason’s name several times. Do you think they really care? Ask yourself why I did it.

Traffic. Jason Calacanis’ name will be a great source of relatively non-competitive highly-relevant traffic. Good SEOs see opportunity and run with it. QED.

Now I don’t really have time to keep this page updated with all the discussion Jason has stirred up, so here are some RSS updates via Technorati for Jason Calacanis


Now you might be wondering why I am writing this post.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is testing, and whilst it is good to test out stuff “for real” on niche topics that will make money, it is also sometimes fun to test things out on strange terms that aren’t “revenue generating” such as Jason Calacanis. I am not implying that Jason doesn’t make money. Far from it, he is very successful, but I doubt I will make much money from this post directly. I might get a little search engine traffic and the odd curious visitor from other sites also writing about this subject who I have linked to.

There is one affiliate link within the post, but as this post has so many links, I doubt anyone is ever going to click it.

One of the things I am going to do different is use tagging effectively, not to Technorati directly, but to my own tag pages. As I have shown in a number of posts recently, tag pages can be very effective in widening your search engine exposure, and Google likes them.
My hardest decision is whether to use a custom excerpt for this post. The Spammy keywords by having UTW at the top of my posts seems to do very well so far. I think I will try for a custom excerpt and see how it compares.

Here is my recent post explaining why SEO is important for bloggers.

To finish up, as Jason Calacanis might come looking to see what I have said about this, hi Jason, do you know any rich technical types who might be able to fill the role of CTO?

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