Best Free Ebooks | Free Reports of 2006

Every year 1000s of free reports and ebooks are published to promote various products or services. or just to encourage email sign ups.

The tactic is commonly referred to as one form of “Viral Marketing”

I wasn’t very active for most of this year, so I am sure I have missed out on lots of quality information that would help me with my business.

The same is equally true for other people who are new to internet marketing, or are less inclined to join email lists where such free reports are promoted.

I have thought of a solution to help everyone reading this post.

This list is compiled of purely reader submissions.

Hopefully you will find this list useful and will recommend it to your friends, colleagues and subscribers.

Best Free Ebooks and Free Reports 2006 (No Email Required)

Nothing here yet – waiting for reader submissions

Best Free Ebooks and Free Reports 2006 (Email Sign up Required)

Nothing here yet – waiting for reader submissions

Best Free Ebooks and Free Reports of Previous Years (No Email Required)

Nothing here yet – waiting for reader submissions

Best Free Ebooks and Free Reports of Previous Years (Email Sign up Required)

Nothing here yet – waiting for reader submissions

How This Works

This is going to be a growing list of what my readers suggest are/were the best free reports published in 2006.
By best I mean the ones that provided the most information without having to buy anything, not reports full of testimonials and short overviews intended to promote sales (a valid concept as part of the sales process, but not what we are looking for).

Adding Our Own Viral Element

Rather than creating a list of my own favourites, this this will be purely reader submissions in the following format.

Report Title

One paragraph description of what the report contains. This should be factual and without personal opinion.
One or 2 paragraphs containing personal opinions about why the report is worth reading, and how you benefited from reading it.
Link for free ebook or free report
Submitted by NAME of WEBSITE NAME(link)

The link for the report can be an affiliate link, a link to your own review, or just a direct link to a 3rd party site where it is available.

A maximum of 2 submissions per person, and please try to keep the quality very high
First come first served on any program, although if you have a viral report with embedded affiliate links, my preference is a link through to a page with a review and direct download link, not a squeeze page for your own mailing list. If it can be supplied without an email, make it that way.
No submissions of your own reports

Why is this Viral?

It is all about links

You get links which is good for both traffic and revenue
I get links which will help promote this page, your links and my blog in general

I suggest readers don’t promote this page until I have at least 10 submissions

Submissions can be via my contact form or as a comment.

To try and keep this tidy submissions in the comments will be deleted as I process them and add them to the main list.
I reserve the right to make corrections as needed. Corrections in opinion will only be made for grammatical errors. If another change is needed, I will email for approval to ensure they will be your words not mine.
I reserve the right not to include all submissions, for whatever reason. Discussions / complaints regarding the inclusion process will be via email.

Closing date for all new submissions extended to January 2007

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  1. says

    I’ll bite. :)

    Shameless plug for my own free ebook to follow. LOL

    Title: WordPress Quick Start Guide
    Description: Overview of getting started with WordPress, including blog, theme, and plugin installation for the absolute newbie.

    Not sure if this was published in 2006, but believe it was and it’s darn good, too.

    Title: Viral Copy
    Description: Tips for producing viral content which results in people noticing, linking, and recommending your website.

    Okay, that’s my limit.

    ~ Teli

  2. says

    Hi Andy, great idea.

    My two entries, both 2006 and no email required. Both legends.

    Title: The New Rules of PR, by David Meerman-Scott
    Description: How to use press releases and the Internet to communicate directly with buyers. Part how-to, part manifesto, great insights to help market online.

    Title: Flipping the Funnel, by Seth Godin
    Description: Turn your customers into salespeople. How to use tools such as blogging, and Flickr to give your best customers a megaphone to spread the word about what they like.
    If you customers like you and can talk about you, they wil

    All the best,