Clickbank Automatic Bonus Delivery Systems

Clickbank Bonus Domination head-to-head with CB List Automator – 2 Clickbank bonus delivery systems you have to consider. You are leaving money on the table.

I now own 2 scripts from 2 different authors to handle automatic delivery of Clickbank bonuses – this is something I hope to be able to handle in a radically different manner in the future, but for now, this is something I want to be able to automate with something off-the-shelf.

I paid for both of them – I don’t intend to ask for a refund on either.

If you have seen marketing “gurus” suggesting that you send them an email to get a bonus, or submit a support ticket, then they obviously haven’t got their processes 100% sorted out.

Historically bonus automation was only possible by parsing sales tickets or somehow scraping data from the Clickbank interface. These days Clickbank have an API which can push data to an end point, though I believe it can only handle a single end point, thus you may end up using lots of Clickbank accounts for different things.

Clickbank List Automator

The first script we are going to look at is Clickbank List Automator from Adrian Ling.


Adrian is a well known Clickbank expert, is heavily involved with the Clickbank Success Forums, and has been publishing Clickbank tools for years (since 2002), including his ever popular EasyClickMate

I have seen EasyClickMate used for a number of large launches, to great success and Clickbank List Automator is a similar tool – solid, reliable, and you know that if it goes wrong there is support available.

In time, I expect this product to grow in features, who knows if it will keep pace. It will always be a solid workhorse.

Clickbank Bonus Domination

This is a product that just launched – I didn’t purchase the previous incarnation, and I have only just purchased the script, so I haven’t had time to play around with it.

I didn’t even plan to buy it, I was just monitoring the launch to see if there were any key features that I might have overlooked, as I was quite impressed with Adrian’s script, and didn’t expect anything better.

clickbank bonus domination

Clickbank Bonus Domination has some very interesting features.


First of all you have to realise that this is a much larger package deal, and the presentation is superb. They have actually been running a pre-launch for a week or so with free videos which were informative, but the presentation of the sales page was actually what convinced me to purchase.

There is a great “customize your order page” before being sent to Clickbank with some tempting offers – I did buy the upsell.

One of the primary reasons to buy the upsell was the “Qualified Buyers” module, that allows you to offer a bonus to historical customers and get them on a buyers list. It is something you can do manually.

I did experience one problem with ordering – I am sure I ordered the “Premium Plus” version that will only be available during launch, with all the bonuses. For some reason after purchase I am only listed as having a “Standard” package. I will probably have to file a support ticket to solve that, but I am sure there will be no problem.

There is one negative… upgrades – based upon one of the upsells (yes there are some additional offers), this isn’t a product you will receive unlimited upgrades for life. It wasn’t very clear whether the upgrade in some way would offer incremental upgrades so you could remain on the cutting edge, plus I must admit I felt it was a little pricey, though that probably makes it a lot more exclusive, and thus gives a greater competitive edge.

In fact there is another negative – during prelaunch… another Twitter script asking for passwords and creating a leak really didn’t leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.


Not Just For Launches

Whilst the primary focus of this kind of script might be for big product launches, to get an “edge” over your competing affiliates and add additional value… and then automate it, in many ways these concepts are more powerful.

  • Googlecash – if you send PPC trafic directly to a sales page, you don’t get an email address, especially if someone buys unless you grab the data manually from Clickbank – labour intensive. With this system on all your Clickbank campaigns you can immediately offer a bonus at the time of purchase, even if unadvertised, and get confirmed buyers on your list (preferally a seperate list).
  • Advertsing Units – There are tons of Clickbank based advertising solutions, some mimic Adsense, others have images, or there are also keyword based tools that create text links. Those links are very rarely pushed as part of a special promotion, so you probably wouldn’t be able to easily add the buyers to a list. With these scripts you can.

If you do this manually, there is a delay in the emails, and the longer the delay, the more risk it might look like what you are doing is spam. If your bonus comes to them at the same time, or possibly even before a notification from Clickbank, Paypal or the vendor, you are in the driving seat, able to offer complimentary products, get them on a list etc.

There is still another paradigm shift that can (hopefully will) occur with this kind of system, but for now this is something that if you use Clickbank as an affiliate, you really have to be using.

So which one? On the surface Clickbank Bonus Domination looks like the better deal – more features (especially if you grab the upsell) and the training looks to be top notch – lots of videos.

I almost wrote about Clickbank List Automator a couple of weeks ago when I picked it up, but I already knew Clickbank Bonus Domination 2 was on its way.

Also don’t forget with bonuses Clickbank have lots of special rules, don’t get your account burnt by offering cashback, spam, non-FTC compliance (disclosure?) or not stating who is liable for the bonus delivery.

If I get time I will try to get a more hands-on review published of both, but I have an “epic” SEO post lined up for tomorrow. It is huge, and will have a massive impact on your SEO results.

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    Very neat, I am such an amateur when it comes to affiliate practices, I am stuck in the Excite & Alta Vista Ages. Looks like a powerful application

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    Seems like nice tools and definitely something that I will want to look into when I get to that part of my business. I’m just starting out figuring all of these things out but I have to admit that it is very exciting once you start to notice how people are marketing their stuff.

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    Great product truelly automated. The biggest hurdle with clickbank is finding the best products to sell IMHO.

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    Thanks for the great review of that software. It looks like something to certainly look into. That was very revealing and I appreciate the honesty of your review of that product.

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    These tools a must for people who want to succeed in the affiliate marketing arena. Thank you for letting us know about them.