Overnight Success

Whilst exploring historical backlinks on my old blogspot blog, I came across a comment I left that I decided needed to be recorded here…

Andy Beard said:

Hi Jeff

A great offer.

I am not even sure your product can help me.

I have a project to develop a monetization system for content sites.
I have a solid background in managing software development projects, and a lot of sales and marketing experience (12 years as either the owner or a director of software companies).

I am new to the internet marketing industry, only a few months, but I have already been relatively successful.

I am looking to launch a product that doesn’t exist yet.

I am looking to raise seed funding so that my product development and launch potential can be maximised. There is nothing I would hate worse than to make my project only half of what it should be.

I need to raise capital for:-

1. Patent exploration
2. Patent application
3. Development
4. Backend hardware

All the required parts for my project already exist, it is the way they are integrated that is unique and patentable.

I currently class myself as a non-programmer, although I used to program extensively up until 15 years ago.

This is a project I could easily cobble together for my own use.

This would open the doors to copycats but I am sure I could make a reasonable income from it.

However I know if I could execute it perfectly, not only could I retire in a few years, I could probably help 1000s of other internet marketer do the same.

Would your product help me in the process not of launching an existing product, but to launch a major project that currently only exists as rough design documentation.

I am looking to launch an idea in such a way that I can attract suitable seed or angel investment.

It is actually a tough undertaking.

I have lived as an expat in Poland for the last 12 years and have very little earnings history. Whilst my internet marketing business is growing rapidly, a lot of growth is severely hampered by cashflow.

I understand cashflow intimately. Managing adwords campaigns that are exploding is tough when Google charges bi-weekly, but affiliate programs payout at the end of the following month.

I am confident I can self fund this project in 6 to 9 months, but if there is a way to bring such a product to fruition earlier, I would love to give it a shot.

Is Social Proof up to such an extreme challenge?

Best regards

Andy Beard

p.s. This project is actually the “essense” of social proof for internet marketers. You will love it.

The parameters might have changed significantly in the intervening years, I have seen setbacks (The Adwords campaigns almost killed me) and just don’t mention hindsight, but the goal remains the same.

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    • says

      Whilst I didn’t win a free copy of Product Launch Formula 1.0 (that was a comment on the original launch blog), I have since paid the full $2000 to buy the course.

      My startup plans are still in progress – I have been offered funding numerous times, but necessary feature creep to cover things that at the time were overlooked, and refinements to the model mean that I need more funding than has so far been offered, and a much larger team.
      To offset the additional costs, the upside is potentially better, the plan more refined with a number of problems resolved, and I have vastly more promotional assets and partnerships at my disposal.

      • says

        Hi Andy,

        I came across the following site on the weekend. You might already have heard about those guys, but I think it cannot hurt to drop you the link.

        A venture capitalist firm for startups http://ycombinator.com (I did not check if their terms are applicable to your particular case.)

        Anyway, I assume you are using PLF extensively in your niche marketing.

        Take care
        John W.

        • says

          Yeah the Ycombinator guys are great, but it is not a perfect fit

          1. They are US based though there are European equivalents such as http://www.seedcamp.com (I did send Seedcamp a rather long overview when they hosted here in Poland earlier this year)
          2. They are looking for teams – a one person team which is just a business guy no matter how much marketing muscle he has just doesn’t cut it – I have people in mind, but there is too much risk without a glimmer of outside financing
          3. They are looking for products, not ideas – the fact that I could cobble something together for myself doesn’t solve the problem, as the big rocks are making things work for 5000+ marketers, many of whom might be new.

          Don’t worry, I have studied PLF a lot ;)

      • says

        I see.. so i guess it is still in progress. But good luck Andy, I know you can do it. Actually i just come by to your blog 2 days ago, and don’t know what, i love read it. Your why to explain something is really clear and not hard to understand.

        Thanks again to share with us.

  1. says

    Good luck with the project Andy! Isn’t it amazing that once you spend a little more time reviewing your start up plans how many more complications present themselves and many other complications are easily solved? Time is good!

  2. Cornelia Cunningham says

    Best of luck on that project Andy. Knowing how detail oriented you are, I am sure you can do this.

  3. says

    Excellent response. You challenged both yourself and the other person, and while you may not have gotten the product for free, you demonstrated legitimacy.

    With new innovations/products, it’s difficult to differentiate one’s self from the next. Scammers are all over the place, but passion always shines through.

    Best of luck.

  4. work at home says

    I liked your confidence very much. You were very straight with what you wanted. You went into detail and studied everything very properly. This will definitely get you what you u wanted to.

  5. says

    I appreciate your idea..and mate you have done a thing which would have been very difficult for others. I am a firm beliver of the fact that if you have the dedication and the will power than you can do anything you want to in any dam circumstances.

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