Adsense Blackhat Edition

I just received an email about Adsense Blackhat Edition.

I haven’t read the ebook fully yet, but it is actually worth signing up for just to see the new twist that has been added on the sales process.

The ebook follows a fairly typical pattern

1-2 page description of a theory (actually quite a good overview)
Affiliate link for a product

If you want a round-up of white hat, grey hat and black hat strategies in a condensed 52 pages, you couldn’t got far wrong.

This ebook certainly answers a lot of common questions I read on forums every day.

Some of the adsense placement tricks I haven’t read before, but maybe because I don’t hang out in the right places as much as I used to.

It isn’t all blackhat, it just probably goes slightly beyond “blending” adverts. Ok, a long way beyond blending, some of the tricks are insanely powerful.

It is partially like the process used by Death of Adsense, and the more recent Death of Internet Marketing, but with a nice “tell a friend” twist.

There are also some useful discounts inside for products I have purchased and even promote as an affiliate.

Adsense Blackhat Edition

Note: Very Important

I have had a few people sign up to receive the download who so far haven’t confirmed their email address. There is a double opt-in process and this is a sign of good intentions.

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    • says

      Not all of it is Blackhat, and some I have had written approval for, such as using Adsense Backgrounds.

      Lots of the tips are just smart placement

      It does get worrying when you are not using anything naughty and you hit CTR above 100%

      I don’t think most Adsense publishers have that problem

  1. says

    I wouldn't worry too much about getting banned. If you get banned just stop doing whatever it was that you got banned for and odds are that Google will turn you back on.