Google Toolbar 3

Ionut over at Google System mentioned today the release of a new beta Google Toolbar.

He actually forgot to mention it was beta, but that is a minor issue.

Now I have been interested in the Google Toolbar buttons that were previously only available for Internet Explorer users for some time.

I have a project on the back burner, (just parked atm) waiting for a time that I am allowed under the Google rules to go ahead with it.

One of the problems I faced is that you are not allowed to create a toolbar button that points to a Google Adsense for Search searchbox.

The rule isn’t universally applied. Some major publishers have been allowed to create toolbar buttons that point to their search engines that have Google results and advertising, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

I have a very long string of emails discussing this with the Google Adsense team.

One of the problem is that there is nothing to stop an end user creating their own custom button which points to your Google Adsense search box. If you make this easier for them however, you are breaking Google’s rules.

Do not create Google Toolbar Buttons for Adsense for Search

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