Pageflakes Affiliate Program

One of the affiliate programs I am monetizing my Disclosure Policy Plugin site with is Pageflakes.

The affiliate program is PPA, and thus requires a signup to receive a payment.

You would think that as it is free, and actually quite cool and useful, people who clicked through to take a look might be inclined to signup and give Pageflakes a try, even if they ultimately decided to continue using something else.

Here are the results so far:-

Pageflakes Conversions

54 visitors and no signups for something that is free isn’t very impressive.

The amount of traffic Disclosure Policy Plugin has received is actually quite disappointing as well, although it is still early days.
It seems most people talking about disclosure are more interested in attacking Pay Per Post than exploring solutions for disclosure for bloggers.
The site is 2 weeks old, and received 689 unique visitors.

Action plan: I need to encourage signups more actively, though even then I won’t regard it as a reliable income stream.

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  1. says

    I really enjoy your blog, if I notice an unread post I always click to read. However, I have read about your disclosure stuff and I don’t get it. Admittidly, I could take more time to try to understand it, but I just can’t afford the time.

    Regarding the concept in general, maybe it’s just going against the grain? Like, I wrote a gym diary system a while ago where people could subscribe, record their weights sessions, and then graph their progress etc. What I eventually understood was that while this is what people _should_ do, most people don’t do it. And then, only the most hardcore are committed to it.

    Also, if you consider a conversation rate of 1%-2% then 54 is still a small sample. Hang in there and keep the great posts coming :)

  2. says

    Hi Alex

    That is why I created an extensive ‘Why do I need it?‘ page. If that doesn’t apply or ring any bells, it is most likely at this stage you don’t need to worry about disclosure.

    I am in a different boat, I recommend products all the time, and many of them I gain some reward from mentioning them. However the majority of my blogs and niche sites are not using disclosure for affiliate links at this time, because affiliate links are just being used as advertising. I might however add a disclosure policy of some kind.

    As for conversions, 1-2% I would be happy with for a product that was being sold. In fact I have been happy with some affiliate programs with far less than 1% conversion of those that click through.
    For something that is totally free that is abysmal.