Conversion Rate Optimization For Freebies

Today I have been making some significant changes to my free IM Remarkable Offer that I thought would be worth discussing, though the reason I am making the changes is based upon limited data.

I am not a copywriter, or a graphic designer

IM Remarkable Free Bonus
No Purchase Required
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IM Remarkable Offer Page “before”

I spent most of my time concentrating on the product – despite being just a free bonus for signing up to someone else’s promotion, I wanted it to have both value and longevity.

Whilst in the legal paperwork I placed emphasis on the “casual” nature of selection, I spent significant time on each niche rooting out great offers, uncovering a few pitfalls etc.
Even some of the Clickbank offers I highlighted had a gravity as low as “0” nada, ziltch, but had great landing pages, credibility, sometimes even celebrity branding to help conversion rates.

IM Remarkable Bonus - Howie Schwartz - Old Version

IM Remarkable Bonus - Howie Schwartz - Old Version

IM Remarkable Offer Page “After”

IM Remarkable Bonus - Howie Schwartz - New Version Of Free Offer

IM Remarkable Bonus - Howie Schwartz - New Version Of Free Offer

The bonus offers system was experimental and early results suggested needed some tweaking

  • More people signed up for Howie’s bonus than so far claimed mine (even though people already on Howie’s list who signed up through someone else any time in the past could get my bonus) – I expected some differences, but not to that extent.
  • Some people filled out the form but didn’t provide enough of the email for the matching system – these I processed manually.
  • Some people I could see on Howie’s affiliate back-end (downloading a CSV), signed up, but claimed the bonus without entering one of Howie’s emails – I deemed that enough justification to send them the download. The intent was there.
  • A few people tried to spoof the bonus system – it isn’t infallible, but it isn’t stupid either.

Ultimately I decided I need to make things a little easier for those with honest intent, though it does provide a hint at what is happening, and removes part of the filtering.

Greater Emphasis On Value Proposition

Anyone who has been watching the free videos Stompernet have been publishing over the last week for their Formula 5 launch would know that if you invest more time in explaining the value and benefits of your offer to your prospects, you can charge more.

The same is true as an affiliate, though then it could be looked on as pre-selling

In a situation where you are offering a bonus as an affiliate, either for a sale, or just for a lead as in this case, you need to explain the value and benefits of both the target offer, and your additional bonus or bribe.

JV Opportunity?

There is a “latent” JV opportunity here, but until the landing page can be shown to boost opt-in rate compared to direct traffic, any JV would be a fool to send me traffic, even with the rebranding.
The traffic that is worth sending would be people who through segmentation are known to have opened an email, clicked through to Howie’s offer, and not converted into a lead.
I doubt there are many people segmenting their list to that extent.


I doubt I will achieve enough critical mass for any hope of viral momentum, unless I “stack the cool” a little more on my free offer… yes affiliates can do that too.

IM Remarkable Free Bonus
No Purchase Required
<<< Click Here >>>

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  1. matthewsherborne says

    Looks very interesting. Curious that you didn't include “Free” in the headline. Would think adding that bit would increase conversions. Would love to hear more insight into your reasoning behind the headline.

  2. says

    To be honest I don't know… I am not a copywriter :)

    The free word is in the pre-heading now – if I had enough traffic it is something that I could split test

    In some ways I dislike the “free” word, even though using it in Adwords in the past has generated some reasonable income.

  3. says

    Yeah, conversion rates seem to be the topic of the year. I'm sure it might have something to do with your sales page, but even with a bad sales page, you should still be able to make at least 1 sale for every 100 visitors you get. Maybe you should also make your sales page a little longer. I heard the longer you make a sales page, the more sales you get because the person doesn't like to be 'sold' so quickly.

  4. says

    Expect the link to be deleted as soon as I have my comment database resynced

    There is a lot more to copywriting than selling, it is both a science and an art, and a full sales letter has to lead a cold prospect through various stages of awareness, empathy, desire, trust etc to pull out their credit card.

  5. paydayloansuk says

    Great post. i have also very interested in conversion rates since lead generation has become my sole source of income now. Using a some low cost SEO i have increased my lead volume by 450% but conversion still remains very low.

    Anyway i'll keep reading your posts with interest.


  6. says

    Hi Andy,

    Just wondering if you considered adding video to your offer.

    A video that is a bunch of screen shots of Power Point could have really punched up your LP and given a rudder to a visitor's experience.

    The whole idea of an “unfair advantage” or free keyword list is to touch on the prospect's desire to skip a step, and translating at least part of your sales letter to video (where they no longer have to navigate the page) could have helped you close a lead sooner; for example you could put a call to action at the top of the page. Just a thought.

  7. says

    Good suggestion Daniel

    It is something I considered, though to be honest I have a feeling too many of my readers have been outside enjoying some sunshine the last few days to make it worthwhile, considering the time schedule for the launch.

    That being said, the content was designed to have some longevity after Howie's promotion, I have learned a lot about how aspects of the technology work (or don't) and video will be included next time around (with some new twists)

  8. zartworkdesigns says

    Using different techniques and testing them out and then utilizing what works best is the way to go, great tips though!

  9. makemoneyathome says

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  10. freesampleswithoutsurveys says

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  11. says

    I also agree with Daniel's suggestion about adding a video.

    I also have the same thoughts about the word “free” …I've read from an ebook once that people are always doubtful with stuff that are “free”, thinking it's too good to be true.

    Thanks for posting the images, with corresponding notes, of the offer page's before and after. The ideas are great!