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The Google Reader Team have announced the availability of readership stats. You mean you can actually see how many readers you have using Google Reader? Nope, don’t be silly – what we get to see is how much time we are spending reading other people’s feeds. I am highly disappointed.

I’ve always been a big fan of charts, tables and other ways of analyzing and visualizing data. On my own blog I will often plot things just to get a handle on them. Even here I’ve posted some analyses that I’ve done of the data that the Reader team has on hand. It’s therefore no surprise that my favorite blog of 2006 is Data Mining.

Publishers don’t just play around with data out of interest. They need the data to determine the value of the content they write to their readership, and it plays an important role in advertising calculations.

I am also disappointed in the commentary I have been reading related to Google Reader today.

I am not going to point my finger at anyone, as so far today I haven’t read one Google Reader statistics post that mentioned that what the blogger really wanted was to see their readership statistics in Feedburner.

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Recently on Matt Cutt’s blog he was discussing stats, and there it was mentioned about the readership statistics.

I mentioned my theory in the discussion

Google Reader not giving stats is an exception. GR not providing it has been a fairly major concern for a lot of publishers, but I always thought it might be a design decision, giving additional privacy, in much the same way that Gmail doesn’t display images thus doesn’t give open rates by default.

Hopefully Matt is able to get some information for us as he replied:-

Andy Beard, the next time I see a Reader person I’ll try to remember to ask more.

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