Stomper Net 2.0 – Joint Ventures Redefined

Lots of people may have watched the launch of the Original Stomper Network a few months ago. From all accounts those who joined are happy they did, but this is definitely a course for people already making serious money online. If a small percentage turnover increase won’t pay for the course many times over, it isn’t something to seriously think about.

This is now quite an old article

For more recent coverage of Stompernet Going Natural 2.0, Going Natural 3.0 and Stomper Site seer, please check the Stompernet tag.

Stomper Net 2.0 has just launched, boasting a lot of new faculty members including 2 of my favourite experts, Sherman Hu and Leslie Rohde.

Supreme Joint Venture

I have noticed something significant with the relaunch and whilst the following is speculation, I can’t see a reason that that isn’t at least close to how the joint venture works.

The most important observations are

1. The relaunch was not emailed continuously to previous signups
2. The relaunch was not emailed by previous launch partners and faculty members
3. The launch is being heavily promoted just by the new faculty members

How this JV Works

The experts selected seem to have been chosen for a number of compelling reasons

1. They are acknowledged experts in their field
2. Lots of SEO talent to take some of the workload from Brad and Andy
3. The new faculty members in the main do not have their own existing high ticket items or services

Lets take Sherman for instance

Say he has 1000 members of WordPress Tutorials currently active and makes on average $90 per member per year. That is $90K per year. Not bad income, but I don’t think he has that many members yet.

With Stompernet 2.0 the money pot is much more significant

1000 new members x $900 per month x 12 months = $10,800,000

Now that money is likely to be shared between the new faculty members as an ongoing fee for the training and support they provide, various other support costs and outsourcing, affiliate fees again to the new faculty members, and a fair sized chunk to Brad and Andy.

There are also costs associated with holding 4 seminars per year, but I think that is easily covered. The element of risk is totally removed, and I am sure good deals can be struck with a supporting hotel for such a conference with 2000 guests.

Realistically speaking, each new faculty member can expect to clear $300,000 per year, much more if they were able to sign up a significant amount of new members themselves.
I am sure at least one of the new faculty members will clear $1M from his involvement.

Old Faculty Members

I don’t think they gain anything from the new memberships. Whilst there will be additional members, the work is being shared between more experts. They didn’t get to promote the doors being re-opened, at least not yet, but expect them to have a bite of the cake if the expected number of slots are not filled this cycle.

Comparing income

It is hard to find reliable figures for service companies online, or at least it was until Rand Fishkin revealed the SEOMoz earnings for 2005 and 2006.

Total income $600,000 with 9 full time employees
Rand only cleared $26K for himself in 2006

Rand is building a business and a brand, so those figures are bound to increase for 2007, but it is easy to see that Stomper Net is a very attractive proposition for anyone involved.

Can’t Afford Stomper Net 2.0?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. I can’t actually justify the expense this time round either.

Here are some alternatives

1. Get Michael Campbells ebooks for free, including Revenge of the Mininet
2. Bonus – Leslie Rohde’s Dynamic Linking comes as a free bonus to the above

3. Join WordPress Tutorials – Sherman’s WordPress Training is superb and I haven’t seen any notification that he will be closing shop. He still answers questions on his WordPress support forum daily and there is a good chance that some of the material prepared for Stomper Net will be reworked for his own site.

I would honestly love to be on the faculty for Stomper Net 3.0

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  1. Jay says


    Your a little off. Sherman does not make $10 million off stompers. Infact the reason why these gurus get involved with stomper is give stuff at a huge discount. Trust me, Sherman wont get ahead too far with what he offered Stompers. Clearly this isnt the goal for Sherman…. Your facts are way off. I am in stomper and you may want to hang tight on your fact champ.

  2. says

    Jay I stated

    Realistically speaking, each new faculty member can expect to clear $300,000 per year, much more if they were able to sign up a significant amount of new members themselves.

    That was based on 1000 new members and that the new faculty members were the only affiliate partners.

    I don’t think I can be that far off the money and I did state whilst the following is speculation

  3. Alex says

    Hey guys, I can’t believe they’re doing it again – this is great news, but where do I sign up ??!! And will they’re videos be available for StomperNet 2.0?? I couldn’t even find a link and I wasn’t mailed an invitation like last time – what’s up with that :s

  4. says

    As far as I know the 2nd round sold out in one day. I only saw it promoted by the new team of instructors, thus I came to my conclusions.

    It is quite possible that some of the instructors received a better deal than others, or were able to leverage a larger mailing list.

    I certainly didn’t receive an email about the launch from Brad and Andy, but I am on the list of both Sherman and Michael (oh and you should be too). Both of them offer great content on their blogs and mailing lists.

  5. Corey says

    I was a member of Stompernet for several months.I think Stompernet is one of the best programs around. The price is a little out of my range at the moment.Where else can you find a team of people I repeat Team that are doing what you want to do right now teaching you how to do it. They and there members are on the first page everywhere.Calls some twice a week to answer all your questions some lasting one- two hours. Stompernet is a whos who of internet marketers I am willing to bet that most of the gurus that sell programs are also members. The downside is there is a lot of information to swallow if that is a down side and and like most of us I have a small problem staying completely focused. But I am sure if you follow the program to the letter the $800 a month will be a drop in the bucket of all the money you will make. I should add that the discounts you get with Stomper on stuff you will need to buy anyway for your business is several thousands dollar of savings. You must be thinking if I think Stompernet is so good then why am I not still a member and why an I not rich. Though I did make some money with Stomper in just a few month I didn’t make as much as I wanted. I know I should have stayed any way. I also had a newborn Aliyah that is 6 months now so I could not give it my full attention. So I was thinking the smart thing would be to get back in Stomper. I am looking for a partner to split the cost in half and also hold each other accountable and bounce ideals off each other I am in the San Francisco bay area
    so the closer the better. Email me at coreylmoore (at) if you are interested

  6. Jimmy says

    While I admire the guys over at Stomper, all seems to me like a very complex marketing tatic (Send out invites to industry experts and sign them up as affiliates, hype the site as a one stop shop of information, depend upon people being smart enough to not only be smart enough to understand and implement the ideas (regarding posts about the density of the info), throw in a little scaricity (limited members, high entry fees), rinse and repeat. Sounds like a recipe for success, unless you are one of the unfortunate members who is already bogged down with the operation of a business. The educational model Stomper follows is a legit one, but seems to me one based upon building tension and cashing out early (my idea of why previous members, dropouts were not recontacted)
    A better and more long-term model would be to have content experts implement the techniques on a pay-for-performance model, all the while offering free-content to bring in more members. HMMMMmmmmm… Seems to me that Stomper still has some bugs within the system and will probably be worked out before the next relaunch.

    • says

      That seems a bit like asking a lawyer or a doctor to work for free, and provide training seminars for free, and keep up with the latest in-house equipment.

      Stompernet isn’t for everyone, but lots of companies have lawyer on retainer, and pay for staff medical insurance.

      If you are running a successful online business and want it to grow, then an investment in Stompernet is a good, viable option, and it even has an element of insurance… if something goes wrong, you have someone to turn to.