Keyword Elite 2.0 – Bonus Wars & Clickbank Transgressions

Unless you have your head buried in a sand dune, you will know that Keyword Elite 2.0 has just launched.

It looks pretty good, Brad normally creates some decent software, and in some ways it might also be better than current market champion Market Samurai (you can still pick up Market Samurai through the 30 Day Challenge for less than half the price of Keyword Elite through a special deal, which includes a 40 day trial)

I have been having fun observing the ducking and diving among those promoting KE 2.0 and I thought I would add some commentary.

1. No Money?

If you are tight on funds, use the free trial of Market Samurai… enough said

2. It is a Clickbank Product

If you are feeling insanely generous just use that link, but I’m certainly not going to look down on you if you replace my clickbank ID with your own. Some people get review copies, and others have to buy them, the least you can do is grab a “discount”
Don’t worry about Brad, I am sure he will make things up on “Integration Marketing” of various kinds.

3. Keyword Elite Bonuses

The bonus wars are going crazy

Some of the better bonus offers I have seen include

Alex Goad
Chris X / Andrew Fox
Vita Vee (great effort on the review)

However Some Of This Is Sickening

Cashback Offers

If you are a 7-figure Clickbank affiliate, it is quite possible Clickbank will overlook flagrant disregard for their long-standing rules against cash bonuses.
It doesn’t set a “safe” example for new marketers.

Bonus Terms

Clickbank require when offering bonuses to include something along the lines of

From Nov 2006


Affiliates may offer bonuses that are not cash or cash equivalents if
they adhere to the following:

1) Affiliate must state clearly and prominently that the bonus offer is not the responsibility of ClickBank or of the seller of the primary product.

2) Affiliate must state clearly and prominently that ClickBank will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of the bonus materials.

3) Affiliate must provide their own direct contact information (email address, etc.) and state clearly that any issues regarding bonus delivery, bonus functionality, or bonus quality must be addressed with the affiliate, not with ClickBank or the seller.

ClickBank Note:

It is not posted on the website yet, but our security team will be using this policy from here on out unless we experience any additional problems from affiliate bonuses.

Sorry Anik / Lurn Inc – if you are meant to be the pinnacle of teaching affiliate marketing, any disregard for 3 year old Clickbank policy (even if it isn’t very well publicised) isn’t acceptable, thus no link to your otherwise decent bonus.

To be honest I shouldn’t really link to the others above for the same reason

Clickbank Bonus Delivery

Everyone seems to be living in the dark ages – there is no real need to be delivering bonuses by requiring people to send a message via a contact form.

Even if you don’t deliver a bonus itself immediately, some level of Clickbank Bonus Delivery can be used to immediately contact a user, and if you can’t deliver the bonus automatically (possibly hard to script a membership for 6 months), at least the customer is added automatically to the sales funnel and internal procedures.

Surely the better service is worth investing $100 or less?

If you are not offering a significant bonus, I hope you did very well in the leads contest. Bonus Automation isn’t just a great way of providing good service, but capturing buyers to add into your own sales funnel, with the immediate possibility to upsell customers who have purchased someone else’s product often even before they have even received the email confirmation from Clickbank themselves.

Am I going to buy Keyword Elite 2.0? Possibly, though it remains to be seen whether it can excel in international foreign language markets.


I mentioned blatant transgressions, here is an example doing a quick search for keyword elite on Twitter

Keyword Elite Spam

Keyword Elite Spam

If you really need a lower price, isn’t it better to grab a 50% discount using your own affiliate link? (note you would still need to achieve 4 credit card sales from different locations, wait up to 2 weeks plus time to cash a check/process XACH)

I came across another decent bonus from Perry & Ryan – clear disclosure but still a little lacking on the responsibility for bonuses.

Update 2

Jason “John Cow” Katzenback has a stonking bonus as well.

If you purchase KeywordElite version 2, with the below link, I will get you into Web2Mayhem for FREE for the first 2 months and then i will only charge you an extremely ridiculous low amount after that for each month.

I am not giving it for free forever though… cause it uses resources on my end that cost me money.

PLUS you also get access to SyndicateKahuna with this which is a $67 a month service by itself.

I am pulling this as soon as i hit 200… so go now…

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  1. thetherapist says

    I just received an email regarding the seo keyword tool, it has a lot of cool features also for newbies on internet marketing..

  2. says

    Is it just me but I think that people like Anik and Mike devalue both the product and their own stuff with “take the customer for a fool” offers like “grab our $5,373 bonus”.

    Get real and stop these stupid “pile them high” bonuses which overload people with stuff they don't want or need but feel guilty about not looking at.

  3. says

    I think the intention is to provide everything else needed, if people have nothing.

    Worse for me is when I see someone I promoted as an affiliate a few weeks or months later offer the same product (in which I created value) given as a bonus to another product.

    Ultimately if they can generate enough income from the various upsells, maybe even up to 3x the income compared to the front end, then it isn't far off from the income they might receive on average from selling one of their own $97 – affiliate fees memberships, or a $500-$600 product.

    They can also make their own backend offers.

    Does it devalue products? Possibly, though remember that the people offering huge bonuses have huge lists to leverage, so they can offset costs better.

    Overloaded? It really depends on how overloaded people already are. Many people buying info products buy everything, and then outsource or delegate analysis of information and how it is then acted upon to change internal procedures for lare internal and external teams.

    These days it is not 1 guy in his pajamas necessarily buying high end info products, or at least not only, it is also people with 80 staff.

  4. vipul123 says

    Affiliate must state clearly and prominently that the bonus offer is not the responsibility of ClickBank or of the seller of the primary product. I totally agree.

  5. says

    Andy thanks for your long comment.

    I just think the bonus giving has gone too far which panders to the greed emotion inherent in most of us.

    Of course more is better than less – except it isn't for many information products. The bigger cost is not buying the stuff but the time to read, watch, listen and then consolidate into your existing thinking.

    I hold my hand up and say that I have been tempted and given in but I now have far more stuff than I have looked at.

    For some high profile gurus, that means that I will never buy anything else from them until I have gone through what I've got already.

  6. alexgoad says

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the link. I stopped looking at my feed about the same time you stopped blogging, guess I will have to reactivate it now… Nice to see you back and anxiously awaiting your next move ;)

  7. says

    From what I have seen of the order process, the continuity is totally optional and very clear, thus it is totally up to the buyer to decide whether they want to take him up on the offer.

  8. says

    Hope you gained some sales from it – bonus wars on stuff like this are fun to monitor though you need a large stable of products to compete these days.

  9. tkpandey says

    Thanks for mentioning. I have taken your recommendation into account and have added some legal notices to be “clickbank compliant”.
    Great post.

  10. craigmax9 says

    So fare I have really liked Keyword Elite 2.0. I am also a big fan of Market Samurai. I went through the bonus of Michael Rasmussen which was very good too. I am surprised to see some of the better more well known Affiliate Marketers are so blatantly breaking clickbank rules.

  11. says

    If you had the original you also should have been sent a coupon code from Brad for a significant discount – best to check with his support desk

  12. says


    I looked for that discount and I couldn't find it. Someone mentioned something like $100 off. On some places online there are quiet a few angry owners of Keyword Elite v1. Many claim to have had promises of a free upgrade to version 2. I don't know, I never got a promise from Brad…just a bunch of spam email. I still use Keyword elite v1.3 but I have added Market Samurai…it rocks. But what it boils down to for me is finding niches with low competition in Google and to do that I also use SeoQuake-free plugin. Works for me.

  13. colmb says

    I'm a big fan of SEO Elite and used it for a while not really seen much on Keyword Elite becuase I removed myself from almost all the people you have above email lists. Oh well I like what Brad has to offer and I'll go check it out. Thanks for the review Andy


  14. says

    From what I have heard, if you didn't receive notification of an upgrade coupon, you should raise a support ticket with Brad's people. It isn't spam email if you have signed up to his list, or the emails are related to his products, services or similar marketing products, and he provides a way to opt out.
    If people were offered a free upgrade, then again the best course of action is a support ticket.