Namecheap Affiliate Program Clarification

namecheap_logoNamecheap as I hoped have been fast to clarify that their affiliate program will work with their standard coupon codes.

They still need to update their affiliate signup page as previously mentioned.

Whether this was their initial intent, or a change to reflect feedback doesn’t really matter – it is now possible to promote Namecheap (as many have done for years without any monetary incentive), offer coupon codes, and make a small amount for each referral.

As niche marketers & affiliate marketers often have domain portfolios costing them hundreds, and in many cases $1000+ each year, a little extra income and recognition never hurts. (these aren’t hardcore domainers, just people who accumulate domains… and even sometimes build websites on them)

Namecheap Affiliate Interface


So you get an affiliate link… no sign of any kind of subid tracking or deep linking support, though it is possible deep linking works just sticking an aff ID on the end of each link.


Looks like there isn’t any click tracking either, though you can always use your own.

In some ways using a proprietary affiliate interface makes sense with Namecheap, as I am invariably using the interface on a weekly basis, but it is a little lacking in “affiliate” features, whereas they could probably integrate something like quite well (though that isn’t perfect).

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  1. melissaray12 says

    This is a great opportunity for affiliates and starters, how much are they paying for each domain sell I wonder, will go check them out soon.

  2. says

    It's only 10% :( but yeah I guess it's a start.

    Also the one thing that kinda sucks about it is that I hope they don't increase the rates of domain renewals and prices to counteract them paying out because that would seriously suck. Also can you use your own affiliate link – they should allow that so that you can buy stuff with namecheap through your own affiliate to get a rebate of sorts – it really wouldn't impact them since they're not losing anything and it's the same as being on someone else's referral since they'd be paid out too.

  3. says

    The affiliate payment is only on the first sale so it wouldn't be possible – I assume most people who join Namecheap have purchased at least one domain through them.

    I don't think this is the kind of affiliate del where you would concentrate a huge amount of resources to push it, but for a little incidental income, you can't complain if you have been recommending Namecheap to people anyway.

    I know some people only look at the $ they can earn in affiliate marketing, I prefer to recommend products irrespective of the earning potential that have value.

  4. pivet85 says

    NameCheap is a big company an affiliate program could boost the company take it to the next step and who knows would be the next go daddy compettitor

    • says

      Considering your niche, I would probably look to using someone like,,, or though you could run it privately using an affiliate script.