Comments Policy How To

Ezine Articles are in the process of implementing a new comments policy for their blog, and the good part is that they are also removing nofollow from the comments.

I love Ezine Articles, and the blog is one I read “religiously”. Bloggers can learn an awful lot from Article Marketing, and in fact I recommend that all bloggers also use article marketing especially when they have a new blog with low readership.

Optiniche has one of the best guides for creating a comments policy.

My own comments policy was prompted by Optiniche rather than inspired, though I have followed a lot of the general framework.

I rarely get human posted spam comments, and Spam Karma captures all the automated comments flawlessly.

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  1. says

    I’ve had a comments policy from day one, and it’s worked well (knock on wood). I never even thought about the “nofollow” in comments until you mentioned it. I agree, Spam Karma has caught most of the spam, and I rarely (if ever) get human entered link spam.

    I’m going to consider turning off the nofollow, too.