UK Internet Marketing Castrated | SI (3429 of 2006)

I regret to inform you that this is serious news, and if you run your business from the UK, and have a website, this probably affects you.

It affects you even more, and places you at a serious competitive disadvantage, if you are involved with Niche or Internet Marketing, in topics you don’t want your competitors knowing about, especially if click-fraud attacks are a danger.

2006 No. 3429
The Companies (Registrar, Languages and Trading Disclosures)
Regulations 2006
Made – – – – 20th December 2006
Laid before Parliament 21st December 2006
Coming into force – – 1st January 2007

From SI (3429 of 2006)

Oops, It is Already In Force

This seems to have slipped in over the Christmas period and no one is talking about it, at least on the internet. I don’t have access to UK TV news stations regularly.

I found out about this on LinkedIn Answers – (login required to see original)

Here is the question from the LinkedIn Answers section plus the contact details of the person who posted it.

It was posted as a question on their new answers service by Mandy Webster a Legal Services Consultant and Contractor

Here is the content of the question

Are you aware of new required content for websites and email?

From 1 January 2007 a new SI (3429 of 2006) clarifies that websites and emails must carry full company registration details, that is full legal title, registered office address and registration number. So emails are now designated as ‘business letters’ for all you company secretaries!

The SI was sort of sneaked in towards the end of December and came in with very short notice but I have not seen much press coverage so far.

This seems to affect Ltd companies and up, so if you are a sole proprietor it might not affect you.

If you only have a few central websites, it isn’t going to be a major deal to comply. If you have 100s or 1000s it might represent a major problem.

It represents a problem if you are trying to keep your niche sites covert, to reduce competition.

There is probably a suitable way you can use my Disclosure Policy Plugin to link through to contact details. Remember this applies to emails. RSS feeds are sent via email subscriptions and if you use Feedburner, currently you can’t add an address to the emails sent.

In my opinion this is a bigger deal than the recent ftc problems.

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  1. says

    The enforceability of this might be pretty low, given the sheer volume of non-compliance that is likely. There are a few prominent UK blackhats discussing this on Syndk8 and the takeaway there seems to be a shkying away from getting new domains while ignoring changes for existing domains.

    I can’t imagine having to do this myself (in the U.S.), so I don’t envy the hassle. Although, you can turn this into a positive — how many on-the-fence prospects know about the change? Work that into your sales pitch.

  2. says

    Wow, this can really limit the freedom of people who are just starting up their internet marketing career. It must have been tough for everyone out there in UK.


  1. […] Uk Laws and US Businesses – Today, 07:16 AM I am busy struggling on how I am going to comply with the new UK legislation squeezed in before Christmas, and effective almost immediately. Full details are here UK Internet Marketing Castrated | SI (3429 of 2006) – Andy Beard At the same time, I am feeling at least slightly annoyed that a lot of weight is placed on UK businesses having to comply with US regulations especially the FTC if we want to do business with US customers, yet no emphasis is currently placed on the reverse, other than maybe accessibility. Under the UK and Euro rules, it is thought a contact form isn’t enough, you have to supply a real email address, provide full contact details and company registration numbers on all websites and emails. I have even seen it mentioned that a P.O Box is not sufficient for a real physical address. Will the FTC come into line, or will US companies have to comply regardless if they are accepting business from the EU or UK? Andy Beard – WordPress Plugins – Disclosure Policy Plugin […]