Google Come Between Me & My Loved Ones

Have Google changed the way they handle Double or Indented Listings, removing them from some SERPs from some datacenters?

I love my double or indented listings, but it was not to be.

We have been together for a long time, but fate has determined that at least for the present, we must separate.

The Google giveth, and The Google taketh away

Andy Beard - Google

For my site, on a search term such as “Andy Beard” the second listing doesn’t make a huge amount of sense unless it is a fresh post, as most people would be just doing a navigational query.
Maybe in the future Google would add a most recent post as a replacement.

I am not sure this is new or normal, I don’t spend a huge amount of time studying US SERPs recently, and in Poland I still have an indent.

I highlighted the paid results because I have also recently noticed the linked page appearing higher in my SERPs for Andy Beard. IMReportCard at least attempt to write something useful, though I am not sure their writers have enough specialist knowledge to delve into SEO topics and I have noticed that the financial incentive to post one fo the first 3 reviews often encourages people who haven’t got a clue to write really flimsy reviews.
All the reviews are intended to be factual, without expressing a specific opinion, and are written by their staff. They say they are not going to use affiliate links for the products, and have added some Adsense to cover the cost of paying for reviews, comments and other participation. Interestingly enough, you also earn credits for all your referral’s activities.
I have seen a few negative comments, so it might not be heavily moderated, though it is hard to determine the ownership of the site which I think should be more transparent.

It would be great if I could use a referral link to link through to my review on IMReportCard – they would get a lot more deep links with anchor text that way.

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  1. daniel_mcskelly says

    I just lost sitelinks on a site that's had them for more than 18 months too (though retained the indent/2nd result)…certainly seems like they've dialed up the amount you need to be a clear leader by.

  2. says

    We have noticed that a few of our indented results have gone away in the past few days. Seems that many of our competitors have as well. Additionally, many of the local ten pack listings have gone away in my area where they were present previously. I prefer organic results.