Stompernet 999 Conspiracy Theories & Scam Thread

Over the last few months there have been a number of changes within Stompernet that have caused lots of heated discussions around the blogosphere, Twitter and a number of forums.
Various documents have been passed around, promoted through contact forms including my own, and there was tons of speculation.

Andy Jenkins Left Stompernet, and explained why.

Various “concerned internet citizens” thought there was more to the story and went digging, and then making as many people aware of the documents as they could.

Note: I am not going to accuse anyone of being “trolls” or trying to fan the flames, and I don’t really want to go into whether anyone really has the right to know or discuss these things on open forums.

Ultimately Andy Jenkins made a response he probably didn’t have to make, but certainly lays a lot of ghosts to rest.

Why this post?

I will be exploring the reasons why I have decided to promote the Stomper 999 launch in some detail, but at the same time I knew that just mentioning Stompernet would encourage caring internet denizens to emerge and make people aware of the preceding couple of months of gossip.

This post is intended to be a way to “segment” dirty laundy, assure my readers I am aware of the situation, and the direct contact I have with both Brad & Andy over the last month or so has never suggested that these statements by Andy were in any way disputed.

If at any time I feel that comments are heading out of control, are disrespectful, incoherent, rambling, scaremongering, slanderous or just shouldn’t be here for any reason at my own discretion, I will moderate heavily, ban, block, or even just eradicate the whole post.

Here is what I commented over on Andy Jenkins new blog:-

So glad all the “interested observers” will hopefully stop sending me links to PDFs hoping I would mention something and should it happen in my comments I will have something definitive to point people to read.

The irony is that this is all about a company and team of people that is a huge success because they do so many things right.

To be 100% honest, whilst you could spend hours reading both of the long posts by Andy Jenkins, and all the discussion including comments by Brad and at least half of the Stompernet faculty, you could just take my word for it that this stuff is now water under the bridge, Brad & Andy are still friends, and Andy is partying in San Diego on Brad’s money.

Any discussion in other posts regarding Stompernet & Stomper 999 regarding Stompernet changes will just be deleted without any warning.

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  1. says

    Thanks Andy. I really appreciate you coming forward and making this statement. Since I have known Brad and Andy before Stompernet was established, I knew that they would always be friends. I think people just like to gossip or over sensationalize things to sell their own products.
    I have a lot of respect for you in making this post and wish you all the best.
    Joyce Brister

    • says

      Thanks for being the first to comment, I think I scared off all the concerned citizens of the web.

      I had brief contact with them before Stompernet, but lots of things happen in 3 years. Ultimately I felt I had to make a some kind of statement as the question would be raised, plus “I know SEO” in large part due to them and other faculty members, and it would be a crying shame not to outrank all the naysayers with the truth.

      That being said, I don’t like Google’s current algorithms as I certainly didn’t expect this post to be ranking so well for “Stompernet” on its own.
      I need to push up at least a second listing, which is why I just spent a long time on my split-testing post.