You Can’t Segment RSS… Sorry

Well actually you can as you could with the now defunct Feedmagic service that I evangelised 3 years ago as something that would be killed off by Google and the growing popularity of RSS sharing with Google Reader.

Google Reader still:-

  • Doesn’t support simple HTTP authentication so you can use RSS for private stuff
  • Doesn’t provide a mechanism so content producers can restrict sharing stuff

This is important… if you want to provide premium content from a membership site in a form that is most accessible for your subscribers.

It is even important for anyone using stock photos with a contract/license limited to a certain number of views for which you are personally liable. If you allow people to share blog posts that contain stock photos, it is a significant financial risk… but I am not a lawyer.

But segmentation? Not unless every subscriber had a unique feed… Feed Magic had it

In theory you could also segment private feeds provided by membership software such as Your Members, but that is complex customization.
And of course you would want your multi-modal marketing efforts – RSS, Twitter, Email, Video etc to all be somehow within. the same interface so you could segment based upon various content interaction.

If you have 5 different people who shared a segmented RSS feed, which was personalised, you would be in all kinds of problems – the viewing and click data would be useless… plus there are privacy concerns.

I Am About To Hammer My RSS Feed

I am sorry, blame Google
Blame the people who supported and evangelised sharing of RSS rather than exploring ways that it could be used to make it more personal, valuable and ultimately important in people’s lives.
RSS could be more than just reading blogs… there is no such thing as RSS spam – it is opt-in only.

There will be a percentage of my readers that will appreciate what I will be reviewing extensively over the next week or so, Stomper 999, including offering a significant bonus as soon as the site goes live.

Stomper 999 isn’t just about training… there are some nifty new tools as well, plus a few old favorites.

There are also likely to be 1000s of people looking (via search engines) for solid information about what is on offer, and I believe I can give some significant insight whether or not they feel my bonus offer is the one they are going to pounce on.
Syndication of my RSS feed helps people find my content.

You may have already seen something about the Stomper 999 launch – it has been spammed all over twitter, there has been chat on a number of forums, and a few people have already been hammering their mailing lists… at least those who don’t segment their email lists extensively.

If you haven’t.. it is worth checking out, and you will hear a lot more over the next few days, and that will include multiple blog post form me, many of which will contain useful insight.

I am also going to intersperse a few rants and unique tips for variety.

I apologise in advance if you are someone who believes everything should be free – information, tools, consulting time etc, or if you can’t budget to invest a little more in your business (I am a strong believer in only investing profits in your online education). If you can’t really afford something, don’t buy it… or do as I often do and be highly selective in where you invest your money.

If you have seen rumours about the new Stompernet pricing, the rumours are true, and it is a lot more affordable, and in many ways the offer at the new significantly lower price point is better than when you had to invest $800/month.

It will be a Mafia Offer – an offer too good to refuse, and one I can’t think of anyone who can honestly compete with it.

No I am not going to tell you how much just yet… affiliates have been asked not to reveal pricing, though I am not going to be the one leaking it.

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