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Zenrob has been checking his MyBlogLog stats to see how much traffic MyBlogLog is actually bringing him. His conclusion is 6 percent of unique visitors.

Checking my own stats the results are actually very similar.

I started using MyBlogLog on November 21st 2006.

Since that time I have had 2936 referred visitors, of which MyBlogLog accounted for 228 or 7.8%

It should be noted that some of those are repeat visitors as a few people use MyBlogLog as a way of browsing blogs,

This doesn’t account for various forms of direct visitors that MyBlogLog doesn’t seem to pick up.

Google Analytics gives me

Visits: 3,292
Pageviews: 6,948

25% of my total traffic are repeat visitors
26% of my traffic comes from Google, with a large percentage of that being long-tail search results.

I have actually had a total of over 1300 different referrers during this time

On a blog with a RSS feed, that isn’t the whole story. Feed Readers cache the pages they fetch, and my feeds are picked up from Feedburner. Readers don’t have to visit your blog to read your content. That is one major readon to use a service like Feed Burner for their statistics.

Here are some more interesting facts.

I am a heavy tagger, but MyBlogLog provides me with twice as much traffic as Technorati.

Technorati provides me with 40% more traffic than Google Blog Search

I have had more traffic from TheGoodBlogs (73 visitors) than Technorati and a similar amount of visitors have left by them (75)

It is a shame that I can’t add a zero to some of these stats, but then I don’t write about Paris Hilton, and my posts are not Digg Bait.

As Mike Sansone frequently points out, MyBlogLog brings in a fair amount of high quality traffic.

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  1. says

    I as well get lots of traffic from mybloglog on my blog. There aer many bloggers community available today on the internet, but mybloglog is the biggest and most popular of all

  2. says

    Interesting.. I’ve joined mybloglog for some time but I haven’t got any significant traffic out of them.

    Wish you have your own guide on how to bring more traffic from mybloglog :)

  3. roezer says

    I got a Little traffic from them but the thing is people join communities but do not keep in contact with them.Or maybe they join but do not visit the site and don't know what it's about.Also there is people asking for links to a site that has notting to do with yours.