Stomper 999 – Why Now Andy?

The reasons I am promoting Stompernet 999 cover a multitude of deep themes within my own blogging, not just SEO and other forms of optimization, but also my future startup, any product I produce in the future, and my desire to help people the best way I can.

Somewhere down the list I am also going to mention money but when you do the math, and then look at the way my bonus is structured, I will effectively be creating the closest thing to a J.O.B. I have experienced for the last 8 years.

I Have Loved The Concept Of Stompernet for 3 Years

I ate up every moment of their initial launch almost 3 years ago, it was a big deal for me, and I even toyed with the idea that I would one day be on the faculty.

If you gather together enough people who have exceptional online marketing skills, who can also teach, the chances of making a significant impact on the lives of 100s of people, potentially thousands is magnified.

At the time it was a little out of my reach and would have wiped out a large chunk of my cashflow on which I depended to keep profitable Adwords campaigns running.

However I also knew that my primary reason for joining wasn’t necessarily the training – I already had my startup germinating in my brain, and it was something that could benefit Stompernet customers.

I Am A Marketing Geek

I might not be a rocket scientist like Leslie Rohde, a scientist like Andy Ed, or even my good friend Tim Nash, and I can’t dig into patents like David Harry and Bill Slawski – but I am still a geek.

If a large chunk of the people you admire are members of a certain club, it is certainly a place you would consider joining.

Whilst Stompernet isn’t a club per se, it has become an “institution of Internet Marketing” in a remarkably short time and the people there translate geeky stuff into words and video normal people can understand.

I Am Joining Stompernet… Finally

The last time I promoted the main Stompernet course I built up a significant amount of interest, and totally threw away any chance I had of signing up a few referrals by posting just as I launched a list of the reasons why I wasn’t joining.

I still have a copy of it – I believe a few people might have mistakenly read it and though that it was in some way a negative review of Stompernet. Far from it, I hold them in great esteem.

You see I have always believed that the natural extension to Stompernet was providing state-of-the-art tools – in fact when they first launched there was some kind of syndication network available. I am not sure if that is still in there, or has morphed into something bigger and greater.

Also the FreeIQ video marketing platform in some ways encroaches into areas I want to persue.

I have always placed my startup in a “protected zone” – anything that in some way could harm it, I have avoided, and that at least in my own mind has included what could be looked on as “Foreign Intellectual Property Contamination” – I really wanted to be able to claim as much as possible that what I was creating was proprietary and 100% the fruit of my own labour.

Likewise I like to blog about things other blogs don’t – if I wrote a blog post about how to optimize the title of a blog post, people would be shocked and possibly think I out-sourced it. It is not my kind of content.

If I don’t have something original to write about, I generally don’t write anything, and it is restrictive enough having access to data from the few clients I have worked with over the last few years that could surprise people.

This time around it seems like 90% of SEOs who blog about anything the least bit interesting are now members of multiple private SEO sites. You also have people releasing SEO tools after having access to other people’s proprietary SEO tools.
To be quite honest, I think a lot of that really sucks, but I doubt the new copycats are anywhere close to the competition.
Also if tools are combined with training, and you need the tools to maintain a competitive edge, it is hard to resist.

If I had access to the Stompernet archives, I would always been concerned about whether what I blog about is in some way something I learned from them that might be considered proprietary.


I first conceived my startup plans 4 years ago, and whilst they have mutated a fair chunk and there has been massive feature creep, the synergies with what Stompernet do are so strong, you can almost taste them.

To be honest when I first heard about the new launch, and that there would be a number of new tools introduced, whilst on one hand I thought my startup had finally been killed, on the other I was straining at the bit to see what they had come up with.
You see the SAAS I want to create are because they are what I would personally want to use. Some of the features encompass things I have blogged about, and some of the things I blog about are because I would be over the moon if someone implemented them. It would remove some of the feature creep that is weighing down any chance I have of self-funding or even Angel/VC funding, as they are looking for single solutions to problems.

e.g. I am not going to go out to create a new RSS reader and I would love an email service provider to finally provide all the features I am looking for, even if it partially limits the footprint of what I want to achieve.

In many ways the synergies are stronger than ever.

So I Asked Brad… Directly

I spelled all this out in an email to Brad, and have confirmation that there wouldn’t be a problem joining

Being a member is important, as without being a member, it is hard to compete in the pending Stomper 999 bonus battle.

Hang around… there will be something about bonuses coming up, as well as some reviews rants and unique tips

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