The Power Of Blogging Reciprocity

The relationships you can build in blogging are often more valuable than you can allocate a monetary value.

I have just been joking a little with Jack Humphrey on twitter about outranking him for his own product.. yet again, and toying with the idea of making it a double listing.
The first thing Jack did when he read my post was promote it to his Twitter followers.

Link building within a niche isn’t hard if you build a relationship with other bloggers, and if you can’t send a significant amount of traffic with a link, you can always resort to social media such as Stumbleupon, especially if they have linked to you as then you can build up the value of that link.

Another blogging friend is Alex, who just relaunched his Expert WordPress training and Blog Installer.

I have had access to his site for the last year along with access to regular webinars, something I encouraged him to do when he first launched, and I was also lined up to take part in one but life (my adopted son) overtook a large chunk of my online activities. That is an obligation I mean to correct in the future.

Alex’s blog package is a solid offering (it is free) and the installer looks to be a real time saver. I haven’t tested that aspect as I don’t currently have any hosting using Cpanel. It includes not only the usual SEO tweaks, but security as well.

With Alex’s Installer he can fully install a WP blog with a load of plugins and security fixes in 3 minutes.

If you find the free installer useful, don’t forget to give Alex a link and start building a relationship with or without an affiliate link (I chose without)

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  1. J. Romano Jr. says

    I wish it were so easy to develop relationships via a blog. If I have one comment for every 10 blog posts, I’m ready to do cartwheels. Of course, mine’s a business-related blog but I often wonder if it’s worth my time and effort to keep it up… my blog, that is.

    • says

      It certainly isn’t worth much effort link building to unless the site is made a little more SEO friendly.

      You also have the option to guest blog elsewhere, for links and traffic, and also to build relationships

  2. brian t. stratton says

    Andy, you are obviously a master at this stuff, so I have a question for you if you have a quick second to answer a blog amateurs question……

    Your website has a PR of 5…..youve done great…… If I post this comment on your blog, will I get a link with a power of PR 5? A program I have says this page I am currrently on posting this comment has a PR of N/A. How does this work?

    Thank you so much for your expertise !

    • says

      Hi Brian

      The PageRank you see in the toolbar (Toolbar PageRank TBPR) is just a rough approximation taken as a snapshot by Google anything up to 3 or 4 months ago. Thus new pages most often have nothing visible.

      That being said you have to link to quality sites, and add real value when commenting – and not stuff your comments full of links.

      Here is a direct link to a very useful post over on the Stompernet blog regarding commenting software and bringing value to the conversation

      Look at the first comment – it is from me and I made sure it added a lot of value (though I wish I could edit a couple of typos)

      It demonstrated I was a subject expert, it added value to the blog post and overall conversation, and sent me a fair amount of traffic.

      You have linked to a single page website that is keyword-stuffed to the gills, and a site that is inaccessible to me.

      Whilst I am sure you are legitimate, you need to work on expanding your site content rather than keyword stuffing a single page – your site is something a Google engineer would love to use as a bad example.

      I think you would benefit from what Stompernet has to offer, and encourage you to check out my bonus

      I have left one link in place, but I encourage you to fix the site – you will gain a lot more value from whatever Google traffic you do receive that way, and Google will like your site a lot more.

      • brian t. stratton says


        First of all, thank you for all your constructive critisism. That site is actually just the beginning of what will be a totally in-depth website for my landscape design business. You can look at two of my websites that show how much content, etc. I can bring to those who find my websites…. here they are, not linked up…, and I created as a way to experiment with some SEO techniques I recently discovered. Much of the content will be the same as

        Thank you for that resource, and I will spend some time to investigate….

        Back to my original question….. So the reason many blogs have an N/A is because they are not yet pageranked by Google…they are too new? So what if it is an older blog…a few months old and still has an N/A?

        Is the bottom line that you can ignore the PR of the index page, and you will only get a the link power of actual URL that you posted your comment on?

        Thanks again for your thorough response….

        Warm Regard, Brian Stratton

        • says

          You need to be really careful on some of the techniques

          I managed to access using an anonymous proxy, so there might be something in your firewall settings blocking Poland.

          Just because a page doesn’t show a visible PageRank doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any – PageRank is all about the relationship between pages, and all pages get a little bit of PageRank just because they exist.

          If you have an older site that is 6 months old without any visible PageRank, I would question the quality and number of links.

          Also be aware that pages nearer to the home page in navigation tend to have more PageRank though it all depends on both internal linking structures, and external links.

          Will drop you an email with another good reference that I wouldn’t necessarily want to draw attention to your experiments

          • says

            The biggest value from commenting is building up a conversation with blog owners.

            Sure, my readers who become a regular commenter gain some benefit, but that is mine to give and I set the bar fairly high (10 comments) due to abuse.

            The thing to remember is that my pages rank for a long time, and people read the comments and respond – quite often other experts will jump in and add real value that far exceeds the benefit of a few links.

    • says

      Hi Evan

      I might be in a slightly different situation to most, as I am out in the rural parts of Poland, thus the majority of my relationships (for business) are made online – but that is the power of the internet, that you can run a business from virtually anywhere.

      That being said, I do get out in the world once in a while, and I have used trips back to the UK and across the pond to strengthen relationships.

        • says

          Get to know people in your niche
          Have a real opinion
          Link out & join the conversation
          Write content that people want to link to or respond
          Try to be at least a little entertaining
          Try to relate to at least one segment of your target audience

  3. says

    It can certainly go beyond link building value. I know the few that commonly exchange with are always digging each others posts, or stumbling. They also make an easy source for guest bloggers.

  4. Ottawa Marketing says

    Hi Andy,
    As I am reading other comments posted, I am also learning from your thorough explanation for some questions especially the careful posting in order to get the target audience.

    I am grateful that i read your blog with regards to “The Power Of Blogging Reciprocity”, It’s really great .

  5. Paul Tomlinson says

    My blog often sees 30 comments that have something to do with online pharmaceuticals for every 1 decent comment that relates to my site.

  6. says

    Hi Andy,

    As I see it the problem is when you begin and you can’t offer a real value to the other blogger as your blog doesn’t bring much traffic at that time.

    What do you recommend for beginners?


  7. Jen says

    I’m pretty new on the internet and I just launched my business a couple of months back. I often hear blogging from my friends and they told me its effective. But searching for related blogs online give me MILLIONS of results so I don’t know if I can ever beat those competition.

    But your idea sounds good. I’m new to SEO as well so I hope I can achieve a good ranking in the coming months.

  8. Rosamund Parker says

    Hey! It is really great that blogging helps you in building long term relationships, so can you please tell me how is possible, I mean how to create my blog for effective relationships..

  9. Ana Hoffman says


    I’ve read the post and thought “interesting” and then read the comments and was Wowed by you. No wonder people come back to your blog – you are there for your readers. Thank you.

    Here is my new attraction marketing blog if anybody is up for giving out advice

  10. says

    I have only just recently come to the realization of the importance of having good relationships with other bloggers. I really believe that you can’t be a truly successful blogger without it but then again isn’t that a little like life in general.

    • says

      You need to build relationships if you want to be a hub, rather than a spoke… or just a dirt clod stuck to the wheel that eventually will be washed away.