Stomper 999 – Stompernet Bonus

Stomper 999 is a strange launch, at least by modern standards in the Internet Marketing Niche.

  • Squeeze page for a couple of weeks
  • A few rumours
  • A few leaks of info after a seminar
  • A few leaks on information after an affiliate conference
  • The shopping cart opened on launch day and THEN they are going to drive home the message with tons more free content

But you can buy now

For me Brad’s new “Mafia Offer” is a nobrainer but lets look at some of what I heard

The new tools package

  • Full version Market Samurai
  • WYSIWYG Taguchi testing (Software as a Service / Hosted – up to 100,000 views free)10/12/2009 I have removed StomperStorm from the list as it seems to have been delayed indefinately.
  • Shopping cart (some additonal fees apply)
  • Twitter Storm – custom version of People Browser
  • SEO Qast – I think this is a desktop video/article syndication tool
  • Full $97/month version of Traffic Geyser (Update: I have been told that whilst this was the information initially given to affiliates, the exact configuration of the accounts won’t be exactly the same as the $97 Traffic Geyser subscription – We will need to wait until it is officially unveiled
  • Article Syndication network of 17000 sites
  • SMS/Text IM Twitter Email system
  • PDX system with 800 number webconferencing etc (some additional fees can apply)
  • Review System – not exactly sure, but a way to get reviews on Google local, with cards being sent to clients to fill out, pop in the mail and the details are added to local

Plus as far as I know all the current Stompernet training is also available which is really worth thousands of dollars.

There are a few upsells and additional fees on some of the items, but it is the promised Mafia offer, that no one in the industry can come close to matching.

Before I mention exactly what I have as a bonus, here is a little testimonial from one of my avid readers

Brad Fallon
You’re better at spotting issues (and proposing solutions) than anyone I know — so please consider yourself to have an open line to me on any issues you see or have. I’m sure we’ll have a ton as we start rolling things out. Just give me a chance to fix it before you blast us on your blog! :-)

I haven’t found any major issues that haven’t been fixed with what I was playing around with, the Taguchi testing “Stomper Storm” package, and this was a more general comment about what I cover on my blog than specific to new Stompernet products. Brad has been reading my blog for years… by email.

Who Is Andy Beard?

andysquare80x80 I am a real guy (not a fake pseudonym) living in rural Poland – so rural in fact that when we moved into my new house we didn’t have a telephone connected for internet access for 4 months, even though the local exchange box was at the bottom of our 7200m2 garden.

House and Plumbing

That was taken just over 2 years ago, the house is pretty much finished now, other than landscaping, the pool and the 3rd bathroom.

View Larger Map

Marketing Credentials

Somehow I can count many of the top online gurus as direct contacts… even though I have never created floods of sales for them during product launches, and I have never released my own product in the internet marketing niche.

Somehow I have also gained the respect of a large number of people in the SEO community (there is rarely a cross-over), and here are some of the accollades I have picked up for my SEO articles (often based on topics Stompernet teaches)

2009 SEMMY Nominee
PageRank Is The Primary Google Search Ranking Factor
Site Structure – SEOs Going Fishing Without Any Bait

2008 SEMMY Runner-UpSEO Linking Gotchas Even The Pros Make

2008 SEMMY Nominee
Dancing With The Gevil – Defamed By Google?
Digg Favorites Slapped By Google
Optimizing HTML Links In The Aftermath Of A Blog Storm

Whilst these rankings tend to fluctuate a fair amount, I am almost always highly placed on almost every “Top Blog” listing related to online marketing.

I could also write about how I helped grow a games company in Poland from 5 employees to 100+, publishing one of the first CD-ROMs on the Polish market, or the family offline apparel business that has been trading for over 20 years.

My biggest achievement has to be every day I spend with my 2 year old adopted son, and my biggest failing is probably knowing that in a year he will probably speak Polish better than me, and English better than his mother.

Show Us The Deal Andy!

For a while I have been thinking of the perfect way to monetize this blog, and the credibility and relationships I have built up.

The obvious solution for me was:-

  • Create a value trojan – an insanely cheap $7/month membership for a few thousand people
  • Have a single upsell – $1000/month for 20 people as a limited form of consultation/mastermind – maybe 4hrs maximum per month, prepaid, use it or lose it.

The specialization? Ripping things apart, fixing things, proposing solutions

I haven’t ruled this out as a long-term monetization plan, it is a huge long-term time investment, though it would give me the funding I need for my startup if I was bootstrapping (it is a big project to bootstrap)

The Better Plan

Whilst the value trojan would help lots of people, I wouldn’t be able to give enough help to the people who need it, and a consultant to the “gurus” would be solving problems of “gurus”, helping the rich get richer.

My long-term projects could certainly benefit from lots of “normal” testimonials

So here is what I am going to do even though it will be as close to a J.O.B. I have been in the last 7 years

This Offer Is Limited To 100 People

That is actually the hard line – it is not workable beyond that – whilst there are some digital components to this offer, it can’t scale beyond 100 people, and the financial reward is pretty much what I could easily earn just working as an SEO consultant.

Stompernet includes so much existing training, the chances of you having time to consume any additional standard “bonus fare” is remote, so I hope you don’t go looking for the biggest $$$ sign bonuses of things you will never read.

My bonus is specific to the product

  • 1hr/month for 3 months of adhoc “Emergency Issue Consultation” & “Problem Solving” orchestrated through Huddle or Basecamp – I will actually set up a new project for each bonus purchaser and you will be able to call on me to help solve problems, test products etc. – it will be limited to what I can confidently advise you on, and if I don’t know, I don’t know and will tell you.
  • Some additional adhoc web conferences for smaller groups when there is some additional insight to share
  • Whilst I don’t want to make a huge bullet point about it, I also have a few private WordPress plugins that you will gain access to on an ongoing basis from a private area on this blog, that will include StomperStorm Taguchi integration just to speed things up even more, and some new SEO plugins (I have a nofollow evaporating PageRank solution for WordPress already to go)

I honestly don’t know how to put a value on this bonus, as it will really depend on the individual.

I don’t do consulting – if I did my hourly rate would have to be in the region of $100 – $200, but then I would also have significant expenses, travel time to meet clients etc.

Even a few years ago I could charge $250 just for a blog post about a company, and many willingly paid that sum, not for links but for the value of the feedback. I always looked on it as undervaluing my own time, a token gesture for the 5+ hours I often spent on writing an article.

But writing articles isn’t efficient use of my time – raw evaluations can be provided in private, and in some way provided more efficiently, with screen capture tools etc.

The value one company has received from my help could easily be looked on as $50,000+ for every hour I spent.

Stompernet is available at various levels and price points – in my own mind it would be a little insulting to offer some kind of scaled table here stating how much you have to spend to receive a specific bonus.

The aim of my bonus is to give you someone you can call on when you need help who can brainstorm with you to achieve a solution quickly. I can make almost any topic less confusing whether you are a programmer trying to understand marketing or SEO, or a business guy trying to establish an online business and can’t speak any geek.

It is in my best interests for you to remain a successful Stompernet memebr, to ensure you never leave, and to in someway magnify the Stompernet “You Are Not Alone”.

Magpies – All That Glitters Does Not Shine

There will be some huge $$$ figure bonuses for Stompernet by “all the regular gurus” – if they interest you, great – I wish you every success trying to debug their software, consume their content and battling their support systems.

I Am Not Doing This To Get Rich

In fact in many ways I am heavily discounting my own time to get valuable feedback from people who are serious about their online business.
Think of it as one step above an “Ask Campaign” or polling my readers.

I am going to leverage the feedback, testimonials and maybe even some of the content into other projects that will be more financially rewarding.

I am allocating the majority of any affiliate commissions to development of tools to help you with your marketing, and you will gain access for free or as near to cost as is possible.
Even if only 20 people take up my offer, I expect to spend at least 40 hrs per month working with people who take up this offer and on things inside Stompernet (forums etc)

This is the link to use:-

I’m Buying Stompernet From Andy Beard

If you have any questions about this offer, here is my contact page
My Skype details are there as always, I am very accessible if you have any questions
Oh, and via this Stompernet offer I will even have a US #800 phone number soon.

Ask Andy About Stompernet Bonus

For a limited time I have also set up a number of chat widgets so you can ask me a question directly here on my bonus page

My status

100% Conversion Rate

Everyone who has contacted me regarding purchasing Stompernet has either purchased through my link, or decided not to purchase Stompernet at all, but wants to somehow hire me or join any membership site I create in the future.

If you have any reservations, I urge you to contact me – I can answer all your questions honestly, and give you a taste of some of the support you will be receiving.

Claiming Your Bonus

After you sign up, drop me a note via my contact form just in case I can’t get your details from the affiliate interface. It is not unknown for Infusionsoft to have problems with order notifications, and I can’t automate bonus delivery.

I won’t be counting time until things settle down for the launch, so the bonus support will last all the way through to the end of the Christmas holidays.

There won’t be a huge delay in getting things set up, though I am human and I occasionally go to sleep.

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  1. says

    I purchased StomperNet in the past. There launches may not seem ordinary, but to thats what makes them such hot sellers. If anyone is serious I would highly recommend Stompernet. Its well worth the investment.

  2. says

    The advice Andy gave me in his introductory email before I ever even bought anything from him was more valuable then any so called expert advice I had gotten to date. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the Stomper launch but knowing that Andy will be there to help me implement everything has made me confident to invest in Stompernet. I would not have bought Stompernet were it not for Andy’s bonus offer and added value.


  3. Raza says

    Hey Andy,

    What do you think of Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies creating their own program, in addition to Jerry West and Andy Jenkins leaving StomperNet? I’m split between joining the new StomperNet and joining SEO BrainTrust of Leslie and Dan. What do you think?


    • says

      I cut my SEO teeth learning from Leslie Rohde and have grown to respect Dan Thies a lot over the last few year – I even pimped his link liberation stuff without even wondering whether there is an affiliate program.
      Andy Jenkins… damn he is good at video and I know a lot of very talented film makers in the UK

      To be honest I know a lot less about Jerry… there is only so much you can follow online, and the more restricted access information is, the more I shy away from it.

      All that aside

      A ton of their content remains within the Stompernet portal – it is quite a legacy plus Dan & Leslie are still in some way on the faculty although exactly what their contribution will be going forward… who knows?

      Rich Schefren teaches about founders and building a business that can function as a business, and not revolving around a single person or group of people. I think many are underestimating what many of the new faculty bring to the table that adds in many ways more to Stompernet than those who have moved on could continue to contribute.

      The tools which are now part of Stompernet add a totally new dimension and hopefully significant stickiness. Brad has always been a master of leverage.

      It is also important to think of the 80:20 rule and Stompernet’s core membership – there is only so much SEO stuff you can put into practice before you need to be an expert programmer rather than a business owner, and the return on investment for time invested in learning it would be significantly less, unless you want to be an SEO by profession or have grown large enough to have many full time programmers.

  4. says

    Andy, thanks for helping me out of my problems. For some reason a Scott Kublin is verifying your emails and replying to stuff we discussed earlier in the week. I don’t want to get emails from him which are your copied emails, so I hope I can get rid of that.

    You have been great and look forward to keeping in touch.

    Chris Winkler

  5. says

    Hey Andy,
    I had already signed up for Stompernet, and I mistakenly didn’t sign up for The Net Effect and I have tried to go back and subscribe but it won’t let me. Do you know how to correct this?


  6. says

    Czesc* Andy. That is a seriously attractive offer.

    “my biggest failing is probably knowing that in a year he will probably speak Polish better than me, and English better than his mother.”

    How is that a failing?! Aren’t we supposed to bring our children up to do better than we did? Go easier on yourself Andy – good for you bringing up a truly international child and helping to bring the world together.

    And thank you for the heads-up about the free STSE2!


    * your blog won’t accept Polish characters! :)