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Before Christmas I was actually tagged twice for the 5 things about you meme, and didn’t have time to respond.

First of all by Teli, and then by Eve

So here is my response, and as I can’t think of suitable 5 people to add to the list, I am going to play meme-pong and fire the z-list back at them ;)

5 things about me

1. Currently my real surname is Cie?li?ski-Beard in about half my legal documents, but my wife and I are currently in the process of changing both of our surnames to just “Beard” mainly because…
2. We are about 14 months into the adoption process, having been on a waiting list for 12 months, and then 12 weeks of special training have been completed. We decided it will be easier for our children to have to deal with just one surname, though my wife’s father doesn’t know the “line” for his surname is disappearing. It wasn’t my choice.
3. Before I had my first computer, I used to spend 2 hours every night programming on a Sinclair ZX81 in a shop (W.H.Smiths). Every night they switched the power off, and there was no way to save what I had written, so the next day I would start from the beginning again from written down notes. After a few months my parents purchased a BBC Micro Model “B” which in those days was fairly state-of-the-art for a home computer.
4. In 1994 my telephone bill for internet and bulletin board access was about $400 per month. I was “blinking” directly to the cix service in the UK by international call 14400 baud, as it worked out cheaper than phoning long distance to Warsaw and only connecting at 2400 baud. The Polish phone system wasn’t capable of a better connection at the time, whereas my international connection was superb.
5. Last year a mouse ate my mouse – I am saving the details of that for another post (with photos)

The Z-List

Ann Handley wrote about the z-list about a week ago, but I am still catching up in my RSS reader.
Here is what Ann wrote about it

The second meme is the “Z-List,” created by Mack Collier. Mack also created the list of “Top 25 Marketing Blogs,” which he publishes faithfully every week. But he always struggled with the exclusionary aspect of the Top 25 list, and so on December 12 he had a thought:

Creative Think, Soloride, Movie Marketing Madness, Blog Till You Drop!, Get Shouty!, One Reader at a Time, Critical Fluff, The New PR, Own Your Brand!, OTOInsights, bizandbuzz, Work, in Plain English, Buzz Canuck, New Millenium PR, Pardon My French, Troy Worman’s Blog, The Instigator Blog, AENDirect, Diva Marketing, Marketing Hipster, The Marketing Minute, Funny Business, The Frager Factor, Mindblob, Open The Dialogue, Word Sell, Note to CMO:, That’s Great Marketing!, Shotgun Marketing Blog, BrandSizzle, bizsolutionsplus, Customers Rock!, Being Peter Kim, Pow! Right Between The Eyes! Andy Nulman’s Blog About Surprise, Billions With Zero Knowledge, Working at Home on the Internet, MapleLeaf 2.0,, Two Hat Marketing, The Engaging Brand, The Branding Blog, CrapHammer, Drew’s Marketing Minute, Golden Practices, Viaspire, Tell Ten Friends, Flooring the Consumer, Kinetic Ideas, Unconventional Thinking, Buzzoodle, Conversation Agent, Hee-Haw Marketing, Scott Burkett’s Pothole on the Infobahn, Multi-Cult Classics, Logic + Emotion, Branding & Marketing, Popcorn n Roses, On Influence & Automation, Bullshitobserver, Servant of Chaos, converstations, eSoup, Presentation Zen, Dmitry Linkov, aialone, John Wagner, Nick Rice, CKs Blog, Design Sojourn, Frozen Puck, The Sartorialist, Small Surfaces, Africa Unchained, Perspective, gDiapers, Marketing Nirvana, Bob Sutton, ¡Hola! Oi! Hi!, Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid!, Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together, Community Guy, Social Media on the fly, Jeremy Latham’s Blog, SMogger Social Media Blog,
And my personal entries
Confessions of an Everyday Housewife
Michel Fortin
Jessica Doyle

By the way, I love Michel’s Resolutions for 2007

Earn more. Work less. Enjoy better.

To those I would add, “share more”

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  1. says

    Thanks Andy for adding my site to your list. By the way, the snowflakes are a nice touch to your blog for the new year. We seem to be getting drenched in Vancouver as of late with these freak rain/wind storms.

    Telephone bills were so costly in Canada also during the mid-nineties. I can relate to the $400 dollars. I think sprint or something introduced the first unlimited long distance plan availble in NB, Canada. I was so happy that day.

    Best wishes on your upcoming adoption. :)

    I’m off to check some of these links you listed.

  2. says

    Can’t keep a graphics person away from the pictures for too long, so decided to visit your site in person instead of a feed reader. The content is great . . . and

    Love the snow flakes!!