UK & Euro Laws Apply to US Businesses?

It is taken as fact that a UK online business has to comply with US FTC regulations if that UK company is doing business with the US.

Surely if you are a US company, doing business with the UK, you should have to comply with UK regulations.

I am busy working out how I can comply with SI (3429 of 2006) as a niche marketer who doesn’t necessarily want to flag all his niche websites for his competition to go have a look.
It is not so straight forward, especially if you want to also allow people with disabilities equal access to the information.

I can see a situation sometime in the future of a tit-for-tat exchange, or for non-compliance with SI (3429 of 2006) being used as a legal argument to leverage decisions in UK courts.

As an example, could non-compliance be used to encourage help with complaints with Paypal?

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  1. says

    I have read the post on “UK & Euro Laws Apply to US Businesses?”. It is true that if a US company is doing business with UK, the US company will have to comply with the regulations of UK. Also as said above the legal arguments would also be discussed in UK Court by the lawyers.