How To Get Stompernet STSE2 100% Free No Credit Card

So a while back Stompernet had quite a crazy offer of their $497 Value Brand New SEO course as an ethical bribe for you to try out their Net Effect Magazine.

It was an amazingly successful offer, and I have heard (from memory) they shipped 18,000, though to be honest I am not sure whether that figure relates to the first “physical” offer on a DVD, or the more recent “digital” offer.

Either way, it is a product I look on as a solid foundation course in SEO, probably the best one available.

Today they are offering it for FREE

This is real FREE, no strings attached – no credit card required

Here’s what you’ll get immediate access to:

Stomping the Search Engines 2 – 7 Module Series – by Stomper SEO Faculty

7 Part Series:

  1. Google Analytics 100A: Installing Google Analytics – by Andy Edmonds
  2. Google Analytics 100B: Web Design Parameters – by Andy Edmonds
  3. Google Website Optimizer – by Andy Edmonds and David Bullock
  4. How to create Inputs for Your Test that Get Higher Response and Conversion – by David Bullock
  5. What to test to increase conversion rate – by David Bullock
  6. What to test now? Going in the right direction – by David Bullock
  7. Creating a Landslide of Leads – with a few special methods – by Don Crowther

How To Get Stompernet STSE2 100% Free No Credit Card


You will have to create a My Stompernet Account but that doesn’t prevent you at a later date from purchasing the full Stompernet through any affiliate link you choose – here is my Stompernet Bonus if you do decide to join.


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  1. Browserspieler says

    Dont waste much money like this $497!

    If the prices to high, choose other ways ;) Those ones who search, they’ll find some cheaper things ;) … normally

    • says

      It is normally helpful to read a little more of the post

      If the title says free, and everything else in the post suggests it is free, and I made a specific point to test the whole process to ensure it is free.. you can probably be fairly certain that this training is free, and it is far more effective than comment spamming.

  2. says

    hello yes the offers great, but most of the free stuff is not really needed, How successful is the system do you have any real case studies


    • says

      Bob the mistake you seem to be making with your store (though I wouldn’t class myself as an expert) is that you are only thinking about optimizing for SEO position, and not conversion.

      I hate shopping carts that require me to register on first transaction before actually ordering something – that adds friction. There are no trust marks, and the site whilst it might appeal to German tastes doesn’t look as modern as some of your higher priced competitors.

      In fact some of your competitors higher up the SERPs seem to have significantly higher prices, and they can probably achieve that because their sites look more professional, have more trust etc.

      In many ways your prices might even reduce trust… too cheap.

      If you want to highlight your prices and keep them low, why don’t you have them in your title?
      Also of note whilst they are not very important, and of no value to Google, your keyword meta tags have line-breaks as separators.

      The guys from Stompernet have real pedigree in eCommerce, with sites like and many others, and there were a lot of videos focusing on eCommerce design and conversion within the “free stuff” (including examples with live sites) that you are turning your nose up at.

      I think your link building tactics are a little short-term focused – recent change of ownership or recent new SEO hire since July?