Squidoo Zlist Under New Management

Ray Edwards, a copywriter I have a lot of respect for is now in charge of moderation of the Squidoo Z-List.

He has made a number of controversial editorial decisions that I think are warranted. Just like Digg, it was subject to massive “bury” syndrome by people with personal interests.

One of the biggest differences between the Squidoo Zlist and the Z-list meme is the benefit to the bloggers.

Here I am writing about the Squidoo z-list, and the only link being generated is a single link to the Squidoo lens. The Z-list blogging meme generated thousands of links for blogs that deserved it.

I have just submitted my blog to the Squidoo Z-list and have voted up the blogs on the list I subscribe to.

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  1. says

    Thanks Andy. You raise some good points about the Z List. I don’t know why the widget won’t display. I’ll ask the Squidoo folks about it and see what they come up with. And…very nice blog!