MyBlogLog – Social Networking Opportunity

I decided to write a second MyBlogLog post in a row, just to give a positive indication of how MyBloglog can and should be used.

I just received a contact request from Joe Beaulaurier of PRWeb. He had visited my blog, maybe liked what he read, and had also already joined my community. There is a fair chance he has also subscribed to my RSS feed.

I then visited his blog, see that he is talking about similar related subjects and I subscribe to his feed. I discuss a lot about article marketing especially in relation to using Article Marketer, which is very similar in many ways to the Press Release service offered by PR Web where Joe works.

If you take a look at his list of contact requests, you will see that most of them are industry related, people he might be expected to make connections with via other avenues, and people who would maybe want to make contact with him.

The next thing I noticed was that on his about page he has his LinkedIn button. Not one to pass up on growing my new LinkedIn network, I went searching for his email address to send him an invite to my network. For a marketing person, his email address was actually quite hard to find, but I got there in the end.

Another Rumour of MyBlogLog being aquired surfaced today on GigaOm, but his source seems to have pulled the article.

If I was MyBlogLog I wouldn’t sell. They are experiencing high growth and just need to clamp down on people exploiting the system. The invitation system just needs to be made automation proof.

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  1. says

    Thanks for hooking up and blogging about it. Hmmm… my email addy availability is a good point. I’ll have to work on that while still keeping it away from the email harvesters.

    See you on MyBlogLog (and anywhere else)!

  2. says

    I think where I found it could have been harvested anyway, your Yahoo profile.

    I don’t actually proclaim mine currently, I use a contact form, but I am looking at ways to include it as well due to those damn new UK regulations.