The Autopsy – Free Ebook

I am sure many people have heard of Scott Boulch, the controversial author of “The Death of Adsense” in 2006.

In the matter of a few weeks he grew a mailing list of almost 39,000 people in the internet marketing field by paying an incentive to people promoting his free ebook for each download.

He has just released a new free report, The Autopsy.

No money this time for promoting it though I will get an audio file as a bonus I probably won’t have time to listen to if 3 people sign up.

It is a behind the scenes look at how “The Death of Adsense” was conceived, and also the follow on “Life After Adsense”.

I have skimmed through about half of the report as I am writing this. It is actually quite an interesting read, especially if you are fairly new to the ideas of viral marketing.

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