Stompernet + Infusionsoft Free – (Features Confirmed)

I just received quite a shocking email that Stompernet have added Infusionsoft as the 11th tool to their arsenal of internet marketing tools.

For me it is a bit of a dilemma, as I have quite a love <> hate opinion about Infusionsoft

On the plus side

I love marketing tools that help magnify your ability to make money from existing leads and Infusionsoft is one of the best tools for tracking and segmenting email marketing campaigns (within affordable limits for most online marketers)

On the negative

  • The affiliate module sucks, although a lot of the blame can be squarely placed on custom integrations that break the affiliate tracking. One of these days I will write a much more detailed post.
  • The people who provide the custom integrations you often seen used by big marketers for one-click upsells etc charge a fortune
  • $2 to send each 1000 emails over your limit
  • Infusionsoft have had tons of my feedback for over 6 months, and I can’t see any evidence of it being implemented

So lets look at what you are likely to receive in this special Stompernet module valued at $49/month

What Is In The Stompernet Infusionsoft Special Edition?

The following is speculation, as I don’t know all the details

Here is what the basic Infusionsoft plan currently looks like, which costs $199/month


Lets divide those numbers by 5

2 Users 1 user
10,000 Contacts /5 = 2000 contacts
25,000 Emails/month /5 = 5000 emails

I think divided by 5 is a safe bet, but they could be more generous.

Lets look at other features


Here is the full feature list (click to view)

Edition Comparison - CRM, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Automatic Follow-up_1254609631204

I doubt you will get any of the shopping cart and affiliate modules, it will just be basic features.
With a bit of luck they will leave the API in

Many internet marketers are going to be turning their noses up at this, after all they would want all the bells & whistles, and will likely experience a heart attack when someone wants to bill them $15K-$20K to do what the gurus do, and then it doesn’t work. They will also be pummelling their lists every few days, maybe multiple times per day – those $2 per 1000 emails add up when only 10-15% open your email, even less click through.

But what about ecommerce?

  • Most people starting out with an ecommerce store or doing consulting would be over the moon to get 2000 people on their mailing list, especially if they are all customers.
  • You might well be processing credit cards in a different way, or using your existing shopping cart, or even looking to replace your existing shopping cart with Stomper Commerce.
  • If the API is in, all kinds of integration is possible, provided it is achieved at a low enough cost – who knows maybe Stomper Commerce can add it as standard.

For anyone who has considered looking at Infusionsoft as an alternative, one of the major problems is their very short trial period (though I have heard their partners can get it extended a little), plus to be honest I bet a large chunk of Infusionsfot customers don’t need more than 1/5 of the capacity anyway.

It makes a lot more sense for someone interested in Infusionsoft who isn’t interested in their shopping cart and broken affiliate module to consider the route now open for them via Stompernet as part of their deal for just under $200/month – you get lots more training and useful tools.

I am offering a bonus for those who purchase through my affiliate link (don’t forget to clear cookies) and forwarding the receipt.

Many might mistakenly look at pure $$$ values offered as affiliate bonuses which is easy to magnify with digital products which you will never have time to use, especially in the run up to Christmas. All I can say is good luck to you.

At the same time I am quietly confident that I have already managed to help one article directory owner save Christmas.
If you don’t have immediate problems, there is value in insurance.

p.s. for those who have been wondering why they haven’t seen me inside Stompernet yet, active on the forum, blame Stompernet – some of the admin around this launch is leaving a lot to be desired, but I am sure things will settle down eventually.

Update From Infusionsoft

We now have 2 comments from trusted sources at Infusionsoft with details of the package on offer.

Tyler Garns (October 6, 2009 at 4:07 pm)

Andy and readers,

The edition of Infusionsoft being offered through Stompernet is not available on our website. We’ve actually created a specific “Infusionsoft Stomper Edition”. This edition is similar in functionality to our “Basic Edition” but, since its free, the limits are smaller. It has full CRM functionality, email marketing, autoresponder, follow-up sequences, direct mail, fax, & voice broadcast integration, web forms, automatic actions on web forms and email links, world-class list segmentation and targeted marketing. You can compare the editions here. The only difference between the Basic edition and the Stomper edition is that the Stomper edition is limited to 750 emails/month and 5,000 contacts. Any edition can be upgraded at any time. There are no long-term contracts required, but we do offer a 12 month “Double Your Sales Guarantee”. For more details, tune into the Stompernet webinar happening today. I’ll be on there to show Infusionsoft and possibly answer some questions.

Obviously you will need to purchase email credits, but at $2/1000 it works out very reasonable compared to many competitors pricing for “pay as you go” credits, for instance Mailchimp the cheapest you can pay for credits is $5/1000

Email costs for high volume low margin email marketers might be a little painful, but they tend to use brute force/mass bombardment anyway.

Damn, I have seen the sales page twice… you don’t need to mail the same email 5 more times, from 2 different autoresponders.

I think Stompernet with Infusionsoft is a truely complementary offer.


The Stompernet Infusionsoft offer has a hard limit of 750 emails per month, and whilst I have discussed the possibility of added email packages extensively with Infusionsoft, I haven’t had any form of indication that these have been made available.
The offer has value as an extended trial period for complex setups, and possibly for consultants with very few clients.
There is also the possibility that you could use the email features of another service such as Getresponse along side Infusionsoft, but use Infusionsoft for tagging – that would however limit your ability to email a specific segment of prospects based upon tagging.

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  1. MaximG says

    I was considering various solution and Infusionsoft was one of my consideration. Looks like you have some issues with these guys. Thanks for the brief review.

    • says

      I have very specific problems with their affiliate module as that is what affects me as an affiliate, and those problems are magnified when systems integrators tinker with the Infusionsoft sales funnel and break the passing of cookies to the affiliate backend, and various other problems on reporting.

      That doesn’t break the product, it is just something to be aware of

      I don’t know of any perfect system, and many of the problems are with features most marketers and affiliates haven’t got a clue about anyway such as setting up dynamic subid tracking, the ability to automate bonus delivery (as an affiliate) etc.

  2. says

    Thank you for the post. I was wondering exactly which version or functionality they are offering in Stompernet. Can you refer me to any information on how to integrate Infusionsoft with a separate shopping cart? Is there some sort of functionality to tie the databases somehow?

    • says

      The information in this post is as much as you will find anywhere, and only because I did a lot of reading between the lines.
      If I was too far out with facts, someone from Infusionsoft would have corrected me.

      There is an API plus standard web integration adding tracking codes to pages, posting data etc. Until I have my hands on I can’t tell you exactly how it can be done, but based on expected features it will be possible.

      I am sure there are some integrations already available for popular shopping carts and Infusionsfot, but custom integrations and even simple solutions seem to cost a fair amount.

    • says

      From what I can see Webriq could probably benefit from offering a white label email autoresponder – I don’t think your target audience are ideal for Infusionsoft.

      You could probably use the Stompernet training as the Webriq site is really hard to figure out the benefits, and hard for a geek to work out limitations. So you miss both boats.

  3. says

    Thanks for solid overview Andy,

    Honestly, I have looked at Infusionsoft many times trying to figure out if I want it or not and haven’t found a single reason compelling enough for me to bite on their service. Looks like Stompernet might be an excellent offer to test Infusionsoft.

    • says

      I know you currently use Aweber very effectively but imagine you were doing the following

      You promote a particular product to your list, and a percentage click through.

      As soon as they click through, you have them tagged as interested, so you can then segment them on your list for a different followup series.

      Whilst it is possible to do it with Aweber to some degree using automation rules, it becomes complex very fast which is why you won’t see people doing it with Aweber.

      I think there are also ways to use Aweber for mass mailings, and other solutions for segmentation, for instance I know Stompernet were using Elabs for the emails during the Stompernet launch, and have seen John Reese in his newest launch mail with both Aweber and Infusionsoft.

  4. Gaurav Mahashabde says

    Gr8!! idea and a great blog. I was wondering exactly which version or functionality they are offering in Stompernet. I appreciate your work.

  5. says

    Andy and readers,

    The edition of Infusionsoft being offered through Stompernet is not available on our website. We’ve actually created a specific “Infusionsoft Stomper Edition”. This edition is similar in functionality to our “Basic Edition” but, since its free, the limits are smaller. It has full CRM functionality, email marketing, autoresponder, follow-up sequences, direct mail, fax, & voice broadcast integration, web forms, automatic actions on web forms and email links, world-class list segmentation and targeted marketing. You can compare the editions here. The only difference between the Basic edition and the Stomper edition is that the Stomper edition is limited to 750 emails/month and 5,000 contacts. Any edition can be upgraded at any time. There are no long-term contracts required, but we do offer a 12 month “Double Your Sales Guarantee”. For more details, tune into the Stompernet webinar happening today. I’ll be on there to show Infusionsoft and possibly answer some questions.


    Director of Marketing, Infusionsoft

    • says

      5000 contacts is more than I expected considering the email volume pricing.

      25,000 emails per month is $50 if you ever need that many, one email update per week.

      Many marketers will eventually grow out of that but it is 100% scalable.

  6. says


    I wanted to offer a thanks for sharing this post. The balanced, even a critical perspective, is good to help people understand the exclusive nature of this special arrangement with StomperNet and ourselves.

    StomperNet is the only partner we have arranged a limited edition of our app that does everything (crm, email marketing and ecommerce) under one roof. A small business owner could easily apply many of the SN tips, techniques and strategies with it and grow their business. We believe that most StomperNet users would be able to benefit from our solution and as such we put together a special deal for them.

    I’d like to confirm that API will be included. However, please refer to StomperNet for details on the included contacts and emails to send. Users can upgrade anytime to the most appropriate plan that fits their needs.

    We’re also still learning, too. We’re learning more about our customers and newer markets that we expand into. So, this is a great opportunity for us to better serve customers with tailored services and products.

    As far as your suggestions, we have our work cut out for us to refine our affiliate module. For most, that is 95%+, it works very well. Your feedback is being used internally to push our Affiliate module to excite the other 5% so they are thrilled to use it. Lately, we’ve focused many efforts into improving the quality of releases and introducing many long-awaited features customers have voted on.

    Please let me know if you (or anyone) has any questions. We’re here to help! :-)


    • says

      Hi Joseph

      Based upon Tyler’s response it doesn’t do the ecommerce – that would take it beyond “basic features”

      I realise it is an exclusive and a very attractive offer.

      I would question the 95% – superaffiliates drive lots of sales, and due to the current integration for one-click upsells and other tracking that are often used on big launches these days, I get absolutely zero useful sales conversion data.
      If one of your partners is using Infusionsoft segmentation to send traffic to another, they can’t see what is converting, which can have a drastic effect on sales volumes.

      • says


        You’re right, the Stomper edition does /not/ include eCommerce; however, if someone already has an eCommerce solution, they are free to direct people to it. At anytime, people can upgrade and take advantage of the premium features of it in the app.

        It’s possible in the API to capture and pass the affiliate data and be able to make sound, quantifiable decisions from it. Mix that in with Google Site Optimizer (and pass that data), the sky is the limit.

        I hope this helps clear things up. :-)


        P.S. Looks like Tyler beat me to it, I didn’t see his post until now. He’s got more details than I. :)

  7. says

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the response. I just got this from Stompernet:

    You will have access to the StomperNet Special Edition, which has exactly the same functionality as Infusionsoft’s $199 per month version, but has a 750 email limit. Here is an overview of the features included:

    * Advanced Contact Management
    * Marketing Automation
    * Email Marketing Engine
    * List Management & Segmentation
    * Multi-media Broadcast Marketing
    * Workflow Automation
    * Customizable Reports

    So I guess this means that the cap is only on the number of emails and the API is included?

    • says

      We now have 2 confirmations from Infusionsoft employees for you to also compare, just released them from moderation (moderation is only for 1st comments)

      The 5000 email subscriber limit is twice what I expected, and the email credits are not expensive for “pay-as-you-go” – as an example Mailchimp the cheapest pay as you go plans you will pay $5 per 1000, and you have to buy large numbers for that.

      Mailchimp do have unlimited plans, similar to Aweber and Getresponse, but I don’t think the segmentation options compare.

  8. darlene says

    The only thing stoping me and I am sure tons of others from joining infusion is the simple fact that it is automated follow up which is meant to be personal, but at the bottom of the page it says powered by infusionsoft.

    …and the email can’t come from it has to come from bounce or mail or on behalf of you with the shameless promotion of automated follow up going out in every email you send to your customers?

    Over 100 infusion user have voted for a change and they won’t do it and make excuses why they can’t. It will eventually damage your business if your customers get these messages. At least they could make it an option to pay like a 100$ more for the customization or something. What is so complicated? salesforce does it, netsuite does it, so do many more. Make it an option to have as the sender, you’ll get allot of new customers.

    • says

      Certainly in Gmail the “From” address seems to be whatever is defined (most of the infusionsoft emails I get are from affiliate managers) and the “Sender” is

      I just checked a traditional broadcast from Frank Kern, and that seemed the same as the affiliate emails, with the from being Frank, the from email address being his support desk, and the sender as bounce.

      Certainly with gmail you don’t see the sender, but if Gmail would kindly allow me to filter based on sender rather than from, I could just use the sender to whitelist every single email ever sent from Infusionsoft servers.

      My whitelisting solution would be a little more unique

      Even Getresponse who have domain/subdomain mapping for the unsubscribe links etc to make it look pretty have as the sender.

      Elabs don’t have the sender in the header at all though they have Return-Path:

      Mailchimp use for the sender

      Aweber use for the sender

      Running out of email providers….

      Constant Contact just a return path (no sender field)

      iContact just return path (no sender field)

      Ultimately Sender doesn’t seem required, but isn’t really visible to end users. Unsubscribe links are something else, but can be a sign of trust. Not trust in the mailer.. but trust in the unsubscribe links.

      I receive tons of emails where I don’t recognise unsubscribe links and I am much more likely to hit spam

      I don’t look on automated followup as being personal.. I look on it being more targeted/segmented – if an email is automated but relevant, that is better than automated and not relevant.

  9. says


    The Infusionsoft Stomper Edition seems like perfect value for those “people starting out with an ecommerce store or doing consulting” as you say. I’d much rather pay for the reasonably-priced up-front credits. At $2/1000, it still can work out well for low-volume e-mails with specific, directed content. Thanks for reviewing this, and thanks to Tyler for the timely update.

    • says

      If you have less than 5000 contacts, the Stompernet Special Edition works out cheaper than the official basic edition, no matter how many times you send email.

      The 25000 credits with “basic” is only $50 worth

      If you are going to be emailing a lot, then you can potentially look at adding another autoresponder service with unlimited emails into the mix, and use Infusionsoft for later segmentation.

      A really useful integration though one I doubt would ever happen is Aweber >> Infusionsoft, so Infusionsoft would be notified of a double opt-in and add a lead to their database automatically. There would need to be an established level of trust for it to work. It is something Getresponse could do for their Deda customers, but not sure Infusionsoft would accept the leads as being double opt-in. Hmm

      • Cary, NC Real Estate says

        Interesting. I wonder if the double opt-in lead additions could become part of a “service package” of sorts for Infusionsoft? I like the idea, and it seems like it would add more flexibility. Hrmmm, so many decisions…

        • says

          I actually need to do an official update here after spending a good 2 hours on the phone last night with people from Infusionsoft.

          Currently there is no method in place to purchase additional credits and whilst they are receptive to my suggestions that it is a critical element, there are absolutely no guarantees that this will be introduced.
          Thus the only upgrade path from 750 emails per month is to pay $200/month to Infusionsoft

          I think they are leaving a lot of money on the table and people will use other alternatives for bulk emails, which might even reduce Infusionsoft long-term income.

  10. Jeff says

    Totally agree with Darlene…

    The whole point is to have the ability to follow up automatically and personally. Not to have your customers KNOW a program is doing it “while you are playing golf” as infusionsoft says.

    The only reason they will not do it is because they will not get the free advertising. But at what expense? So make it an “add on” option for “more money”, take the “more money” and use it for advertising, what’s the hold up? It’s a wash.

    • says

      There is no way they are going to remove the opt-out link completely, so then you need to decide whether an option for a re-branded opt-out with your domain is really a significant benefit.

      Long-term I don’t think it is, as an opt-out link for any and all business communication will become just as standard as a statement that all business communication should be considered confidential.

      So then you need to consider trust in the opt-out process. If I have opted out of emails processed by Infusionsoft in the past and it worked, I am more likely to trust their opt-out process again and use that link rather than hit the spam button.

      What if they moved people who wanted unbranded to the single opt-in servers due to the higher chance of a spam report? Is that something you would find acceptable?

      I can remember reading some of the lengthy debate on the Infusionsoft support forums a while back, and there was mention of the ability (or proposed) of using an affiliate link there for the logo, or to have it unlinked.

      As more people use automated followup systems, it becomes more and more obvious. The solution isn’t to hide it, but to make the communication valuable.

  11. Siddique says

    Wow! Great post. Learned a lot from one post verses going to forums and going through zillions post.

  12. Kredittkort says

    Gotta agree with Alex Sysoef; I cant find a single REALLY good reason for going with them.. Kinda annoying, I cant make up my mind.

  13. NetBet says

    Stompernet have been already operating for 3 years and have proved to be a good and reliable business-supporter. Thanks for the nice post, I think Infusionsoft is a perfect tool for the email marketing and list management. What I also like about Stompernet is they give the ability to take part in the world class training, which will help to better get in touch with Infusionsoft option.

  14. says

    Opt-out links are common across most legitimate email providers who are following the CANN-SPAM laws. What’s nice is that Infusionsoft allows you to create custom opt-out links so you can display any text you wish with a hyperlink. This link of course as you stated is still an Infusionsoft link.

    A while back Infusionsoft created the ability to place a file (script provided by them) on your server to change affiliate links from Infusionsoft domain to your own personal domain. This was awesome and great forethought.

    As a trusted partner of Infusionsoft I will make the recommendation of changing the opt-out links to have similar functionality, injecting your own domain. As a matter of fact, it would be really sweet if this was the case for trackable links, double opt-in links and update links. (Even if they really end up redirecting to an Infusionsoft hosted page, this would be a great start).

    I am sure that one reason this hasn’t been put in the pipe yet is due to the nature of most Infusionsoft users. They don’t run just one businesses, they have many, with many different domains. And even if they do have one business, they might have a main site with 2-3 sister sites with 15 different squeeze pages. How would Infusionsoft know which domain to use? Perhaps multiple custom links of each type, using merge fields in the templates?

    Now I am thinking outloud. But this has been a great post with great follow-up comments. Thank you for your thoughts Andy.

    Jarrod Morris