WordPress 2.1 Launch date set

During an interview with Shoemoney(listen to it here), Matt Mullenweg mentioned that WordPress 2.1 will be released on January 22nd.
It is available as a beta version, and a believe beta2 is due any day now. Lots of people in the WordPress development community have been running WordPress 2.1 beta on production blogs, and a lot of the code is shared with WordPress.com.

The interview covers a fair amount topics.

There is quite a bit of discussion on monetisation as would be expected. The emphasis was that you would earn more money from blogging as being part of the community and gaining influence and “notability” than you would from any possible advertising revenue. This certainly turns the tables on what Jim Kukral was trying to demonstrate. (p.s. nice permalinks). Jason Calacanis has already given his opinion on this topic with a great counter-punch.
Matt is still thinking about ways WordPress.com users can include some form of monetisation.
Matt seems positive about MyBlogLog which is good news for possible future addoption.
I found it interesting how Shoemoney agrees with Matt about criticism. In my experience Shoe doesn’t accept criticism very well, and certainly much worse than Matt who I feel handles it fairly well.
In the interview Shoemoney states that criticism plays “a vital role”, “I never learned anything from a compliment” and “learn from criticism”.
I didn’t link through to Shoe directly because he tends to censor criticism and trackbacks.

There is a lot of talk about various kinds of blog and comment spam, and the various “scandals” regarding WordPress.org with a behind the scenes look. No mention of the WordPress.com tag system, but as I have already stated, I am not sure if that is naughty or just a smart SEO trick.

The discussion regarding why you should use a blogging platform for any kind of website I totally agree with. WordPress does 80% of the things you need for a good website for you.

WordPress 2.06 was launched just a few days ago, and now we can look forward to WordPress 2.1

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