SEO Dojo – What’s That?

Davatar-Oct09One of the smartest SEOs I know who doesn’t run some kind of paid membership site now does

Whilst also blogging together on Collective Thoughts (ok so I have been slacking a little) we also have a chat group on Skype that has been running for 2 years.

Dave knows his stuff (like really knows his stuff), and if your primary interest is SEO, I can’t think of a better place to hang out and share secrets.

I absolutely refused to promote this as an affiliate as it is something we have chatted about in the Collective Thoughts group for so long, plus in various launch consultations I encouraged Dave not to open the affiliate program immediately anyway… make it more of an “internal launch”.

Dave also rustled up a limited discount for a few lucky readers


Note: Dave wanted to ensure this is affordable for anyone who wants to join – a bit like a virtual “PubCon” with an emphasis on sharing knowledge that wouldn’t be wise to share in public, especially with search engine representitives snooping around.
A bastion of “sage” knowledge rather than a warchest of tools – (though there are some nice tools available as bonuses)

Find out more about the SEO Dojo and just read the testimonials

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  1. home value says

    I want to learn Seo can you please tell me from where i can start i have little bit knowledge of SEO which i have gain from Google. with that i had started to promote my site but i never got succeed.
    i had did all the things like directory submission,article submission,blogging and every thing but i never got succeed.please guide me how can i learn SEO

    • says

      Fixed – was using Headspace just to load the plugin on that page – that might not work in WP 2.8.5 or maybe something in my database broke

    • says

      Better than yours…

      If I didn’t trust the information they will provide and think the value proposition is superb, even as a friend David wouldn’t have got a mention.

  2. says

    Andy what do you feel separates SEO dojo from some place like seomoz? I have been looking to join a paid community like this but am not sure which will provide the best bang for my buck.

  3. says

    Tired of learning SEO, any place to get it better? if commenting around blogsphere is not a good tactic, what it would be?

  4. says

    I’m still new to all this SEO. However, I can’t understand how a lot of blog expect you to leave comments and not get anything back as they prefer to keep it nofollow. Not even a link to your blog to at least improve the ranks on your work. I can understand that it attracts spammers but it is also unfair to the genuine ones as well.

    • Free iPhone says

      If it attracts spammers, would you consider blog commenting spam if the comments are keyword orientated like this one?
      For the great uneducated (me) this is probably one of the only ways that one can get clean backlinks to a site to increase SERPS.
      I know little of SEO, but am willing to learn.
      The problem is that none of my sites are paying enough return to warrant spending more money in the hope of SEO secrets that may not increase my income which, to be honest, is virtually zero.

      • says

        But I generally automatically delete links that have a keyword in them, because I have no time or interest to check out what someone called “Free iPhone” has to say, and I can 99.9% guarantee your site just pimps some free iphone offer which tells me nothing about you.

    • says

      If people wouldn’t abuse it so much you would see more dofollow links. For me personally anyone who allows me to comment and accepts my comment essentially giving me a backlink, I try to return the favor and bookmark the page at a few sites. Essentially trying to help them for helping me.

    • says

      Twitter is nofollow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain SEO benefit from using Twitter both when content is syndicated elsewhere in the case of Tweetglide or just because it is exposed to more people.

  5. says

    So I’ve been watching a few StomperNet DVDs from their 2006 and 07 conferences and they’ve been incredibly insightful for me albeit not cheap. I’m still quite new to SEO but I’m looking to join a community which can help me further my studies so my question is; Do you think the SEO Dojo is worth the money? I’m from South Africa so the conversion rate for a dollar doesn’t work in my favour but I’m willing to pay what it takes to become better at this.

    Thanks in advance for your input and great reading material on your blog.

    • says

      It is a question of what is the right information to help you leverage your business.

      Dave and the people in the Dojo know SEO – I absolutely guarantee that.

      I don’t know whether you are the owner of AdzoneMedia, or just an employee but the platform as I see it has SEO issues

      If you are the owner, I am going to suggest Stompernet – they will help you systemetize your SEO working with your team to improve results across your company and cover other aspects of building your business. If you go the Stompernet route as part of my bonus I would be happy to rip your CMS apart looking for SEO flaws.

      The SEO Dojo could probably help a little with that as well, but I don’t think it is the focus. Just to add even more complications the SEO Braintrust is officially launching soon with emeritus Stomper Faculty Dan Thies & Leslie Rohde.

      p.s. It is normally best not to link to client sites from comments, as it can be detrimental to both your client’s brand, and your own.

  6. kolchakA says

    In my opinion if people know the really effective seo tricks they will never tell them to anybody, because effective tricks = huge money, and what is the purpose of joining such groups in that case?

    • says

      You are wrong – good SEO information is shared all the time but people don’t read it, and prefer to promote junk top 10 simple to implement things that suggest that is all there is too it.
      You don’t necessarily need the more advanced stuff, but some people do.