Tony Robbins Didn’t Know…

Earlier today I was watching a video for Jeff Walker newest product… yeah a new product, not just a relaunch of Product Launch Formula and I was struck by one small factoid within the first of many new (free) instructional videos.

Whilst consulting with Tony Robbins (yes THE Tony Robbins) who you would think would have all the fundamentals of online marketing totally mastered, there was a surprising revelation.


I am a customer of Jeff’s, I purchased his Product Launch Formula some time ago, and he keeps on updating it and giving updates to all his existing customers. This is a new product and from what I hear Jeff will be doing a special offer for existing customers.
There is a fair chance this will be a high ticket course… 50 people paid $25000 to attend Jeff’s exclusive training on leveraging and scaling product launches in new directions.

The thing is, Jeff’s also well known for giving away great content in the build up to any product launch, in fact a lot of the strategies can be learnt just paying very close attention to his own launches. I have over 3 years of emails from Jeff archived, and a number of his launch videos on my HD, including all the ones he used to promote his $25000 exclusive conference.

Yes I am using affiliate links in this post, it is a great way to gauge interest in different products as I get some kind of click through data and occasionally some email subscription data as well.
Clicking through and signing up for the free info doesn’t prevent you purchasing through someone else’s link at a later date, if someone is offering a better bonus than me.

p.s. I can be a slick commenter – I managed to get the first comment in on Jeff’s launch blog with a note about why this is about the only blog covering SEO that doesn’t offer some kind of consulting.
p.p.s how well do you find Jeff’s video streams from where you live in the world?

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