What Is Quansite?

This is in many ways one of the most painful blog posts I could write, because it is about a service that is the closest anyone has come in 4 years to the “software as a service platform” I would like to create.

The business model is totally different but the front end seems to have many of the features and attention to detail that I would require, and to be honest much of what I want to achieve on the backend & network effect isn’t necessary for many business users.

If what I want to create is a lion, Quansite is a tiger – different animals, different prey – both killers and could probably co-exist.

Quansite is a WordPress based blogging platform for business, but calling it that is really doing it a bit of a disservice.

It is the kind of system that will take a huge bite out of the business of high-priced website development shops targeting small business, because so much is done for you.

Quansite Marketing Pro

There are a couple of WordPress themes I know of which can claim drag and drop, but they are not designed for creating sales pages & one-time offers, or “touch of a button” squeeze page creation.


Quansite Optimization

A lot of these features many might claim “I know a plugin that does that” but they are buggy or unsupported. Or you would have to pay for them, and purchased plugins you have to update by ftp etc.
If you like tinkering with things, fair enough, but it isn’t efficient use of your time as a business owner.


Quansite New Media

Quansite is by @coachdeb and @jpmicek – they know social media backwards – the real thing, and can teach it.

When everyone else anything to do with social media consulting was on a mass “follow everyone” drive, Coach Deb just kept on doing what she had always done, maintaining relationships.
Here is me, writing a blog post possibly about my most serious competitor, and I am doing it because of the relationship I have built with Coach Deb over the last year.

I don’t know the specifics of the modules, in some ways the video and audio “blasters” seem very similar to Traffic Geyser and could be some kind of white label – they are limited by credits for all but the highest level packages.


Quansite Backend

Trying to translate from “marketing speak” into more geeky terms, it seems like they might have a CDN integrated… looking at their own site this is through SimpleCDN, though I don’t know if it is their S3Plus service, or as a Highwinds reseller.
I can’t quite work out “server ring” – some kind of clustering maybe using memcached but don’t count on that.

Solid backups and security – I know geeks can do this stuff, but webdev shops charge small businesses $X’000 for this stuff.


I am not going to spy on my competitors friend’s proprietary stuff, though to be honest it is so tempting just to abandon goals and get on with just using technology to make money – I could make a lot of money just using Quansite.

Take a look, they have for a limited time an introductory offer for all the main packages of just $9.97 for the first month

It is still shared hosting, even on their most expensive plans, but I doubt the servers will be oversold and all sites are using a CDN which makes a huge difference, especially if they are also doing some decent caching.

I am not going to review it in-depth for a number of reasons

  1. I haven’t seen anything that would stop me spending less than $10 to check it out for myself
  2. It wouldn’t be right for me to pay the $10 just to snoop with no intention of staying around – I still have my unfulfilled plans (who knows they may never happen)
  3. They have been running this platform for a while now under the brand i360 and I have never seen any critical reviews
  4. How could anyone say anything bad about @coachdeb? The training is probably worth more than she is charging for the whole package.

I have no idea if every aspect is as optimized as I might want it to be, but I am sure it fulfils the 80:20 rule

I am not sure what additional limitations that places on things like design.

Warning: This is a NO TECH solution – you don’t even get FTP access, they say there is no need.

For anyone who isn’t a geek, that is actually a good thing, they can concentrate on marketing and making money.

Disclosure: I should just tell you to read my disclosure policy but I have included affiliate links in this post.

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  1. sanjeev bhadresa says

    Nice post!

    WordPress is a great piece of software and is perfect for people who constantly like to make changes/slight adjustments to their website, if you have the time and inclination to do it.

    As you say, this wouldn’t be the best use of time for a small business!

  2. Joan says

    I love reading your articles because I am learning alot from here… Now I know why people are doing blog as a business

  3. Brochure Printing says

    So Quansite is actually a web host better for business, then? I agree that WordPress isn’t the best web host for a business site. Still, a lot of people trust it, and maybe Quansite can make those businessmen change their minds. :)

  4. says

    QuanSite is the Holy Grail of online business builders. It is the only fully managed, SEO dominator, traffic explosion generator, easy video uploader & blaster and online conversion booster all integrated into one comprehensive pushbutton simple system.

  5. monika says

    quansite is a rebirth of the social media marketing platform, a new media online marketing software and website hosting…plus so much more.

  6. says

    It looks good but working with many SMBs the problem they have is not having the time to manage all this. Hence why I am confident that small out sourcing companies like me still have the edge. And maybe we can even offer this as a client solution! (At present does customization on WP:))

    • says

      Seems like you do some nice design work, but they have some great technology on the back end.

      It is quite possible they would look to allowing modifications if you had a dedicated server for your own customers, that they managed.

      One thing to note, they are not on the bleeding edge of WordPress, all the custom stuff they do, or at least did in the past when it was Blogi360 slows down the upgrade process somewhat.

      • says

        Sanjay – excellent point re: “maybe we can even offer this as a client solution”. Even though we offer the Ambassador Jumpstart, Ambassador Custom Site Setup and the QaunSite AMP’d program (where business owners get assigned a dedicated QuanSite Ambassador to work their site FOR them) — we still encourage professionals like yourself to use the QuanSite system as the platform for your clients.

        It means better results for your clients, and more profits for you. (You can get the same work you’d do otherwise done in a fraction of the time yet still charge your regular rates. Your clients will still love you because they’ll be getting even better results.) ;-)

        Andy – we don’t allow access to the code on the backend, and due to security issues the automated scripts woudl create on regular servers, the QuanSite software does need to run on our New Media optimized server ring.

        We always accept recommendations for new features, which can be fast-tracked if a partner has a few dozen of their people running on the system.

        Also, even though the Optimized Business-Booster Blog module is based on the WP engine, we stopped using the standard WP upgrades about 6mos ago. Our program codes all upgrades in-house. It’s cleaner and more reliable that way.

        As far as the “bleeding edge” stuff, frankly, and I’m sure you’d agree; all that “bleeding edge” stuff the WP crew keeps adding may be great if someone is a techie-geek that likes tinkering better than making money. But for marketers and business owners, the money and results are much more important. :)

        • says

          Some aspects of bleeding edge are a significant problem especially as WordPress seems to emphasise new features over security updates that constantly break things.
          It is annoying when you upgrade, discover a plugin is no longer supported and isn’t compatible, and you have to dig through 100s of blog posts modifying content that used that plugin.

          If you are providing a service for clients, the cost associated with one new update every month or less is significant, as even WordPress security updates often have features added that break things.

  7. says

    This is an interesting product, though I wonder just what kind of businesses it would be most useful to. I agree that the potential time sink is a turnoff for many business owners, but that can be true of getting involved with any kind of web publishing (except for perhaps a pure business card web presence). I don’t know … I think a lot of the business owners I deal with would hesitate on this, though the [introductory] pricing would almost certainly be very attractive.

    • says

      There are alternative solutions out there such as GoodBarry or Hubspot, but from what I have seen as a value proposition Quansite has them beat.

    • says

      Patrick — see my reply to Sanjay up above.

      If a business owner (online OR off-line, I’d say ESPECIALLY off-line) doesn’t want to either run their web presence in-house on a simplified platform with automated SEO & sales conversions like QuanSite provides … or pay to have someone else manage it for them — frankly, I’d tell them to get ready to close their doors in the next 18-24mos. ;-)

  8. says


    Thank you for sharing. I was not even aware that Quansite existed until I ran across your post on it. Very informative. I still cant believe you can do so much within one platform with such ease. Are you seasoned in using it? Thank you for all of the awesome content on your blog, unreal…

    • says

      I don’t use Quansite myself – as explained in the post, I look on them in some ways as my nearest competitor.

      At the same time Coach Deb is a friend – we have communicated back and forth for over a year on various topics and I have a huge amount of respect for what she does. She teaches the use of social media in a sustainable way – building real relationships.
      She could so easily have jumped on the “follow everyone under the sun” tactic on twitter, and then dump them once she reach a certain goal like so many seem to have done. She ultimately understood that if all her clients did the same it wouldn’t be sustainable, and whilst it does provide access through DMs, at the same time you lose the ability to maintain relationships.

      Quansite was formerly Blogi360 – it is a solid platform they have been running now for over a year and from what I have seen it is a very solid product offering.

  9. says

    I feel a bit deceived; you made it seem like quansite is your competitor, then you go and stick in a affiliate link. I mean, even though you took the step to SAY it was an affiliate link (I commend you for that), it somehow doesn’t seem…right. Firstly, quansite is basically a way for people who have the money to spare and don’t want to learn. Frankly, if you don’t want to go through the trouble to learn SEO, site optimization, social marketing, link building, and a small amount of coding, then you probably shouldn’t be starting an online market in the first place.

    Every single successful online marketer I know of had to go through the first hard steps of trial-and-error to get to where they were, and whether they know it or not, it’s the fact that they did go through those hard times that got them where they are now.

    My point: If you don’t go through that first hard year learning (which quansite will allow you to do), you’ll miss out on a huge amount of experience that will be absolutely essential to you later on.

    Still, I can see why quansite could be a valuable resource and I definitely agree that you could gain alot from it. But personally, I would rather take the time to gain the experience that could prove useful later on.

    • says

      Most successful people I know stick to what they are good at, and oursource or hire people to do the things they aren’t good at, or tasks that don’t give them a good return for the amount of time it would take them to a) learn how to do it & research b) actually perform the task

      You obviously haven’t heard of many successful online marketers, or haven’t been paying attention

      Also note, hitting up lots of posts and leaving short comments isn’t a good tactic

  10. says

    Although I am a hands on kind of guy. I enjoy being independent enough to do everything. Just curious if anyone know how user friendly quansite is?

    • says

      It is like WordPress, but with extra buttons to press to do things that otherwise take time.

      As an example I believe they have Heyspread integrated for Video syndication – I suppose that could be looked on as a “big rocks” solution which I believe is somehow single click after you have filled out necessary details. There are sites that could give you similar functionality for $30, or you could pay for Traffic Geyser, or use free Tube Mogul, but that isn’t very commercial use friendly.
      But then those alternatives aren’t integrated – that is a new upload you have to do, which for people on a low end ADSL can be a real effort as upload speeds are often highly restricted.