How to Refresh Feedburner and Technorati

You have a hot story, you write it as fast as you can, and hit the publish button, only to notice that there is an error in the post.

Your blogging software has already notified Feedburner, and most likely Feedburner have already picked up your feed, and using their Pingshot feature, have already notified lots of sites to come and index your feed or site.

What can you do?

Refresh Feedburner

  • First of all, you need to edit your post. My most frequent mistake is forgetting to include tags with a post, so it is not as vital to update as soon as possible, because it might take a while before Technorati comes calling.
  • Secondly you need to visit Feedburner. Their preferred method is for you to reping your blog.
  • I have tried using the ping option, but often I am in a rush. One of the primary reasons is that RSS readers like Google Reader typically only cache one copy of your feed. Under “Troubleshootize” there is an option for Resync. Hit that button and the copy of your feed stored by Feedburner is fixed, almost immediately.
  • Resync Feedburner

  • I have a bookmark to resync my most active blogs

Technorati Pings

Technorati provide for a way to have a bookmark to ping them. It is not very useful if you have multiple blogs to have that many bookmarks.

Some time ago I hacked together this little Javascript Widget which can Ping Technorati for any site you are currently viewing. This isn’t something that Technorati provide on their own widget page.
You can just drag that bookmark code to your bookmarks and click it to ping Technorati for any site.


(one of these days I will learn how to escape this code correctly so that it doesn’t get mangled by WordPress)

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