25 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines

Jennifer Slegg has written a great post on blog optimization, though it is not highly technical.

What a SEO Blunder though. Do you see that URL? Now read point 24 on the list “24) Use a Good URL Structure“.
I think Search Engine Land made a major mistake launching their new blog on Typepad instead of WordPress.

Another thing I find amazing for a blog on search…

Where is the search box?

Search Engine Land has some great content, such as the recent Open Letter to Wikipedia and Danny’s post on the growth of their traffic.

The problem is how to find the great content.

I have suggested in the comments on Search Engine Land that they should use WordPress and Ultimate Tag Warrior. I can’t link through to that discussion because I can’t find it now. I did try a Google site search.

Well actually I can, because I use Cocomments

Here is the link to what I mentioned about using UTW for tagging.

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