MyBlogLog Acquisition Coverage

It is interesting looking at the acquisition coverage for MyBlogLog.

First of all Techmeme gets it partially right, that one of the original sources for the sale was Forbes.

If you expand all the related coverage, it is a shame the announcement on the MyBlogLog Blog doesn’t seem to have been cited anywhere near as many times.

As far as I am concerned that, and the announcement on Yahoo Yodel are the original sources, although it seems the first site they talked to was Forbes.

How about Digg?

I have mentioned in comments in various places that to be dugg and reach the front page, you have to have lots of readers who use Digg and preferably well trained to Digg your content.

Mashable’s story on MyBlogLog was the one promoted very rapidly. It is a good report, but it was not the original source, and that was obvious as it linked through to the Forbes piece on MyBlogLog. That first commentary has so far gained only 8 Diggs.

Note: this is no disrespect to Pete, I love reading his blog

The original announcement on the MyBlogLog blog should have been the one that received the limelight if the Digg rules are true. (Disclosure: it is the one I submitted, which is why I am monitoring this). Currently at 11 Diggs

I mentioned that the MyBlogLog Blog was the original source in the Mashable Digg comments, and after a while, my comment was burried.

It is a shame that many of the reports I read on prominent blogs didn’t even link through to the MyBlogLog blog for a direct perspective.

In my opinion the best commentary, with the whole truth was on Om Malik’s GigaOm

Oh, and I am going to be one of the only people to link through to Scott Rafer’s blog

What is also important is that Jeremy Zawodny will be working with them, so you can expect great things. Hmm, note in that post he links to a Google Search of Fred Wilson’s blog.

I am glad that at least one of the MyBlogLog Acquisition reports was promoted on Digg, as it will be good to help grow the community.

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  1. says

    With regards to the digg story, people like you and me aren’t in the “in crowd” on digg. We don’t have enough digg friends to get a story the attention it requires no matter how good it is.

    It’s actually the behaviour of digg users (diggers? – sounds like slang for a JCB!) in this respect that has dissuaded me from submitting any stories to it in the past few months.