Why Tweetglide Matters – seriously

When Mike Filsaime first mentioned Tweetglide, I signed up to his notification list but I wasn’t really that interested in the concept. I thought it had a few flaws in the business model he was proposing, and there were already enough Adobe Air Twitter applications on the market.

I am saying this as someone who even considered hiring some developers to make an app, or picking up a dying project and adding some viral life to it. There are ways to leverage the Twitter application market that will be attractive.

Before Mike really started selling information products, he had a huge amount of success with viral marketing applications many of which are still alive and generating revenue and traffic 4 years later.


See that second bar? Those are paid ads, though the more real tweets you post, the more ad credits you earn, but the amount you can earn is limited to 1 ad credit every 3 hours.
That is there for a reason – advertising is meant to be valuable.

The aim is also to clean up the Twitter stream that is currently plagued with people promoting stuff, especially marketers. Permission to see an agreed amount of advertising is a much better alternative, and if Mike has got his math right, lots of people will see those adverts.

Advertising is relatively cheap depending on how many see your advert and click – too many factors to speculate on now – I know I have got a ton of advertising credits to use from paid upgrades – Tweetglide is something I willingly paid to upgrade just to check it out.

Serious reasons to use Tweetglide

Take a look at my Tweetglide blog – Andy Beard on Tweetglide

It doesn’t look very special at this time, very much like your normal Twitter page

However Tweetglide isn’t a black hole of link equity – no link condoms.

At the same time there is no enforced blogroll – just because I follow someone doesn’t make it an endorsement, whereas normally when I link from Twitter it is an endorsement – that strange parallel of Twitter I have never been comfortable with – it has sucked for too long.

Tweetglide also supports long length tweets over 140 characters – they need a little bit of improving, but if you just have something quick to say, it is useful.

SEO By Andy Beard

Well kind of….

Over the weekend I exchanged a lot of long emails with Mike over the SEO shortcomings – I can see his team have already picked up a lot of what I suggested in just the rushed 2 days before launch, and my hope is that they will implement the whole of my “12 point list” of major structural changes to the site.

There are a few more tweaks I could add to the list, and as the site settles down I will add those to the suggestions.

I am probably too modest about my achievements with SEO and large user generated content sites, but as of yesterday I am pretty sure I will now helped 2 sites reached the Alexa Top 500 from modest beginnings, and it would be great to make Tweetglide a hat-trick.

The roadmap Mike now has for Tweetglide will make the blogs valuable properties with a flat architecture ideal for deep indexing – this is important as a lot of the information within the extended 140+ Tweets would otherwise just disappear.

As a property for reputation management, Tweetglide is going to rock – if nurtured correctly I am quietly confident it can replace Twitter in my own SERPs.

Serious Flexibility

I just spent 5 minutes on some obvious customization that isn’t possible with your normal Twitter page, I am sure there are a bunch more possibilities.


So there is a bunch of javascript widgets, static links with anchor text or call to action.

I bet I can get an autoresponder in there no problem

Popups? Exitpops? No idea, but seems like fun.

I have no idea how secure this is… Blogger has somehow been able to allow all these things for years, for some reason WP.com can’t handle it, but you would think the team who created blogger, who now work on Twitter would be able to add a little more flexibility.


This says it all



I haven’t tried, but I bet all kinds of advertising widgets plus Google Adsense will work.

No Custom CSS

This is all new, I am sure lots more flexibility will come for custom designs

Big Negative

Whilst I have been assured this is going to be fixed soon, currently Mike has Viral Inviter on the back end. I know Mike has taken action to nudge the devleoper over the issues, and Norman dropped by and left a comment yesterday to go over viral inviter new features.
I would suggest not using the tell-a-friend for now… Mike does have a large development team but this site is beta, going to be gaining a lot of attention, and any risk with a Gmail password is too much…

The rest of the site? Seriously much better than I expected, with a lot more long-term potential.

This is a referral link Andy Beard’s Referral Link and I think other links to the blog will count as that as well, and even search engine traffic.
I did encourage Mike to make everything “coupon” based just like all the web2.0 startups but the links are referral links for now.

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  1. says

    just saw this coming down the pipe – figured i’ll go check it out. But it sounds pretty cool and looks like they have added some nice features. I’m excited about installing it and getting going. The limit on the ad credits I think is spot on – your right – it should have some value.

    Curious to see if you can install the adsense widget.

    • says

      Just stuck some ads on there, wonder if they will end up appering

      Also added a Google Adsense Custom Search, but of course not being indexed yet

  2. says

    I have not seen an ad from you in the 2nd ad column but, TweetGlide did give you a RT about this post.
    I downloaded TweetGlide an hour or so ago & have been taking snaps so, I can write a post.
    I just don’t know if I any one will really look at the ads column.
    Guess we will see soon enough.

    • says

      You don’t earn ad credits if you don’t have the ad column visible so I think people will have it switched on…

      The ads however are in some ways just Mike’s problem – for a new app it isn’t bad but for me the “sexy” part is the website and it’s long term benefits.

    • Jackie Anderson says

      Hi Sherly,

      To answer you comment about Andy’s in the 2nd column. This is the way that I found this blog today. As I was reading through his blog I came across your comment. In essense I would have to say thanks to Mike and using a cliche from E.T. “it’s working”

  3. says

    Hey Andy,

    Great writeup.

    I do like the app, BUT, for me anyway, there is one MAJOR missing feature I use a lot in TweetDeck. Multiple accounts.

    I don’t have a ton of accounts like some people. Just 1 personal, and 1 business. I want to be able to access both accounts from 1 application.

    I already sent Mike a note on this. Will see what he comes back with.

    I guess it’s going to be a pain for him though as far as tracking users for add credits.

    Other than that, I have to agree that the app itself, as well as the accompanying blog is really good.

    All the best,

    Richelo Killian

    • says

      There are actually a lot of flaws, but Ready Fire Aim

      For a first iteration it is fairly solid – multiple accounts would of course be preferable, and it is promised and there is an obvious place in the interface for the switching.

    • says

      Multi Accounts is Top Priority on the app. It will take us 5 days to develop. The issue is finding the 5 days now. We hav a few other little things that are crucial that we want to get out first. We can do like 5 a day. Then we will focus on the Multi Accounts.

      What it will do is simply NOT create a new account. It will be added to the same MAIN Account or MASTER account for add credits and sales.

      Expect it in 14 to 21 days

      Mike Filsaime

  4. says

    I have just installed TweetGlide, and even though it looks a lot like TweetDeck I agree that it’s even more powerful. By the way, TweetDeck was my favorite Twitter client, but at the moment, it looks like TweetGlide will be #1.

    As a pure Twitter client, it works great so far. Not sure about the sponsored ads, and how many will be viewing them and clicking on them. But I am curious, and will try get my ads out there.

    – Jens -

  5. says

    I downloaded TweetGlide to check it out. Seeing an endorsement from you when I first opened the app, Andy, went a long way towards easing my natural skepticism.

    The big test for TweetGlide will be whether it gets adoption beyond the internet marketing crowd. I suspect there are a ton of folks on Twitter that will push back against an app with such an overt profit motivation.

    It will be kind of ironic though if Mike ends up making a ton of money when Twitter itself still hasn’t figured out how to be profitable. :)

  6. moving companies says

    I’ve spent far more than 10 seconds reading your article and God, still it’s like Twitterdeck.

    • says

      One component is like Tweetdeck, but I don’t think Tweetdeck provides an advertising component which is significant.

      Tweetdeck certainly doesn’t provide you with what will become a powerful blog platform

  7. Como ganhar dinheiro says

    Very interesting. But the question with the ads in twitter is how you can make it in a way that it’s not intrusive.
    I mean, people follows us because they are interested in what we have to say or if they know us already. If I’m interested in you (or in the MMO niche), I will probably not click on the ads because I’m blind to them already. I have lots of questions about twitter ads. It’s going to be interesting to follow up this topic.

    • says

      It really depends on whether the advertising is targeted to you.

      I have been experimenting with the advertising platform and so far one of my ads using just 2 credits brought in 35 visitors and one retweet

      Those are visits from people who may not have read this blog in the past, to a very targeted article which may also generate links.

      Based upon the standard pricing for advertising credits, those 2 credits cost me slightly less than $0.40 – that is very cheap traffic if you can leverage it.

      Another advert resulted in just one click + retweet 2 credits burned

      You might not think that was good value, but it was for a high ticket product and a retweet from a Tweetglide user automatically becomes a real link on their Tweetglide blog which has value.

  8. Fat Burning Furnace says

    Yeah, Mike Filsaime’s products are considered really top notch and he always delivers value. Most of his products have a viral factor in them which he preaches in the Butterfly Marketing manuscript. Thanks for sharing the tweetglide info, Andy. I’ll check it out.

  9. dropshipcomparision says

    I too have downloaded tweetglide and am ready to go through the amazing features.

    • says


      Don’t forget to also provide a little more information about yourself on that site as I am assuming at some time you will be adding affiliate links, unless you represent the company that gets 10/10 that isn’t nofollowed.

  10. says

    The 1st things that hit me about tweetglide were:

    (a) The cool design of the website.
    (b) The slick cockpit view which gives the user the “i am the master of my tweets” aura ;-)

    Albeit steadily but surely transitioning out of my “twitter virginity”, i’ve come to appreciate the power of twitter.

    I’m guilty of loving sexy apps that streamline how we work, but there are some are already coining this “MLM meets social media” :-/?

    Don’t have much of a problem with that as long as value is ascertained.

    What’s your take on this Andy?

    • says

      It is not really MLM because the referral system only has benefits down 2 tiers, and only with the tell-a-friend, and the actual payments are only on one tier, otherwise as Mike knows probably better than anyone else in the industry, he wouldn’t be able to use PayPal.
      Remember Mike runs PayDotCom.com which used to offer 2-tier – from memory he removed that option some time ago when PayPal started cracking down on anything that even remotely suggested multiple tiers of payment.I must admit I am not a huge fan of Air Apps anyway, but at least for the last couple of days I have had it open just to play around with the advertising.
      The value from an SEO point of view once things get fixed are what I feel will provide a huge long-term benefit.

  11. says

    Just as an FYI to your readers, the only way I can see to change accounts in TweetGlide is by revoking access to the app via your Twitter website connection settings and then logging into TweetGlide with your other Twitter account credentials. I set up TweetGlide on a secondary account to test it out, liked what I saw and then switched over to my primary.

    Couldn’t find a way to change accounts from inside the TweetGlide app itself.

    • says

      If I’ve understood correctly, you can log out from one Twitter account using the right-most button along the top (the one that looks like a “do not enter” sign…at least in the US). When you relaunch TweetGlide, you can log in with another account.

  12. fashion says

    Seems quite interesting. considering the growing popularity of twitter in personal as well as professional spheres, these new options will come real handy. Thanks for sharing the info.

  13. says

    RE “No Custom CSS” — you can customize the CSS MySpace-style by putting a style block in a widget. It’s not proper HTML, since style blocks are only supposed to go in the head section, but it works.

    Check out my TweetGlide blog to see how I’ve shrunk the ad at the top (it COULD be hidden completely), reclaimed some empty space, nixed the forced blogroll (…hmm, I think they just removed that anyway, but CSS was able to hide it), added my own copyright notice at the bottom (won’t show up in IE less than 8), etc.

    You should be able to override any CSS that’s not hard coded in style attributes within the HTML (so for example, you can’t make the button in the ad at the top narrower).

      • says

        I can’t believe I didn’t think of that in the first place — even without the library, JavaScript to alter text and such would be easy enough to write.

        …done. I haven’t removed the ad, but I’ve changed its content, fixed the widths of a thing or two, and added another link of my own to the box.

        Hmm…I see XSS issues. Time to report a bug.

        • says

          The problem is the widget area is only on the home page so you can’t do much on the unique permalinks

          Mikes team have enough SEO fixes to last them a good few weeks. I couldn’t advise on XSS though I wouldn’t doubt there will be a few holes on a new platform

  14. Srinivasan Gopal says

    Thanks for this post. I agree that Mike Filsaime has breathed some life into a product where such applications are dime a dozen. this application combines some of the best elements of internet marketing and thus very useful to the IM community.

    I also run a blog similar to yours and here’s part of one of my recent posts…”What is tweetglide and why am I going ga ga over it? Tweetglide is the newest twitter application with cool features that lets you keep in touch with all your twitter and facebook followers. In a dusty heap of twitter applications that are getting launched and trashed everyday, tweetglide comes as a refreshing piece of application which is a delight to use.”

    After the launch tweetglide I find that Twitter too has launched some customization.

  15. Affiliates Programs says

    Gotta try twitterglide also. this might help my business more visible to everyone.

    Has anyone else had any success with this?

  16. JP says

    Wow! Gotta check out tweetglide. There are too many twitter apps and I don’t know which one works and which one doesn’t. Thanks for this.

  17. Sydney Backpackers says

    My friend told me to visit this site.I got amazed when I saw all these things.I really appreciates your work.Thanks for posting.

  18. Brent2 says

    I think the multi-account option will be really useful. I’m thinking about a technical one (likely with web related content), something MMO related with my thoughts about the MMO I’m obessessed with at the time and maybe something for just general thoughts. So I can write when I need to write, whatever I need to write.

    I’m also interested in your thoughts about SEO, which you mentioned above. Mostly your ability to generate user content. Right now we’re thinking about building a forum but are having trouble figuring out how to encourage posts and the like.

    • says

      All you have is a crappy webhosting reviews site with no real information – not someting I would want to link to. How are you ever going to build a community around it?

  19. Joan Campbell says

    Hi Andy,

    I have installed TweetGlide just now. Below are the hit and miss features accroding to me.

    1) Cool Design
    2) Flexible & User Friendly(@, in, out….)
    3) Compatible (desktop, iPhone)
    4) Almost all features needed in Tweeter are included(bit.ly,tinyurl…)

    1) Multiple accounts (facebook(already included), myspace, stumbleupon) [as mentioned by Richelo Killian also]
    2) Response time is slower.
    3) if the new tweets are notified in the minimized form. (like in skype)
    4) Changing skin colours. (not important)
    5) A master username and password for accessing all accounts.

    This is Joan from Fast Property Solutions. Compliments for the well written article to Andy.

  20. Tony Sahai says

    Even if you have no idea about how secure this is. I’m still seriously think that this is worth to try. THank you for the info.

  21. Keith Garcia says

    It’s look like I’m not alone out here. I too don’t feel comfortable with the idea of considering link from Twitter as an endorsement

  22. says

    I have stayed away from twitter just because I didn’t like the restrictions it put on me but after reading this I’m gonna have to rethink using tweet glide. I like the flexibility it offers.

  23. Coaching Kompetenz says

    Great work mate, a tweet glide hattrick seems something special to me.
    Will check it out anyway.

  24. says

    I once browsed the site for Tweetglide but according to WOT (Web of Trust) which I happen to use along side Firefox as an extension, the website has a low rating so it gave me a blocked page with a warning. I didn’t continue upon seeing the notice.

    • says

      I don’t think WoT should be trusted to give an opinion about a site that is just a few days old.

      The only complaint is that an affiliate dropped a link to them in a comment somewhere, and it was flagged as spam.

      They have lots of legal bases covered to add trust, unlike the majority of blogs (not yours)

      Web Of Trust just seems to be a way to encourage people to pay for their trust seals – nice scheme, but anyone selling anything would be much better of using something with other added value such as site identity validation and PCI scanning.

  25. KP @ Linkwheel says

    Hey Andy.

    Had never heard of this one before! Thanks for sharing.
    And yes, the monetization widgets are in place. However, I’m seriously concerned about how long will people pay for tweets! Once the novelty wears off, will people not go back to the more serious channels of marketing online? Afterall, how much can be said in 140 characters?

    • says

      Tweetglide isn’t a “paid for tweets” platform – the advertising is display advertising within the browser, and can also appear on the blogs.

  26. says

    I’m looking forward to trying Tweetglide out on my iPhone. The desktop client definitely has some interesting features. I’m curious if the iPhone version will be substantially similar. Have to wait and see I guess.

    • says

      OK. So I’ve spent a couple of hours on the desktop client of tweetglide now. I’ve run into a couple of errors where XML wasn’t parsed correctly or something, but they were cleared easily. It’s definitely pretty feature-rich.

      Now I’m really curious how they’ll implement this in an iPhone application. (You know, not *how* they will, but what it’ll look like and whether it’ll be a full version or a mobilized version.)

      Anyway, thanks for posting about it, Andy.

  27. John says

    Whoa that application looks very good! Well for one, you got 4 panels all at once, which I’m sure you can customize to show what you want to see. This is better than what I’m using that uses tabs. The problem with tabs is I have to switch from one tab to the other to see what’s going on in it. Having 4 views at once is better because I see it all at once. Well not really all, but what really matters to me. Is this app for free?

  28. Ethan says

    Thanks Andy, long time reader, first time commenter.

    While I have no doubt of Tweetglide’s potential for Im’ers, I struggle to see how it will truly benefit everyone else. Which is kind of strange considering how FB has managed to monetize. Like you said, the invariable association that goes with “following” someone vs endorsing/supporting them is just part of the animal.

    • says

      The advertising isn’t very targeted unless you are a potential consumer of IM products – I have actually seen some adverts I was interested in, so your mileage may vary.

      For me and my primary focus so far I like the possibilities of the blog platform. It would certainly be possible to replicate it to some extent with WordPress, but in a day and age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to get links from blogs, as the people who might have previously linked to you now do so from Twitter, a Tweetglide blog becomes a powerful force, though it needed a number of SEO tweaks, and there are still some needed to realise its full potential.

  29. Robert Phillips says

    I am a twitter enthusiast. I love to spend as much time possible on twitter. Being a internet marketing consultant, it helps me lot to get new followers and to follow people from different fields. It’s my first look at Tweetglide here in this blog. I like the features which you mentioned in this application. Look forward to use this application.Thanks for posting this blog.

  30. Oak Sideboard says

    Tweetglide where have you been all of my life! Perhaps it’s not for everyone judging by some of the previous comments I’ve read, however I’d be particularity pleased in being able to post more than 140 characters – I find that restriction so frustrating on twitter.

    Great background on your twitter page by the way.

  31. John says

    Wow this seems like a pretty amazing system. I have been wondering if twitter is going to allow adsense on our pages for sometime myself. I am waiting, I hope they do, but I will have to check out what this does for me and then get back to you.

  32. Puppies says

    I too have downloaded tweet glide and now I’m ready to go through the amazing features. You have some really good posts here. I’m going to spend the next few days reading them. I love your writing style and I’m really happy to be your fan. Keep those posts coming.

  33. says

    I haven’t looked into TweetGlide until I read this post, and I must say I’m quite impressed. The blog and customization features are what stick out to me most. I’m interested to see how the app evolves and how it changes the Twitter experience. It’s definitely worth giving a try. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

  34. says

    Some off topic suggestions Andy:

    The site takes a lot of time for loading; I wish you use the more tag/excerpts on home page instead of showing the full tags.

    This thematic theme is a very nice one! :)

    • says

      A clarification:

      “site takes a lot of time for loading” does not mean your host VPS’s servers are slow. I only mean to suggest that your home page has a lot of content. Look at the sidebar scroll; it become so small that is why!

      Andi if possible, please install a comment reply subscription plugin here. Thanks.

      • says

        Site design will be changing significantly in the coming weeks, only have full content currently because I switched off my functions.php but seems my code wasn’t the security concern.

        Reply to comments isn’t going to happen any time soon, I value my email deliverability

  35. Marital Help says

    Twitter and AdSense together in one combination!! Wow :)
    There are loads of ways in which Twitter can be used to earn money, provided a user known what he’s doing. Considering the thousands of people who think just tweeting is all it takes to convert people to their products, there is a lot of wrong things people think!
    However, this one’s a real gem of a tool. We just need to wait and see if it takes off like it should!

  36. says

    OKOK, tx Andy .. you hooked me.

    .. have to say tho, at first play I prefer Hootsuite (which just enabled FB and L’in Tweets today), but that’s cos HS is online and doesn’t do that repetitive Air freeze thing that is so prone to lightweight laptops like mine, even runnin Linux.

    Still .. anything for SEO, Mike’s is a nice model, so appreciate the tip, and I hope to earn you many ads along the way .. now then, where’s that naughty link :P

    • says

      Some of the SEO stuff still isn’t fixed, for instance they still only store the last 50 tweets and haven’t got pagination links working yet, but they have a very long todo list to implement.

      You can always set up an account and ignore the advertising side completely, in fact if you are not in internet marketing and select that option at the start, you won’t even be offered the advertising packages, and your applicaiton will have ads switched off to start.

      • says

        cheers Andy ..

        really like the concept of this but it is sluggishly slow on my machine, to the point of being non-usable. also run other Air apps, such as Woopra, which behave better.

        .. it’s not sooo bad when in normal use (still 25-40% CPU, 130mB RAM) but as soon as I play with options, such as adding an ad, CPU shoots up to 70%. of course, i can’t justify the time taken waiting, at least when using this laptop.

        i wonder if the programming may be tightened up a bit? realise this isn’t your programme, but note that Mike is part of the community here.

        • says

          Well hopefully Mike Filsaime is tracking conversations though it isn’t always easy on multiple mentions.

          Generally most AIR apps are sluggish unless you have a large amount of memory. I used to create quite useful software on a 32K BBC Micro, and serious stuff on a 1MB Amiga – memory use these days is sick.

          That being said, I am trying very hard not to multitask these days, and might fire up Tweetglide for 15 mins and then shut it down.